Product Review: Elixinol’s Organic Balance


These days it seems like everything is made with CBD. It’s the latest craze. CBD in beauty products, CBD for pets, CBD to help you sleep, CBD to help with pain… the list goes on and on.

If you are not familiar with CBD, it’s the active ingredient in cannabis derived from the hemp plant (marijuana). It’s NOT the part of marijuana that gets you high, “stoned.” That ingredient is cannabis. It’s illegal in most states to have anything related to cannabis unless it’s medicinal. At least this is my understanding.

I am open to trying products with CBD in it. I do that because I do suffer from pain (nephropathy) and I do have issues falling asleep and staying asleep. These are conditions that other people use CBD products for. There are other reasons to use them too (not just pain or to help you sleep). Depression, anxiety, stress, and inflammation are other reasons why people use CBD product, however I don’t know if CBD really helps with any (or all) of these things.

In any event, I am always looking to try out new CBD products to see what works, and what doesn’t work.

One of the most recent products I received to review is Elixinol’s Organic Balance USDA certified organic tincture.

According to the brand;

Elixinol’s Organic Balance certified USDA organic tinctures are crafted with CBD rich organic whole-hemp extract carefully blended with organic MCT coconut oil. By using full-spectrum hemp oil, these tinctures are not only full of CBD, they provide the complete range of complementary cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes that define the entourage effect.

I was sent a bottle to review. It contains 300mg of CBD. That is a decent amount of milligrams. I’ve seen plenty of CBD products with a lot less, and a lot more, than that amount. I think 300-500 mg is probably a good amount for anyone. But that is just my opinion.

This CBD tinture has a “natural taste.” It’s not flavored in any way. To be honest, I’m not a fan of the taste. However, you only have to use a little bit (1/2 a dropper), so it’s easy enough for me to keep it in my mouth for a brief amount of time. The taste doesn’t last much after you swallow it.

You can use this tincture twice a day with food, or as needed.

I use this product before I eat lunch, and before I go to bed at night. I find that it makes me feel calm and relaxed. I work with kids who can be loud and very active. I like having a sense of calmness before going to work.

I take the product at night to help me feel relaxed enough to fall asleep (and ideally stay asleep). Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I think other medication I’m on might interfere with the true effectiveness of this product. It’s not just this product. Other CBD products I use sometimes seem affected by my medications.


So far I am enjoying the benefits of this product. It works well in my life and with my lifestyle. I also appreciate the fact that this product is certified organic by Pro-Cert, a USDA-accredited certifying agent, in an organic facility. I feel good taking this product because you know it lives up to high standards.

If you are interested in learning more about this product, or other products offered Elixinol, such as Omega Turmeric CBD, CBD Cream and CBD Lip Balm, to name a few, visit Elixinol.com. They even have a clearance section!

The brand can also be found on social media. All of their links are found on the bottom of their website.

Do you use CBD products? If so, what do you use them for? Feel free to comment and share your stories/thoughts. I always love to hear from readers.


*I received a free products sample to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing.
    I have been considering CBD for relaxation and sleep, but brands and reviews are all over the place, so I haven’t tried anything yet. Dosages seem to vary a lot, too.
    I ope to see more comments from people who successfully use it.