Wish mom’s around the world (including your own mom) with the first ever Global Mother’s Day Card


Mother’s Day is around the corner. Can you believe that? It seems like just yesterday we were filling out Valentine’s Day cards. Now it’s time to start filling out a card for your mom, grandmother, aunt or favorite woman in your life to wish them a very happy Mother’s Day.

I wish my mom was still alive. She passed away 17 years ago. My mother in law soon followed her seven months later. I would give anything to be able to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day in person.

I’m blessed that I still have a step mother. I’m certainly going to wish her a very Happy Mother’s Day. She resides in Florida with my father (we’re in New York).

I miss when my kids were younger and would make me Mother’s Day cards. Those were the sweetest. I still have most of them too.

Somewhere in the chaos of our home is a single Mother’s Day card that I made for my mom when I was little. I THINK it’s in the basement storage, but I’m not 100% sure. I wish I could find it.

Mother’s Day cards are special. This year, Wishyoo and the charity global organization No More, have partnered to make the first ever Global Mother’s Day Card. That’s right – GLOBAL!

Wishyoo is the patented e-card, where all your friends and family can handwrite a personal dedication from their own phone. You can even add photos, doodles, and voice greetings. You can even purchase gifts for someone and share the costs with those you invite to participate. This is such a great idea!

This very special “card” can be signed by everyone in the world. It doesn’t matter if you live in New York, London, Tokyo or even Antarctica. If you have access to the Internet, you can sign this card. You sign it in your very own handwriting too. You can even do little doodles if you wish.

You can check out the Mother’s Day card here – http://bit.ly/2mymother (the link has been shortened).

I signed the card myself. It was easy to do. I simply put in my name (or you can use an alias) to get access to the area where you sign your message. You DO NOT need to enter in any personal information – not even your email.

Here is the message I wrote and my doodles (you don’t have to doodle).

I have Carpal Tunnel, so it’s not easy for me to move my mouse to write neater. I gave it my best shot. I think it turned out OK.

You can change the color of the “ink” you are signing/drawing with on the bottom left of the screen (where it looks like an artist’s paint tray. You can also undo anything you just did with the turned arrow (bottom left) and upload a photo using the camera image, also found on the bottom left.

This card will travel around the world I the coming months, as different countries celebrate their Mother’s Day in different days of the year.

This is a screen shot of a section of the Wishyoo Mother’s Day card.

With your help this global card will get the World Guinness Record for the largest card ever made, which stands now at 40,400 messages or signatures. Wouldn’t it be fun to say you participated in this fun event?

In addition, Wishyoo has partnered with the charitable organization NoMore, to bring you this very special Mother’s Day card. No More is an organization that looks to help prevent and end domestic violence and abuse.

Please share the link with every mother or father you know and contribute to this cause in a fun and educational way that also helps saving millions of trees every year.

Another screen shot of the card showing photos, doodles and special Mother’s Day messages.

What do you think of this fun idea? Will you be taking the time to sign this very special, record breaking, Mother’s Day card?

For more information about Wishyoo, or to create your own e-card, visit Wishyoo.com.

More information about No More, visit NoMore.org.

Be sure to check out the official hashtag #GlobalMothersDay.


*This is a compensated partnership with Wishyoo. Although compensated, the opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.