Summer Weight Gain Prevention Tips

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The key to keeping your kids healthy during the summer months is to provide structure to their day so that they don’t wander into mindless behavior like overeating and not exercising. The structure is not going to be the same as a typical school day so use trial and error to find out what works for your family.

The tips below are our ideas and suggestions on how to add structure so that your child is occupied and staying on track with their health goals.

Gameify tidying up the house.Have your kids do things around the house that you’ve been asking them to do all year in exchange for points. Decide on a number of points that lead to a reward like going to a trampoline park or getting a new pair of tennis shoes. For example, 30 points may equal a fun outing and they get 10 points each for  cleaning out their school folders, getting rid of clothing that doesn’t fit, donating toys that they no longer use, etc.

Crown an Iron Chef. Each night of the week someone different in the family gets to pick out a green light dessert recipe they want to make then everyone has to score how much they like it. Whomever wins gets to be the Iron Chef of the week. Check out Kurbo’s Pinterest page and Summer cookbook for ideas: www.Kurbo.com/cookbooks

Avoid Zombieland.Kids turn into Zombies during the summer with excess time on the couch watching movies, sitcom marathons, and YouTube videos. Avoid Zombies in your house by trading active minutes with screen time minutes. Establish a firm rule in your household that screen time is earned based on how much time is spent playing outside or doing some sort of exercise.

Teach your kids that not all farmer’s are like Old McDonald.Take the kids to your local farmer’s market; this time of year has exceptionally delicious produce. Let them pick out their favorite looking summer berries and melon, then keep it washed and cut up so that it is easily accessible. You’ll be surprised how much more your kids will want to eat healthy food when they are the ones that pick it out.

Star Gazing.Make nightly family walks a summer tradition. Challenge the kids to find the Big Dipper and various star constellations as you walk. (You can download apps or get books that help identify the constellations and planets).

About the author:

Arielle is a Master coach at Kurbo Health coaching kids, adults and parents on lifestyle changes that lead to weight loss and happier, more fulfilling lives. She is an International Coach Federation certified coach and pursuing a Ph.D in Mind-Body Medicine. 


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