Should Engagement Rings Always Be Diamonds?


We live in modern times, don’t we? I believe that you know the answer to that question already. Or, is it that you’re not satisfied with the answer you came up with? If you’re planning to propose to the woman of your life soon, then I can really understand why you’re getting so worked up. This is the woman of your dreams, after all. The one person you want to spend the rest of your life with. If at all possible, you would want everything to be perfect. You would want to set a mood that is so perfect she would have no other choice but to say yes.

Wait, isn’t that just coercion? Well, even if it is, I guess it’s the good kind so most people would just let it slide.

All jokes aside, proposing marriage to someone you like is a pretty big event – if not the biggest. Most people get one shot at it and most people would prefer to actually just have one shot at it (if you know what I mean). To finally come to a decision that you wish to spend your life with someone special is an incredibly great feeling. And you’re just hanging there, hoping that they feel the same way. Here are some tips for your big engagement: https://www.thespruce.com/make-your-engagement-special-3489777.

But before you even try to propose an engagement, you first need to have something to propose with. This is where most guys tend to get stuck. Just thinking about the woman of their dreams and their future together puts too much pressure on them I guess. But this uncertainty, this feeling of wanting everything to be perfect, is just another sign that shows how much you value this person in your life and how much you would want to keep them by your side. And I think that’s beautiful – so beautiful, in fact, that I can’t just sit and watch you tormenting yourself with the tiny details.

So you need to propose, huh? Well, engagement rings seem to be the traditional way to do it. Diamonds, especially, have become synonymous to marriage proposals.

Do I Have To Propose With A Diamond Ring?

In the movies you watch, books you read, and stories you hear, men always seem to propose with artistic engagement rings. For centuries, people have romanticized the idea of giving diamonds to women. They gave it meaning and soon enough, it became the norm. A diamond ring is a traditional gift men give women when they ask for their hand in marriage. But does it have to be a ring?

Well, not necessarily.

Contrary to what other people may have told you, there’s really nothing in the law that enforces a man to always propose with a diamond. It doesn’t have to be a ring either. You can propose with a bracelet, a pair of earrings, a house and lot, or a pair of socks for all people care. Your proposal can be symbolized by anything you want. In fact, I’ve seen people get creative when popping the big question so I’m pretty sure that you’re allowed to go wild with your proposal. What matters most is that you choose something that is special to both you and your partner. It should emulate the kind of relationship you have.

Still, you might be thinking that you should pop the promise of forever with a diamond ring right? Well, if that is what you believe can make your girl the happiest, go for it! I can think of several reasons why you would want to do so.

Why Still Propose With A Diamond Engagement Ring?

Both the diamond and the ring shape actually symbolize something that is very meaningful to couples. They both represent “forever.”

What do I mean by this?

Certainly, you have heard of the phrase “Diamonds are forever” right? Well, they really are – like literally. The diamond crystal is a very formidable compound (read more). It’s impossible to break using normal means and it doesn’t wear down no matter how much time passes. That’s forever. As for the ring, you’ll notice that it has no sides, right? It just goes on and on in an endless turn. There is absolutely no stopping point. Again, that’s forever.

This is why the diamond ring is the perfect symbolism for a marriage proposal. You’re promising forever to your partner. Isn’t that the sweetest?

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