3 Amazing Fundraising Ideas You Might Want to Try


Giving is the purest forms of love. It means that you are willing to share what you have without anything in return. It’s an altruistic gesture that shows there is still hope in this seemingly hopeless world. Evil festers good and yet good thrives in evil. The world is a crazy place, I know. But it is home.

Seeing you read this article today gives me hope. It seems that I can still put my faith on humanity and people’s innate goodness. In this digital world full of bashing and putting other people down, there exist humans like you who’re willing to help out just causes for all the right reasons. Generosity is not a character solely exhibited by the rich. In fact, there is more meaning in generosity that comes from humble means (read more). A rich man donating $1000 is nothing compared to a poor man donating $1. To the rich man, a thousand dollars are but measly change. To the poor man, a single dollar puts bread on the table. This is why charity is never measured by the amount you spent on giving but the heart you pour while giving.

The world is lucky to have people like you.

Anyhow, if you want to maximize the help you extend to your chosen charity, you don’t have to take it all out of your pocket all the time – especially when you can hardly get by yourself. You can, however, encourage others to participate in your cause and have them contribute through fundraising activities. You give them something, they give you something, and your chosen charity gets the proceeds of the entire event. It’s a win-win for everyone and you get to stay true to your values too.

If you don’t have the slightest idea about fundraising activities, then allow us to spark your creativity. You see, you don’t really have to strategize big time for a fundraising event. The key here is to tap the right people. Send the word out to those who actually care about the event. When you’ve gathered people, who support the same advocacy or charity that you do, everything else will just slowly fall into place. So, the very first step you need to take to host a successful charity event is to connect with the right individuals.

Taking advantage of today’s technology and communication mediums is a good start.

If you’re on social media, you would know that there are different online groups for different factions. Take advantage of these resources. Search for any group or page that stands for your chosen charity. For example, if you’re planning a fundraising event for women cancer patients, you can try tapping “women cancer support groups” or “fight breast cancer pages.” Send the word out to the group admin, tell them about what you’re planning, and invite them to join you for the event. It would be good to send formal letters to businesses and establishments for donations and sponsorship as well.

Now, if you’ve successfully managed to gather a crowd, the next thing to do is to plan for the main event itself. My advice is that you keep things simple; nothing too complicated. The event should have a nice and exciting flow. But you should keep it from being too chaotic or disorganized. Here are amazing fundraising ideas that you can try:

Bake Sales

A bake sale fundraiser is a classic. Girl scouts, elementary schools, and other small institutions host this kind of event all the time. You can invite volunteers to the event and have them bring sweet treats to put up for sale. Your fundraising products can include all sorts of baked goodies from cookies to cupcakes to doughnuts. You can make a rule and say that everything has to be homemade. If you want to make the event feel more personal and meaningful, you can have the charity of your choice participate in the bake sale fundraiser. Going back to our breast cancer patients’ example, you can have breast cancer survivors volunteer for the bake sale. Surely, this will make the event feel more relevant.

Online Giving

Well, it’s 2019 and it’s all about computers nowadays. We thought we’d include a fresh new idea in here as well. Online giving is the new fundraising trend in the internet. If you’ve heard of gofundme.com or other similar websites, you should know that many people engage in online charity events. You can check out more information here: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-11-30/gofundme-will-no-longer-take-a-cut-of-some-donations. In fact, you can reach more donors if you do a fundraising online. There are many online giving tools and software that can help you out. You can do a photo-editing fundraising event, for example. You can gather graphic artists to volunteer for your cause. $5 dollars for every photo edit. Sounds promising, right?

Art Exhibition

Children are natural artists. And if you’re hosting a charity event for an orphanage or child center facility, it would be a great idea to feature all their works in an art exhibit. You can rent out a place (if the owner of the place is supporting your cause, they might even let you use the space for free), ask children from your chosen orphanage to come up with an original piece of work, and display it. You might even get to discover raw talent in the process. To increase proceeds, you can organize an entrance or registration fee. You can also sell postcards of the children’s work. You just have to be creative with how you do things.

I have my own personal “art gallery” at home with photos I have taken over the years, including these.