Sweet without sugar “treats” for Easter from Parragon


Can you believe that Easter is about two weeks away? Wasn’t it JUST Valentine’s Day? It sure does feel that way.

I miss my kids being little. Easter was always a fun holiday for them. They absolutely loved going to their grandparent’s house for an Easter Egg hunt. Not only did the eggs contain candy, but some also contained money (nickles, dimes and quarters). Usually there was one egg that had either a $1 bill or $5 bill in it.

I honestly don’t know what my kids liked more – the candy or the money.

The grandparents (and great-grandparents) on both sides (mine and my husband’s) LOVED to spoil our kids. Most especially around the holidays. You should have seen the amount of candy they would receive on Easter. It was like Halloween night – times ten! They received way too much candy. Most of it my husband would bring to work and leave out for his co-workers. The kids never finished the candy they kept. I was regularly tossing out old Easter candy by the time summer rolled around.

My kids received too much candy for Easter. For that reason we made sure when the Easter Bunny visited our home, our kids were gifted non-candy items. They did receive a little bit of candy, but not that much – knowing they would get more when they saw their grandparents. Instead, when the Easter Bunny came to our house he would leave them books, coloring books, crayons, small toys and a plush toy, in addition to a little bit of candy.

I was a kid once. I know how much kids LOVE candy. One year I received a solid chocolate Easter basket (the entire basket was made of chocolate!). I think I was in candy heaven! As a parent I know what too much junk food and candy can do to a child. I didn’t want my children to be obese like I was as a child.

Personally I think there should be more to Easter than just a basket full of candy (aside from religious reasons). I think more importance should be made on non-candy things like Easter egg hunts, Easter dinner with family and other family traditions. Non-candy things like books and toys also last a lot longer (and can be appreciated more) than candy.

I think books are a great choice. It not only encourages reading but it’s also a great way to bond with your child or grandchild by reading a book together. There are plenty of wonderful Easter related books available. I work with a kindergarten class and I know there are plenty of spring related books too. Plus don’t forget the classics. Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit is a delightful option.

If you are looking into books for toddlers, Parragon has a nice assortment that would be fun Easter basket “stuffers.” Here are a few options to consider.

Life-the-Flap Colors

Start little and learn big with Colors. Red, yellow, blue… silver and gold too! Lift the flaps as you and your little on explore and discover all the colors in your world. With 30 flaps inside, this adorable book is perfect for preschoolers to learn about colors.

Kids love interactive books. I work with Kindergarten children and the books that have some kind of interactive component to them are by far the more popular books.

This is a great book to teach children ages 3-6 about colors – most especially the colors in the world around us.

Considering it’s Spring time, and flowers and blossom are blooming, this would be a great book to tie-in to the colorful changes happening around us.

First Words: Out and About

Start little and learn big with this first words book, Out and About. To the store, to the library, on the bus and even to the dentist! Let’s go out and about. Learn over 150 everyday words and phrases as you explore different places in your world. This book is perfect for preschoolers.

This book is perfect for preschoolers, but it’s also great for Kindergartners. The kids I work with are beginning to read and know how to sound out words. Having the image accompanying the words is also a great way to learn how to read.

I love the adorable, colorful illustrations. This is a super cute book.

The tabs on the side of the book also make this an interactive book, which I mentioned above tend to be popular with the kid that I work with.

I Can Share

Start little and learn big with this first words book, I Can Share. Please join me, we can be chefs, builders, vets and even start our own band! Learn over 150 everyday words and phrases about helping, sharing and manners as you play together in your world. This book is perfect for preschoolers.

Of all the books I was sent to review, this one is my favorite. Not only does it help a child learn to read, it also emphasis manners.

Working with 5-6 year old, sharing is often an issue. Some are great with sharing – others, not so much. I love that this book puts an emphasis on being helpful, sharing and manners.

This also has interactive tabs on the side.

This book also has the same cute and colorful illustrations as the First Words: Out and About book. They were written and illustrated by the same people.

Lift-the-Flap: Opposites

Start little and learn big with Opposites. Big and small, fast and slow, happy and sad… Lift the flaps as you explore and discover all the opposites in your world. With over 30 flaps inside, this adorable book is perfect for preschoolers to learn about opposites.

This is yet another fun, interactive book that features over two dozen flaps for children to discover what is hiding underneath.

We talk about opposites often in our classroom. The kids are familiar with the basic ones like big/little, dark/light and in/out. This books explores other opposites children might not realize are opposites.

All four of these books are hardcover books which make them sturdy for little hands. The pages won’t tear or bend.

I’ve linked all of the books to their pages on the Parragon website.

Parragon publishes many delightful children’s books, including ones featuring popular characters like Paw Patrol, Bob the Builder, Disney, Peppa Pig and more.

They even have books based on the hugely popular Disney remake of Beauty and the Beast. What little girl wouldn’t want these books?


Parragon also offers consumers a nice variety of books for adults, most especially cookbooks.

To learn more about these and other books published by Parragon, visit Parragon.com.

You can also check out Parragon on social media. All of their links are found on the top of their website.

What do you think about these books? Do you think your child/grandchild would enjoy these? What is your child/grandchild’s favorite kinds of books?


*I received free samples to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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