Stocking Stuffers and Holiday Gift Ideas


I know that it’s still October, but I’ve already been thinking a lot about gifts I would like to buy for my family and friends. Trust me, in the blink of an eye it will be Christmas. Sadly, time flies way too quickly.

As a blogger, I am fortunate and blessed to learn about brands and products I might not otherwise get to know about. I am always happy to share information about the brands and products with my readers, so that they too can get to know more about them.

Shopping for children is a lot of fun (at least it is for me). There are so many wonderful toys and games out there. I would love to buy them all.

If you are looking for some interesting toys and stocking stuffer ideas, check out a few that I received to review.

Luvi Pups – an adorable puppy that you can squeeze, tug and collect.

Luvi Pups are adorable little toys that remind me of a toy I used to play with when I was a little girl – Stretch Armstrong.

Luvi Pups are toys that you can squeeze and stretch, then it returns back to it’s original shape. Things you can squeeze and have them rise back again are very popular these days, and this time goes along with that idea.

I pressed down on it’s belly in this photo so you can see how it loses shape, but then plumps back up again.

The body you can squeeze and pull, but the head is a hard plastic, so you cannot manipulate it.

Each Luvi Pup comes with six little boxes. Each one is filled with a surprise accessory for your new friend. You might receive a collar, toy, pet bowl or something more.

I like that the toys go into the dog’s mouth. It’s cute to see him/her holding it.

These toys are just the right size to be a pet for your child’s Barbie or similar sized doll.

These toys would not be recommended for young children, since the accessories could be easily swallowed.

Luvi Pups would make great stocking stuffers.

I could not find an official website for these toys, but I would assume they would be found at many retail locations. I did find them on Amazon.

Stikbot – stop-motion animation figure figure that is fully articulated and has interchangeable pieces (specifically Klikbots), allowing you to expand your creations.

Kid’s these days are brilliant. They know more about technology than most adults do. Case in point, our son figured out how to hack into a website when he was just 9 years old (needless to say he was grounded for a VERY long time – and not allowed to use the computer). Even now, he knows more about computers than my husband does at times – and my husband is a computer tech!

I have seen kids in elementary school do amazing things on the computer. I think it’s because a lot of schools are now putting importance on science, math and technology. Many schools are really getting into STEM.

Stikbots are cute, jointed figures that you can put into different poses. Using the Stikbot “green screen” and the brand’s app, your child can create fun mini-movies using stop-motion. This funny video provides you with a bit more information (as well as seeing Stikbots in action).


I love this idea!

We’re not allowed to use apps in our program, so I gave the set I received to review to my son (he’s a whiz at stuff like that). Sadly, he hasn’t really had much time to dedicate to it. He keeps telling me he’s going to, but his school work keeps him busy.

I know these are geared towards kids, but adults can have a lot of fun with this too.

Stikbots has a lot of products in it’s product line, including Klikbots that allow you to interchange pieces with other Klickbots.

Stikbots are available in a variety of colors and designs, including Stikbot pets.

Stikbots are the type of gift that you can give the starter set for Christmas (for example), then additional sets on other holidays. I can only imagine that their product line will continue to grow.


Zax – bringing the ax-throwing trend to home!

I have not personally tried ax throwing yet, but there are days I think I NEED to do that to release some built up tension and frustration. Ha Ha.

Personally, I think ax throwing sounds dangerous. I have seen videos where the ax bounces back towards the thrower. Yikes! Thankfully Zax won’t slice your head open if it hits you.

Zax is a foam ax that has three large suction cups on it. The idea is to throw Zax against a flat surface to make it stick. It’s the same principal of ax throwing, only safer.


You can compete with others to see who can hit a “bulls eye,” or just throw it to relieve some stress. It’s primarily geared towards older kids, but I don’t see why adults can’t use this.

I have not had the opportunity to try this out yet. It’s not something my family would use (we have no wall space where this would work – our walls are filled with pictures and artwork). But it looks cool.

I couldn’t find an official website for Zax, but I do see that they are sold on Amazon and I can only assume at other retail locations across the country.

HyperStrike – For teens, Zing’s latest bow and arrow that launches with distances up to 250 ft.

This toy looks cool. Honestly, I have not tried it out yet. It’s not really my son’s “cup of tea.” I am also not allowed to have a toy that could be seen as “violent” (even though I don’t think it is at all!) in our program. For that reason, it’s still in the box.

I did find a video on YouTube that provides you with a better look at this toy.


I think it could be fun. If only we had a yard where I could test it out. We live in a condo complex and there really isn’t any place I can take this for a “test drive.” I also think having a second one would make the toy a lot more interesting to play with.

If you have more than one child or grandchild, consider getting each one of them one of these toys so they can battle it out, just like in the video.

Foodie Surprise Food Carts – bringing the world of magical food creations and the love of food carts to life!

Kids LOVE gummy candies. Even adults appreciate gummies (case in point, gummy vitamins). I like gummies too (most of the time – some kind I don’t like).

Foodie Surprise Food Carts are adorable toys that provide you child with everything they need (except water) to create tasty treats. Once they are done with the treats, they still have a cute toy to play with.

Foodie Surprise Food Carts have an Asian feel to them, like Japan’s Kawaii culture of adorable things.

I received a Foodie Surprise Food Cart to review. The one I received came with two cute “shake” looking toys.

The orange box-looking thing on top of the green one is actually an orange slice (it’s seen from the side in this photo). The orange slice is used to hold your gummies so you can take them on the go with you. There is an included chain as well (it’s not seen in the photo below).

As you can see from the photo, the Foodie Surprise Cart also has removable “straws.”

Inside the cups you’ll find everything you need to make your own gummy candy (except water), including measuring cups, mixing bowls and mixing utensils. There are also detailed instructions on how to make your yummy treat.

I didn’t make the gummy candies, only because I wasn’t feeling up to it at the time these photos were taken (we had a death in the family). Eventually I’ll get around to it. In the mean time you can check out the video below for more information about these “sweet” toys.


Food Surprise Food Carts are available at retail locations such as Target and Walmart.

What do you think about these toys? Do you think your child/grandchild would love any of these? If so, which one(s)? Feel free to comment and share your thoughts.


* I received free product samples to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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