Preserve your Easter memories for years to come with Eggnots


Our son when he was little collecting Easter eggs during an egg hunt.

In a previous post I wrote about how much my family and I enjoy coloring Easter eggs each year. Even as young adults, it’s something my kids still enjoy doing.

Some of our favorite family memories are those we made when we colored Easter eggs. From coloring “failures” (that turned out to be funny memories) to spilling egg coloring all over the carpet (we never could get it out of the carpet).

Sometimes our fond memories are those of the finished eggs. Over the years we’ve had some gorgeous looking eggs, and some pretty funny “fails.”

It’s sad that you can’t hold on to some of those colored eggs. After all, they are real eggs and won’t keep long. In our home, hard boiled eggs get gobbled up quickly too.

Actually… there is a way to preserve some of your best colored eggs, and use them year after year as holiday decorations. Their called Eggnots.

Eggnots are an Easter egg alternative. Not only can you enjoy your creations year after year, it’s also a great way for those with an egg allergy to enjoy coloring eggs without fear of having an allergic reaction.

You can even use them for Easter (or non-Easter) crafts.

Eggnots are high quality ceramic “eggs” that can be colored, dyed and/or painted, just like a real egg.

Eggnots are the same size and shape of real eggs too.

I did a review for Eggnots last year. You can read that review, and see how I colored Eggnots with shaving cream and food coloring here – Create Long Lasting Memories with Eggnots.

Eggnots look like real eggs. They even come in an egg carton.

I still have those Eggnot eggs that I made last year. I am currently using them as a decoration on our dining room table.

This year I took some Eggnots to work with me to let my “work kids” have fun with them and to see what they came up with.

The kids loved having eggs they could decorate and keep “forever.” Knowing they could keep them long past Easter, some of the kids went to great lengths to make them look “perfect.” They even went so far as to glue on gems and other embellishments.

I had to fuzz out my “work child’s” face for obvious reasons.

I made “stands” for the Eggnot eggs out of a cut up paper towel roll.

Many of the kids used their Eggnots with the Eggmazing Egg Decorator that I also brought in for them. You can read that post HERE.

Here are some of the eggs that kids forgot to take home with them. I wish I had taken more pictures of the eggs because some of them turned out so beautiful.

All of the eggs pictures above are Eggnot eggs.

These are not indestructible. These are ceramic. They are pretty hardy, but they can break. We found that out the hard way when one of the girls dropped her Eggnot egg on the hard cafeteria floor. It broke in half (thankfully it didn’t shatter). Luckily I had an extra one left over so she was able to make one.

I wish I had more photos I could share. I went through all of the ones I took, but they feature the faces of my “work kids.” I am not allowed to show their faces, and it was hard to crop them all out since there were about a dozen kids working on the eggs.

You can see more examples on my post (linked above).

These are the Eggnots I made last year using shaving cream. I love how they turned out.

Eggnots are available on the brand’s website, Eggnots.com. They start off at $10.95 for a six-pack of Eggnots. They have bulk packages for schools, churches and groups too. They even have accessories for your Eggnots including decorative pieces you can glue on to your creation and hang it.

Why stop at Easter eggs? Eggnot can be turned into Christmas ornaments and other decorative pieces too. You can paint them, color them with markers, glue embellishments on them and more.

If you are interested in learning more about Eggnots, visit their official website (linked above). You can also check out the brand on social media. Those links are found on the top right of the brand’s website.

What do you think about Eggnots? Would you love to try decorating with them this Easter? Feel free to comment and share your thoughts.


*I received free samples to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.