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What is up with all these drug commercials on television these days? Every day I see several commercials for drugs for this and that from Psoriasis to Diabetic never pain and just about anything else you can think of. When did this become the norm? Do people actually walk into a doctor’s office asking to be prescribed something they saw on a commercial?

What bothers me the most are the side effects caused by these drugs? Have you ever stopped to listen to the side effects? I have heard such side effects as bleeding, fainting, dizziness, heart attacks, stroke, cancer and even death – Yes – DEATH! I’m sorry but I’d rather deal with the condition than have to worry about the side effects. Any drug whose side effects include heart attacks, strokes, cancer and death I don’t want any part of.

When it comes to whatever ails me I try and find the most natural remedy possible before resorting to drugs. I know there are times I have no choice, but whenever possible I opt for the more natural remedy possible. I realize they might not always be the most effective, but I rather not have to deal with all those potential deadly side effects of man made medications.

I have Eczema. I used to get it on my hand so bad they would split open and bleed. These days my Eczema forms on my scalp, neck, back and in patches on my face – including my eye lids.

Years ago my Dermatologist prescribed me a topical medication to help with my Eczema. I had to use it on my eye lids too. If found out that it contained steroids. Ugh! I was putting that stuff on my eyelids, which as you know is very thin skin. I don’t want that stuff around my eyes!

Road sign with eczema

A friend of mine has a daughter with Eczema and she used to go to New Jersey (we are in NY) to purchase a handmade product made from Kudzu (a weed-like plant). It was not cheap, and it was made by hand so it wasn’t readily available, but it did work well for me. Sadly our friend moved and the person that made the Kudzu cream no longer does it. So now I am forced to use a lot of topical creams and lotions when I have an Eczema breakout.

Not long ago I was introduced to a company that makes jewelry (and a few other things) out of Hazelwood. The company is called Pure Hazelwood and they are located in Canada (they ship their products to the U.S. too). They also offer Free shipping!

World leader for more than 18 years and pioneering of scientific research on hazel wood, Pure Hazelwood has developed a wide range of jewelry for the whole family. Sold worldwide, their products are of premium quality, 100% natural and made of hazel wood from the Canadian boreal forest.

Hazel wood is now known to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Thousands of testimonials from satisfied customers demonstrate the effects of hazel wood to help relieve symptoms related to inflammation such as: skin problems, joint pain, heartburn, baby teething pain, and more!

Pure Hazelwood makes jewelry that you can wear 24/7 to help relieve a lot of the above mentioned symptoms. The jewelry can be worn by young and old alike.

PHOTO SOURCE: Pure Hazelwood's Facebook page. www.facebook.com/PureHazelwood

PHOTO SOURCE: Pure Hazelwood’s Facebook page. www.facebook.com/PureHazelwood

You cannot tell that this jewelry is helping what ails you. To the rest of the world it looks like normal jewelry. Only the wearer knows it’s true purpose.

The jewelry is made out of hazel wood. As the wood ages it changes color. After several months it’s suggested that you replace the Pure Hazelwood jewelry with fresh, new wood in order to continue to reap the benefits.

I was interested in learning how Pure Hazelwood could help with my Eczema. I couldn’t imagine just wearing a pretty necklace or bracelet could help my Eczema and not have to resort to slathering myself with creams and lotions.

Pure Hazelwood sent me a lovely necklace and bracelet to review. I have a thick neck and wrist, and these pieces fit well. So well in fact that after a day or two I didn’t even realize I was wearing anything.

My necklace and bracelet from Pure Hazelwood.

My necklace and bracelet from Pure Hazelwood.

You can wear the jewelry 24/7 – even in the shower. It’s recommended that you don’t wear it in the pool or a hot tub because the chemicals can destroy the Hazelwood.

I was told to wear one (or both) pieces of jewelry for 1-2 weeks in order to really notice any benefits. It is OK to take them off at night, but I left mine on.

At the time I received the Pure Hazelwood jewelry I had a huge patch of Eczema on the back of my neck, just below the hair line. I had tried out a new shampoo/conditioner to review but there was an ingredient in it that triggered an Eczema outbreak. I had to stop using the shampoo/conditioner because of it. Even after I stopped I was left with a big, red, scaly looking patch of Eczema on the back of my neck. I had to keep my hair down because of it. It was itchy and dry and looked horrible.

Necklace - I love the little butterfly charm.

Necklace – I love the little butterfly charm.

I wore both the necklace and bracelet every day. I did notice that the patch on the back of my neck was getting better, even without slathering it with topical solutions. Since my hair rested on top of it I didn’t want to get stuff in my hair (creams, lotions…). When I was wearing the Pure Hazelwood products I wasn’t using anything else and the patch of Eczema cleared up in just under two weeks. Even a small patch of Eczema on my upper shoulder cleared up without any topical products.

The back of my neck looks like I never had any issues (so my husband tells me – I can’t see the back of my neck). The patch on my upper arm is gone, but there is a wee bit of redness where it was.

I also noticed that I woke up less stiff in the morning. I don’t know if it has to do with the Pure Hazelwood jewelry or not, of if it’s just a coincidence. My husband and I sleep on a sofa bed. If you have ever had to sleep on a sofa bed you know how incredibly uncomfortable they are. Some mornings it feels like it’s almost impossible to get out of bed because they are so uncomfortable. When I wear the Pure Hazelwood jewelry I seem to wake up and get out of bed less stiff and sore.

I’m not the only one who has noticed a difference when wearing the Pure Hazelwood jewelry. Other people have had positive experiences with the products, including other bloggers. You can read testimonials from their customers on the Pure Hazelwood website.


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Have you tried Pure Hazelwood products before? If so, what was your experience with them?

Do you suffer from an ailment that Pure Hazelwood products might be able to help you with?

Feel free to share your thoughts. I always love to hear from readers.

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*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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