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I’m lacking in many areas of my life… height (I’m “vertically challenged”), money (or lack thereof), space (we live in a shoebox) and energy. When it comes to energy I’m almost always totally void of any. I am Anemic which reaps havoc on my energy levels. I require yearly iron IV infusions (blah!) and monthly B-12 shots. I’m suppose to give myself B-12 shots but I’m too chicken to give myself a needle.

Whenever I flip through a magazine, browse the web or turn on the TV I’m being bombarded with ads about drinks, pills or powders that are SUPPOSE to give you energy. Pretty much none of these so-called energy products have been approved by the FDA. I would caution anyone who believes that these concoctions, made with unknown ingredients and things I cannot pronounce, really provide you with sustainable energy. They might give you a bit of a boost, but so does a good old cup of coffee.

I recently had the opportunity to try a new kind of an energy drink called Phix Energy. Unlike other products that claim to give you energy, Phix Energy is made with a lot of natural ingredients and is packed with vitamins. One packet has 83% of your daily Vitamin C requirement. This time of year when colds are rampant it’s a great idea to make sure you get plenty of Vitamin C.

Phix Energy also has caffeine from Yerba Mate and something called NADH which I wasn’t really familiar with. I Googled it and found information about it on WedMD. According to WedMD, “NADH is used for improving mental clarity, alertness, concentration, and memory; as well as for treating Alzheimer’s disease. Because of its role in energy production, NADH is also used for improving athletic endurance and treating chronic fatigure syndrome (CFS).”

Phix Energy is also low in calories as well as Vegan and Gluten free. It is also made with organic ingredients.

After I learned more about Phix Energy I was interested in trying it out for myself.

I’m always skeptical about things until I’ve had a chance to try them out for myself.

Phix Energy comes in three different flavors;

– Teaberry has a light berry taste and a touch of a tea taste.

– Citron has a light lemon-tea taste.

– Tropic has a fruity taste, not much different then Teaberry. It does have a pineapple (?) taste to it.

Over all I enjoyed all of them. I really didn’t have a personal favorite.

Using Phix Energy is really simply. Simply add a package to a water bottle or reusable water bottle, shake well and enjoy. You can adjust the water amount to change the taste of the Phis Energy too. For a stronger taste use less water, for a weaker taste use more water. Phix energy can be enjoyed both cold and hot. I never tried it hot.

Did Phix Energy give me energy? Perhaps. Not the kind of energy where I’m bouncing off the walls and can get my home cleaned from top to bottom in the matter of an hour (I’ll never have energy for cleaning – I loathe cleaning). Phix Energy did give me a bit of a “bounce in my step”, so to speak.

Sometimes during the day I feel sluggish. Mostly it happens late morning or early afternoon. I normally try to take a walk (fresh air perks me up) or I grab a cup of coffee. I honestly think that my body is immune to the effects of caffeine because I really don’t get much energy from coffee. I don’t drink coffee for energy normally. I drink it because I truly enjoy the flavor.

There are times that I drink coffee where it seems to give me a bit of a jolt to get some work done, but then I crash and burn a couple of hours later. And when I crash I crash hard.

With Phix Energy I didn’t notice that crashing feeling. I like that because that crashing feeling can really knock me out. Sometimes I have to drink more coffee just to get over the crashing feeling.

It’s not so much the physical energy that I most noticed drinking Phix, but rather my “mental energy”. I felt less stressed out and frazzled after drinking Phix. It made me feel more calm and in control, if that makes any sense?  My mind also seems less “fuzzy” and cloudy. I find that drinking Phix helps me to keep my focus and stay on task.

I think it also made me feel a bit happier. I’m normally a happy person but it seems like drinking Phix gave me an over all feeling of happiness and contentment. It seems like it boost my mood.

I was honestly skeptical of Phix Energy at first but now that I’ve had the opportunity to try it myself I truly do believe that there is something to it. Not only did it add some flavor to my water it helped me to think clearer and feel better. It gave me the boost I needed to get some work done throughout the day without that horrible “crash and burn” feeling a few hours later.

The only “downside” to Phix Energy is that it’s not readily available. You simply cannot go to your local grocery store to buy more when you run out. Phix Energy is also expensive. Each packet is about $2.00. If you drink one per day just think about how much that adds up. Phix does have a reoccurring order option where they sent you 30 Phix packets every month. That might be a bit more “doable” for some people.

Overall I like Phix Energy. If they were less expensive and more readily available I would certainly be hooked on them. I did enjoy how they made me feel.

For more information about Phix Energy please visit www.Phix.com.

Phix Energy has been kind enough to offer a lucky winner 3 boxes of Phix Energy (winner’s choice of flavor) and a coupon for 25% off a future purchase. Thank you Phix Energy.

To enter please leave a comment and tell me why you want to win and which flavor you would like to try.

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*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own. Phix Energy will be providing the prize.

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  1. Teaberry sounds great.

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