New Stuffed Puffs Makes S’mores Easier to Make (and they are YUMMY!)

The summer season is upon us. Although it’s not technically summer yet (not until June 21, 2019), but people are already in the summer state of mind. Once Memorial weekend hits, it’s summer for most people.

There is so much about summer to love (except heat and humidity – ugh!). Vacation, lazy days by the pool, camping, trips to the beach… it’s all great.

One of my favorite things to do during the summer is barbecue. We can’t have a barbecue where we live (in a condo complex) as per the Fire Marshall, so we have to rely on family and friends.

Barbecues are great. Burgers, hot dogs, chicken… my mouth is watering just thinking about it. I also love foods that accompany a great barbecue such as macaroni salad, potato salad, pickles, fresh fruit and freshly made ice tea.

Another delicious summer time treat (or any time!) is S’mores. What’s not to love about the crunchy graham cracker, ooey gooey marshmallow and sweet, melted chocolate.

The brand Stuffed Puff has taken S’more making to a whole new level, making it even easier to enjoy this delicious treat. They recently released a new kind of marshmallow. They are Stuffed Puff Filled Marshmallows.

Stuffed Puff Filled Marshmallows are soft, fluffy, sweet marshmallows on the outside and on the inside you’ll find a real chocolate center.

As you roast (or warm up) the marshmallow on the outside, the chocolate on the inside melts. When added to a graham cracker, you have the ideal S’more without having to carry around (or purchase) chocolate bars. Stuffed Puff eliminates the need for chocolate.

When I first heard of these I knew I had to try them out for myself. Luckily, Stuffed Puff sent me some to try out, as well as some graham crackers and little “forks” to assist me with making the perfect S’more.

Unfortunately we don’t have a barbecue (as explained above) and none of our friends or family have barbecued yet. I had to use the microwave to warm up the marshmallows. I would have used our stove but I was afraid the marshmallow would make a mess.

Oh my goodness!!! These marshmallows make for great S’mores. Not only is it quick and easy, but I found that it’s less messy than traditional S’mores. I think it’s because the marshmallow outside keeps the chocolate from oozing out all over the place.

I have to admit that these are just as delicious straight out of the bag. The chocolate on the inside it’s melted, but when you bite into it the warmth of your mouth somewhat melts the chocolate center.

These are really a “game changer.” I love them! I’ll buy them year round so when the mood strikes I can make a S’mores anytime. Not only that, “as is” they are a yummy snack. I can see myself putting them on top of ice cream, as well as in a cup of hot cocoa. Mmmm…!!!

Check them out “in action.”

I took the S’more apart a bit so that you can see the melted chocolate on the inside (and I made a bit of a mess doing that – LOL). I even cut one of the Stuffed Puffs Chocolate Filled Marshmallows in half so that you can see what the inside looks like.

As you can see there is a decent amount of chocolate in each marshmallow. I found that just one gave me enough chocolate on my S’mores to satisfy me. Any more chocolate would have been too much.

These are awesome. If you are a fan of S’mores you’ll certainly want to give these a try.

Stuffed Puffs Chocolate Filled Marshmallows are available at many retail locations across the country. Look for them where ever you find other marshmallows.

If you would like to learn more about these or other Stuff Puffs products, visit StuffedPuffs.com. The brand can also be found on social media. All of their links are found at the top right of their website.

Are you a fan of S’mores? What do you think about these chocolate filled marshmallows? Feel free to comment and share your thoughts.


*I received free product samples to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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