Sling TV Offers Free Trials for New (And Returning) Subscribers


2020 is supposed to be “our year.” With that being the case, that means that we’re supposed to be doing things “our way.” This concept doesn’t end with improving your health care by working out, or improving your mental health care by Google searching “therapy near me.”

The New Year is about choosing things, products, and services that complement our lifestyles. With more people ditching cable for streaming services, there is no surprise that streaming services are improving their services and offering competitive rates for subscribers. One popular streaming service — SlingTV is no exception.

SlingTV is owned and operated by DishNetwork and provides cord cutters with access to popular streaming channels and networks for a fraction of the cost of cable tv packages. The Sling service offers its customers access to a wide-variety of popular network and cable tv streaming options that allows subscribers to create a customized viewing experience.

The SlingTV service is entering its fifth year of operation in 2020. The service began and has been making steady improvements in user experience, customer experience, and channel offerings since early 2015.

Sling TV Packages

Orange – For around $20.00 a month (plus taxes) cord cutters can enjoy access to thirty channels that are listed in the Sling Orange tier. The Sling channel lineup varies by market. You can find a list of SlingTV channels by market here.

Blue – Sling Blue offers subscribers multi-screen access to use the service on up to three screens at once. The Blue tier also offer subscribers access to more channels than those offered in the orange tier. Sling Blue starts at: $30.00 per month for access on multiple screens.

Orange + Blue – When you subscribe to Sling Orange + Blue you can access up to four streams simultaneously and enjoy the channels that both tiers have to offer. The Sling Blue + Orange service starts at just $40.00 per month (plus taxes and fees).

Add-Ons – If the channels you’re looking for aren’t available in the Sling Orange or Blue packages, you’ll likely find them in one of the services add-on tiers. Sling subscribers can choose from many available add-on options that provides access to even more customized content (listed below) for between $5.00 to $10.00 per month. Add-on categories are listed below.

  • Entertainment
  • Lifestyle
  • News
  • Sports
  • Locals
  • Movies
  • Premiums

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SlingTV Free Trial for New and Returning Subscribers

Like most cord-cutting streaming services, SlingTV offers new subscribers access to a 7-day free trial to preview the platform. During your free trial, you have full access to all the features of the platform (except for add-on and premium services). Some add-on and premium services like Showtime On-Demand and HBO Go offer their own free trials.

Sling is working on winning back wayward subscribers this January by offering previous subscribers with an extended free-trial that lasts until January 12th, 2020. Previous subscribers should have received an email alerting them of their option to return to try out the new Sling TV. For those who weren’t invited directly by email, the returning subscriber trial is listed on the main page of the SlingTV website.

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