New Pillow Specially Designed for Head and Neck Pain Relief (plus 30% discount code)


Hubby enjoying a REAL bed at a hotel.

Hubby enjoying a REAL bed at a hotel.

Sleep… it’s a wonderful thing.

I love to sleep. Some days there is nothing better then snugling up under a soft comforter and resting your head on a comfy pillow. Sadly getting comfortable in our bed is easier said than done.

My husband and I sleep on a sofa bed. Fourteen years ago we gave up the bedroom for our kids. We originally converted the dining room into a bedroom but as the kids got older the room got smaller and smaller. The only option we had was to give up the bedroom and sleep in the living room.

We’ve slept on a sofa bed, then air mattresses, then a daybed with pop-up trundle, then back to a sofa bed.

The daybed with pop-up trundle was the most comfortable because they were real beds with real mattresses. The downside was that guests had to sit on the daybed in lieu of a real couch. Daybeds are not comfy like couches are. In addition my husband and I couldn’t sleep next to each other since we were in two separate beds. We ended up going back to the sofa bed.

If you have ever spent a night sleeping on a pull out sofa bed you know how incredibly uncomfortable they are. There is nothing worse than sleeping with a metal bar in your shoulder. Sigh…

We can’t do much about our actual bed, so we try and make up for a better bed in other ways including soft sheets, a snugly comforter and comfy pillows.

When it comes to pillows, I’m the worse. I’m very picky. I need my head to be at a certain angle or I cannot sleep. The pillows have to be a certain firmness too.

My husband on the other hand is less picky. As long as it’s comfortable he’s happy with any pillow he gets.

I was sent to review a new pillow that was specifically designed for head and neck relief.

Before I share our experience with the pillow, let me give you a little background about how the pillow came to be.


Andy Barkin is a Southern California product design engineer and inventor with several patents and products under his belt. A couple of years ago, his uncle asked him if he might design something that would relieve his neck pain and discomfort and help him sleep better.

Andy slept on the idea. He explains, “When you’re on your back, you only want a small amount of support under your head. Too much support and you block off your airway. You also want a bit of gentle, soft support under the neck in the cervical area. Not too much, and it can’t be too stiff. And then when you’re on your side, you need a higher level of support to proper align your head, neck, and spine. That’s why we fold our pillow or place our hands under our head – trying to get our neck back into alignment with our spine.”

Andy went through numerous prototypes where he tried different foams, shapes, densities, and thicknesses until he perfected his final prototype. He knew he was close when his uncle wouldn’t give him his early prototype model back.

His design, which is patent-pending, supports you as you change positions through the night.

Andy created the Sleep With Us Pillow. The pillow comes with a washable cover over a viscoelastic base, and two high-resiliency inserts which are molded inside of the base.

There are two components to the pillow. The protective pillowslip which is easily unzipped and fully machine-washable. In the event that this does not clean your pillow, you may place the pillow in a large drum washer on a hand wash or gentle cycle. Use cold water and allow to air dry.


The molded inserts respond to your movements throughout the night. As you roll to your side, the Sleep With Us Pillow provides the higher level of support you need.

The pillow also utilizes an ultra-low odor material that minimizes any unpleasant smell. Airing out the new pillow for 24 hours is recommended before use.

I have a pillow that I am pleased with, but my husband’s pillow was starting to resemble a pancake because it was almost completely flat (it didn’t start out that way). I gave my husband the Sleep With Us Pillow to try out and help me with the review.

My husband snores – A LOT. In fact he snores every night and it’s a huge reason why I can never seem to get a good night’s sleep. I find that if he sleeps on his left shoulder, facing away from me, he doesn’t snore at all. He’s totally silent. If he sleeps on his back or his right shoulder – oh my – he can snore the roof off our condo!

I found that after he started to use this pillow he didn’t toss and turn as much as he used to. Not tossing as much meant that he stayed on his left shoulder for longer periods of time and I was able to get a good night’s sleep. I wonder if his head being in a more comfortable position is the reason why he doesn’t toss and turn all night long? I have no scientific proof. It’s just a hypothesis that I have.

I have not slept on the pillow personally, so I have been asking my husband his thoughts on the pillow.


As per my husband – the pillow is very comfortable. He loves the firmness of the pillow. It’s firm but not too firm. It’s still very comfortable to rest your head on.

As far as neck aches, my husband tells me the pillow does seem to help in that aspect (nothing can save our backs/shoulders from the dreaded bar).

He tells me that he feels more rested when he wakes up in the morning (I suspect that has a lot to do with less tossing and turning). He also likes that he doesn’t have to “plump up” the pillow or bend it in different ways just to make it comfortable to rest his head on.

I had mentioned “odor” earlier in the post but my husband never picked up on any unpleasant smells. He said it smelled like a pillow. LOL!

The Sleep With Us Pillow fits any standard size pillow case which is a nice “bonus” too. Sometimes specialty pillows are too big or too thick to fit a regular pillow case.

My husband has nothing but great things to say about the Sleep With Us Pillow. If I didn’t just recently get a new pillow for myself I would seriously consider getting one for myself.

If you would like to learn more about this pillow please visit www.BuySleepWithUs.com. The pillow is available at Amazon.com.

If you purchase the pillow through Amazon and use the code BARKIN30 upon check out you can get 30% off (while supplies last).

Check out this video for more information about the Sleep With Us Pillow.



*I received a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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  1. Richard Hicks says:

    I sure would love to try this pillow out. Just what I need!

  2. Birdiebee says:

    I rarely sleep due to neck problems so maybe this would be the ticket for me. I will have to check this out