Oh what a beautiful day!

Today was the most beautiful day. The weather was ideal. It wasn’t too hot, or too cold. The sky was blue with just a few puffy clouds here and there. It was one of those day we knew we had to get out and do something to take advantage of the perfect weather. After hiding out inside our tiny condo for weeks with the AC blasting because of the miserable hot and humid weather it was GREAT to get outside. My body needed some sunshine and Vitamin D.

We headed upstate from where we live, about 15 minutes up the road, to Bear Mountain State Park, along the shore of the Hudson River here in NY. Bear Mountain is home to a beautiful lake, a zoo, public swimming pool, picnic areas and other outdoor recreational activities. Sadly the parking lot was packed when we arrived so we had to come up with “Plan B”.

We decided to take a ride up Perkins Drive which is a very scenic (and rather scary if you are afraid of heights) road that goes way up high on top of  Bear Mountain. At the top of the mountain is a 40 foot tall stone look out tower that was build back in 1931. The view from on top of the mountain is stunning, especially in the Fall when we usually make the trip to the top of Bear Mountain. Its been years since we’ve been there in a season other then Fall.

The drive up the mountain is fine. Its coming back down that makes me nervous. I’m not afraid of heights, per say, but the only thing that is keeping your car from going off the cliff is a series of boulders. They are not very large either. A car can easily go right over them.

When I say cliff I mean a steep, straight down drop into oblivion! I can’t even look out my window on the ride back down because it makes me too nervous. Needless to say the road is closed in the Winter and during inclement weather.

The views from on top of the mountain make the trip worthwhile. You can even see NYC off in the distance. I tried to get a good shot of NYC but it didn’t turn out too well.

Here is a picture that shows NYC. If you look under the text you “might” be able to make out jagged shapes. That is NYC. I tried to zoom in to get a good shot but my camera is not good at taking far away pictures. Oh how I dream of owning a camera with all the “bells & whistles” including a zoom lens…

There were a lot of people at the top of Bear Mountain. It was an ideal day for a hike or rock climbing.

Before we left we told our daughter to wear SNEAKERS, not flip flops, because we were going to Bear Mountain. Did she listen to us? Of course  not. What 13 year old listens to their parents? Ha! Since she had flip flops on she was excluded from playing around on the rocks. Our son on the other hand had a great time.

Playing on the rocks if fun. My husband and I were perfectly content to just sit on the rocks, enjoy the beautiful views and feel the cooling winds against our faces. The breeze up on top of the mountain was lovely.

You can see why I wish I had a camera with a great zoom lens. I can only imagine what incredible pictures I could take with one.

I couldn’t resist taking a picture of a lonely tree or THREE Bumble Bees and a butterfly (moth?) all trying to gather pollen from a lone thistle flower.

It is so beautiful up there. If the ride back down the mountain wasn’t scary I would visit there more often. I could easily enjoy the day sitting in the shade reading a book, enjoying the views and taking in all that fresh air.

Of course I took plenty of pictures of my family. What kind of a Mom would I be if I didn’t take several dozen photos of my husband and our kids.

My husband is always goofing around. I asked him to smile for the picture and he used his hand to make his face smile. LOL!

Its not often I can get my kids in the same picture without them beating on each other. They fight like cats and dogs but the reality is that they are best friends.

I will do something that I RARELY do. If you read my blog you’ll know that you will almost never see a picture of me. To prove to you that I am real (ha ha) here is a picture my husband took of us on his Blackberry. We were sitting on the rocks and he was sitting on front of me.

OK, so you’ve seen me (and not at my best either I might add). Hopefully the awful image is not seared in your mind forever. Ha Ha.

After we left the top of Bear Mountain we made our way down around the other side of the mountain that overlooks the majestic Hudson River. There you will find more amazing views and beautiful vistas.

In the top picture you can probably make out cars in a parking lot. That is the main “touristy” part of  Bear Mountain State Park where you can find the lake, picnic grounds, a Merry-Go-Round and entrance to the park zoo.

The bridge seen in one photo so the Bear Mountain Bridge that spans across the Hudson River.

We could have easily had spent all day up on the Mountain. Sadly we had to come down because we need to get haircuts, backpacks and sneakers for back-to-school.

Of course I couldn’t resist a few more pictures of the kids. It was great to see their happy smiling faces. About an hour or so after these pictures were taken our daughter’s teen attitude kicked in full blast when we refused to spent $80 on a pair of Nike Air Force One sneakers. Its not that we wouldn’t if we had the money. We don’t. They were way over our price range. We have to keep within our budget.

At least she was happy for most of the day. Ha Ha.

Thankfully our son’s hair is now cut. In these pictures he was in dire need of a hair cut. He always gets buzz cuts, as does my husband. Our daughter has way too much hair so she needs to get her hair thinned out a lot.

We were successful in getting a great pair of sneakers on sale for our son. It was a big time score because we saved $30.00 off their regular price. Both kids got great quality backpacks on sale for $30.00 too.

My husband didn’t want to spend $30 on backpacks, even on sale (regularly $50-$60). He felt it was too much. I had to convince him that the way we used to do it was wrong. We used to buy backpacks for under $20, but by the time Christmas would roll around we would have to spent another $20 or so to replace it. Cheap backpacks often mean cheap quality. Its better to buy a quality product for more money if you’ll get more use out of it. Our daughter used the same Jansport backpack two years in a row. She wanted to use it again this year but it was doodled all over and looked horrible, even though it was still in great shape. 

I recommend Jansport backpacks. They last a long time with normal use.

We even scored again with my husband’s car. We dropped it off this morning to have the driver’s door handle replaced. The total bill came to $98.00. We have NEVER driven away from the mechanic without spending AT LEAST $200.00, so this was great news for us.

It is even chilly this evening. So much so I might actually have to use a blanket tonight when I go to bed. I love it when it’s cool outside. I sleep so much better and feel like I had a more restful sleep when I wake up in the morning.

All in all is was a beautiful day from start to finish. I can only hope that the rest of our weekend goes the same way.

How about YOU? How was your weekend? I hope you all are having  a wonderful weekend too!


About Kimberly

Kimberly Vetrano resides in the suburbs of New York City with her family and "mini zoo" consisting of five cats, a dog and a Goldfish. Kimberly is a teacher's assistant for a Kindergarten class. When she is not working or blogging, Kimberly enjoys taking photos of nature and hanging out with family and friends.


  1. We love Perkins Drive! You should go to one of the car shows that is on Wednesday! We went at 8pm and they were kinda leaving haha. Next time we are going to get there early!

    Never go to Bear Mt on the weekend! All of the city comes up during the weekend! It’s crazy, the pool has like a mass of people in it and you can’t even swim.

  2. What a fun day! I LOVE the mountains.

  3. What a lovely day you had and the pictures are gorgeous……
    You and your family are beautiful!!!!! I have three daughters…
    I know all about “moods” and attitudes~~~trust me—it DOES improve
    with age.
    The fact that you can get a teenager to DO something with you as a
    family still…shows that you are doing something right. Keep up the
    good job!

  4. Jessica H. says

    My five year old daughter also refuses to take fashion advice. On Friday night she purchased two pairs of real high heels for her dress up box, well she insisted on wearing them yesterday as the family went out and looked at properties. We warned her to wear her comfortable shoes not the dress-up high heels. She said she would be fine. Well, as you can imagine, she wasn’t and Daddy ended up carrying her most of the way! lol Oh well, she learned her lesson when she couldn’t play with her cousin and sister!

    But you took some beautiful pictures, it looks like it was a wonderful day! Time with your family like that is priceless!

  5. Wow! That looked like fun and the pic views and so gorgeous. Thanks for shaing.

  6. Your pics are awesome. I can only imagine what the area looks like when the leaves are changing. Looks like a fun day had by all. 🙂

  7. What a great adventure. Awww your children are very beautiful. You r daughter is going to need to be locked in her room til she’s 30! and your son is so Handsome!

    You have a beautiful family. I love the pic of you and hubby So sweet. nice to see your face. I’d love to see a remake of your header with those pic’s