New “Body Swap” Comedy TVSeries Comments on Race, Gender & Sex


Are you familiar with the film Freaky Friday? There are actually two versions of the film. One came out in 1976 and starred Jodie Foster and Barbara Harris. The other was released in 2003 and starred Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan.

It’s a fun and crazy idea of a child swapping lives with their parent. Not only does each person have to get used to living their lives in another body as another person, but it’s also a great way to give insight into how it is to be the other person.

As if that idea isn’t crazy enough. Imagine being a straight female who accidentally swaps bodies with her gay male best friend? Talk about CRAZY!

Queer virtual cable TV network, Revry, pays homage to the cult classic Freaky Friday with Life Is Easy–a comedy series that uses the body swap trope to highlight race, gender, sex, and the true meaning of being “woke” in 2020. Created in New Zealand and featuring a multi-cultural cast, the series will have its live world premieres on Revry’s live TV channels on July 19th at 5pm & 8pm (PST). Viewers can also binge watch the entire season on July 19th by upgrading to Revry Premium. 

Here is a brief synopsis of the series. Normally I write up a brief synopsis, but there are eight episodes thus far, so I thought the “official” synopsis would be better to understand (more concise and to the point).

Welcome to the world of Jamie-Li and Curtis: Yin and Yang; Potato and gravy; BFF’s since childhood. Jamie-Li, a straight Chinese-Kiwi woman, and Curtis, a gay white man, have a friendship that defies race, gender and sex…or so they think. After a night of wet and wild partying on their joint 25th birthdays, the two Gemini’s wake up to find themselves in each other’s bodies–revealing a hot mess of unexplored issues that unravels the way they see others, one another, and themselves. They thought they were “woke”–until they woke up in each other’s bodies! Life Is Easy (LIE) is a smart, funny, sexy, wholesome, and thought-provoking 8-episode satire series exploring the complexities of race, gender and sexuality in today’s seemingly “woke” society.

I like the idea of a man and woman switching bodies and trying to get accustomed to their new “parts.” I’m sure initially it would be interesting (very “touchy-feely”), but after that you have to get used to have “things work.”

It is also an interesting perspective to have a straight person get used to living life as a gay/homosexual, especially because Curtis has a long term boyfriend. Jamie-Li (or “JL”) crushes on guys, as a girl, but the guys she likes are straight because she’s straight. It’s really crazy!

This show is not for the “faint at heart.” There is a lot of talk about sex and sexual related things. There is also sex and nudity (although nothing is really seen… there are naked bodies). If gay relationships “bother” you in any way, this is also not the series for you.

Overall I liked the premise of the show. It’s fun to think of all the possibilities and challenges Jamie-Li and Curtis could have being the other person, and how the other person could make them better (if that makes any sense?).

I’m not a “prude” (not at all), but I could have done without excessive sex talk and sex scenes. I think the show could have been just a funny with less of this. There is also a lot of foul language which frankly I don’t think is necessary either (that’s just my own personal opinion).

Jamie-Li and Curtis are likable characters. The show also has an assortment of interesting characters as well including Curtis’ boyfriend, JL’s mom, and their co-workers.

You do have to understand when “Curtis” (JL in his body) kisses another guy, it’s really JL kissing him.

It can be very confusing, so you have to keep things in perspective.

I like that they added other stories into the mix, and not just their bodies being swapped. Take for example JL finding out her biological father is still alive, or the duo having to deal with career issues.

Overall it’s an entertaining show.

Currently there are either episodes. They are each about 30 minutes long with commercials.

If you are interested in learning more about this series, or Revry TV, visit Watch.Revry.TV/Revry-Live-TV. You can also check them out on social media. Those links are found on the top right of their website.

All episodes of Life Is Easy can be found on their website, along with other series and movies.


*I received free screener links in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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