Welcome 2015! 15 Fun Facts about Me


New Year

I can’t believe it’s 2015. What happened to 2014? It’s like I blinked and BOOM! It was a new year. That’s kind of scary if you ask me.

I would like to wish all my readers a happy, healthy and successful New Year. May all your hopes and dreams come true in 2015.

To kick off the new year I thought I would share 15 fun facts about yours truly – ME!

I think it’s always nice to get to know the person behind the blog. Who knows, we might have a lot in common. 🙂

1. I would do anything to have a house. We live in a tiny condo with no yard and it’s awkward to have people over because we have so little room. I dream of a house where I can plant a garden, decorate both inside and out on the holidays and have people over all the time. I think family and friends would get sick of me because I would want to invite people over all the time just to make up for all these years of not being able to host a holiday party or backyard barbecue.

2. I love cheese. I can’t go a day without having a slice of cheese. My favorite is New York Extra Sharp Cheddar.

3. I can’t watch those commercials for helping pets in need (like the ASPCA commercials). I quickly change the channel or leave the room. It breaks my heart to see an animal in need, which could explain the “mini-zoo” we have at home.

A Dunkin Donuts gift card from my boss.

A Dunkin Donuts gift card from my boss.

4. I go to Dunkin Donuts so much they know my coffee order without me even having to say anything to them.

5. My husband and I want to go back to Disneyland desperately. We’ve only gone once as a family and our kids were very little then (and barely remember any of it). They are teenagers now (our daughter graduates high school this year) and we worry that we won’t be able to before both of our kids leave the “nest.”

6. My desk looks like a mini-toy store. I have toys all over my desk including a small plush Olaf, a zombie gnome, Walking Dead bobbleheads, Fisher Price Little People and a Breyer Horses. I also have on my desk a bottle of Skull Vodka because I think the bottle is cool looking as well as a glass paperweight that belonged to my great-grandmother.

7. I enjoy photography. My outdoor/nature shots usually come out great but my indoor shots are always awful. I don’t know why.

8. I am a very sentimental person. I have several items that belonged to my parents, grandparents and great-grandparents that I hold on to because they bring back such fond memories.

Peanutbutter cups

9. I find Reese’s Peanut Buttercups very addicting.

10. I LOVE The Walking Dead. I was into zombies long before everyone jumped on the Walking Dead “bandwagon.” My best friends from high school and I even have the nickname “Dawn of the Dead Girls” from a band we were friends with because they hung out at my house one night to watch Dawn of the Dead (the original) with us.

11. I have an eclectic taste in music. My playlists might include a sequence like this – Elton John, Metallica, Josh Groban, something from the 80’s, Nickelback (don’t hate me because I like Nickelback – LOL), Placido Domingo (opera), Adam Lambert and Bon Jovi. The only thing I can’t get into for some odd reason is country music.

12. I find British comedies funny. My favorite is Are You Being Served?

13. I cry watching commercials, YouTube videos or anything I find beautiful and touching (“happy tears”).

Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny

14. I get star struck. I know celebrities are people just like we are, but sometimes I still get star struck. I could barely speak when I had the opportunity to chat with singer Josh Groban. I’m still amazed that Sir Elton John hugged and kissed me on the cheek and that I had a wonderful conversation with Tom Kenny (the voice of SpongeBob Squrepants and many other characters) and his lovely wife.

15. I have a “Bucket List” that continues to grow, even though I know I’ll be lucky if I can knock even one thing off that list.

I have no idea what is in store for me in 2015, but I am hopeful that it will be a very good year. I hope it’s a great year for YOU too!

Do we have anything in common? Feel free to comment and share a fun fact about you.



Ring in the new year and celebrate the holiday with King Julien and Netflix


New Years 2015

It’s hard to believe that the New Year is only a few short weeks away. I’m still trying to finish up our holiday shopping let alone think about how we’re going to celebrate the new year.

We’re homebodies so most likely we’ll be home on New Year’s Eve. We tend to watch all the festivities on television and count down with the ball dropping just before midnight.

One day we’ll go to Times Square and celebrate the new year there. I did that once. I celebrated the end of 1995 and the begining of 1996 in Times Square with a friend of mine. I was happy to see 1995 go. It was a horrible year. I also toasted to 1996 in hopes that it was a better year. It was! I met my husband in February 96′ and we eloped in October of 96′. 🙂

Maybe this New Year’s Eve we’ll get our grove on a “move it, move it” with King Julien. In case you are not familiar with the fuzzy little mammal, King Julien is the self-proclaimed “Lord of the Lemurs” from the island of Madagascar.

This coming December 19th the first five episodes of a new original Netflix series, All Hail King Julien, will air. King Julien is joined by his favorite sidekicks, Maurice and Mort too. Viewers will also be introduced to a new cast of colorful characters.

The series hasn’t aired yet but I plan on watching it as soon as it’s available. I’ll post my review at a later date. In the mean time, if you are in the mood to watch those crazy critters from other Madagascar movies and sorts, here are a few suggestions.


1. Merry Madagascar
2. Madly Madagascar
3. The Madagascar Penguins: A Christmas Caper

To get you in the holiday spirit Netflix has a lot of holiday movies and shows for young and old alike. Here are a few suggestions from Netflix.

For the little ones;

Hoilday Kids

1. Curious George: A Very Monkey Christmas
2. Mumfie’s White Christmas
3. In Search of Santa
4. VeggieTales: Saint Nicholas: A Story of Joyful Giving

For teens and adults;

Holiday Adults

1. Love Actually
2. The Office: S02E10 Christmas Party
3. Christmas with the Kranks
4. Arrested Development: S02E06 Afternoon Delight

My personal favorites of the ones mentioned are Christmas with the Kranks, Love Actually and Merry Madagascar. Other personal suggestions include Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas, The Muppet Christmas Carol, White Christmas and the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. Of course seeing the Christmas Spectacular in person is the best way to enjoy that show.

All of these titles are available on Netflix.

I wonder if King Julien will have a holiday special? Maybe not so much for Christmas, but certainly for New Year’s Eve. You know how King Julien loves to party. Perhaps we’ll invite him into our home this New Year’s Eve and enjoy a few episode in between Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve and other festivities.

For more information about Netflix visit www.Netflix.com.

How do you like to ring in the New Year? Do you like to party like a rock star like King Julien, or do you prefer a cozy, quiet evening at home?

All Hair King Julien


*I am a member of the Netflix Steamteam. I received a free membership and other goodies in exchange for my participation. There is no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

Teens’ New Year’s Resolution


New Year Resolutions

This is a guest post written by Folasade Lapite. I know a lot of readers have teenagers (or teenaged grandchildren). I thought this article could be helpful for them. A lot of this information could apply toward adults too.

New Year’s Resolution. Whenever hearing those three simple words everyone starts to write lists. Not just the ordinary daily to-do list, but lists that seem will take an eternity to conquer. These “New Year’s Resolutions” then morph into a nagging duty rather than a goal people set for themselves. Why? Because there are so many changes one wants to see, but who has time! Well for teenagers, it is no different. However, this simple little tradition can cause havoc in the mind of teens or can be the perfect remedy to improve their life!

Well, anyone can create a few resolutions. Everyone begins full force to achieve those resolutions. However, only a few will get legitimate results. Why? It is all in the execution people take. Some teenagers might want to improve their grades, while others might want to commit more to their extracurricular to build up their resumes. However, a lot of teenagers have tight schedules already without these goals. The average high school day has its toll on the average student—learning for about eight hours and then having to commit two or more (mostly more) to a random array of assignments. After finishing the “student life,” there are extracurricular, then where is the time to execute one’s New Year’s resolutions? Well, teens might think it was easy the first week; however, during that first week there was a major difference: NO SCHOOL.


Time Management: Time is a major factor in planning and doing a resolution. Teens have to remember that when beginning school again that maybe they can’t commit 4 hours at the gym to get those “washboard abs”. Time is a crucial factor that can bring anyone to reality that they won’t get any resolutions accomplished. Therefore, one has to “play by the rules” and do things that a practical and feasible to his or hers high school schedule.

Deadline: One flaw to the “New Year’s Resolution” is that no one ever thinks of how long his or her “time frame” is. Let’s say one wants to save up about $1,000 from their part-time job. However, how long is one saving for: the whole year or a set deadline? The deadline can be a great way to help push one’s determination in the right direction. Deadlines practically force one to complete his or her resolution because they cannot keep pushing it off.

Life Changers: Resolutions don’t have to be something drastic either. The best kinds are the ones easy to enact and can lead to “healthy habits.” For example: trying to eat five servings of fruit a day. Why not have a few easy resolutions that are not only beneficial but also can raise one’s spirits since one is actually completing his/her resolutions!

Teens are not the only ones victimized by New Year’s Resolutions. However, with their busy schedules, it becomes hectic to keep up with these goals. Having in mind what is feasible/practical in one’s personal schedule it leads to more resolutions that will actually be achieved. This can also help people create new habits they would like to see in themselves. Who knows, maybe reading fifteen minutes a night! However it plays out, new year’s resolutions are suppose to be goals one sets ahead of themselves to achieve. Rather than creating something that seems will be factitious later on, these new years resolutions are for fun. Therefore, this year when jumping back into the swing of school don’t let it be the things that makes one high stress.

This article was written by Folasade Lapite.


*The opinions expressed by the author do not necessarily reflect my own.

Holiday Pet Safety


Pet Holiday Safety

The holidays are suppose to be a happy and joyful time for everyone – including your pets. However this time of year can also be a dangerous time for your pets if you are not careful and diligent about keeping them out of harm’s way.

As a pet mom I make extra certain that the holidays don’t mean a trip (or two) to the emergency vet (we already have enough vet bills). Not only that, I wouldn’t want our holiday ruined if one of our beloved pets gets seriously ill or becomes a fatality.

Here are some helpful safety tips to ensure that your furry friend is safe this holiday season.

Keep holiday plants out of reach. Some plants – especially Poinsettias, Mistletoe, Holly and Lilies) are toxic for pets if they ingest them. Even pine cones and tree needles can cause intestinal damage if swallowed. Make sure to vacuum under your tree often.

Cats love shiny, dangling things. As pretty as it is consider leaving it off your tree is better for our feline friend. Not only can they swallow the tinsel but they can also pull down the tree if it’s not secured properly, or knock down decorations which could also be a potential health hazard.

If your cat likes to climb inside your Christmas tree hanging a lemon scented car air freshener, or placing orange peels at the base of the tree could stop them. Most cats don’t like the smell of citrus.

Avoid putting lights and decorations on low branches. The last thing you want is you pup chewing through the lights and getting electrocuted or chewing up your favorite ornaments.

Cat Christmas

NEVER EVER leave your pet alone in a room with lit candles. That is a major fire hazard. Use flameless candles. They give of the same appeal but are much safer to use around pets (and small children).

If possible secure your tree. Sometimes pets might accidently bump into a tree which could cause it to fall down and injure your pet plus break many of your valuable and precious ornaments.

Use a pet friendly tree preservative if you use a real Christmas tree. Dogs and cats often will drink the water you use to keep your tree hydrated. When in doubt just use fresh, clean water to water your tree and try and keep your pet from drinking out of it. Stagnant tree water contains A LOT of bacteria which could make your pet very ill.

If you like to put edible goodies in stockings be sure to hand them up high enough so your pet cannot reach them. Edible goodies smell good to dogs and they might tear into the stocking before you do. Some foods, like chocolate, are toxic to animals and it can make the very sick.

As you are toasting to the end of the current year and welcoming in the New Year be sure to keep the cocktails out of reach. Unlike humans, pets don’t get drunk – they can get severely sick if they drink alcohol, possibly even going into respiratory failure, a coma or even dying from ingesting alcohol.

Pet's can't "party" like their human family members - Alcohol is a big no-no for pets (FYI... My cat was sleeping at the time)

Pet’s can’t “party” like their human family members – Alcohol is a big no-no for pets (FYI… My cat was sleeping at the time)

Don’t serve your pet “people food” and make sure all food is out of reach. Bones for example (turkey, ham or lamb) can splinter and get stuck in your pet’s throat or intestines. Not only that, too much people food can make our pet obese and it can upset their stomachs. I’m sure you don’t want to spend Christmas morning cleaning up dog diarrhea from you carpet.

Make sure your pet cannot get into the garbage. Grandma’s fruitcake that you toss into the garbage could contain things like raisins which are toxic for dogs. Other ingredients, like garlic, is also bad for your pet.

Make sure there are not little things lying around that could be swallowed by your pet, like button cell batteries and small toys.

The holidays might seem merry and bright to you, but a house full of strangers can be very stressful on your pet. Consider putting your pet/pets into a backroom, away from all the festivities. Not only will it make it less stressful for your pet but also safer for your guests. Frightened pets might lash out and scratch or bite a guest.

If you are having house guests this holiday season be sure to talk to them about pet safety. Make sure they don’t leave valuable lying around or things like prescription medication or dentures. You wouldn’t want Fido taking a chomp out of grandpa’s chompers.

Dog Dentures

If you live in an area that gets cold make sure that your pet keeps warm too. Even though your pet has fur doesn’t mean it can’t get affected by the elements. Be sure to keep your pet warm and cozy on Winter walks and limit their time outdoors, especially in bitter temperatures. Also, be sure to check the pads of your pets feed for rock salt. Rock salt left in their paws can burn and cause them pain.

If you use streamers and confetti to celebrate the New Year be sure to clean up immediately so that your dog or cat doesn’t eat the confetti or streamers. If the New York City Sanitation Department can clean up Times Square lightening fast after the ball drops, you can certainly get your living room vacuumed in a matter of minutes.

In case of emergencies make sure you have first aid supplies specifically made for pets. Not all vets are open during the holidays (especially on Christmas and New Year’s day). It’s important that you keep a first aid kit for your furry friend to help with minor injuries.


Dr. Emmo’s carries a line of pet friendly first aid products that are non-toxic, all natural and safe to lick. The product line includes;

Dr. Emmo’s Wound Care Spray Wash is intended to be the first of a two-step  process for the treatment of pets with minor cuts, scrapes and skin irritations.  This fine cleansing spray works to thoroughly rinse, remove and flush bacteria  in all minor pet wounds.

The second step in this wound care system is the  application of Wound Care Spray Gel to the wound site. This easy to apply gel  with its viscous formulation is intended to stick to the wound site, keeping the  wound clean and protected throughout the healing process.

The Ear Care Rinse offers immediate relief to wax build up and pesky irritations  of the ear.

Dr. Emmo’s Eye Care Wash is an antibiotic-free  formulation designed as a “one-step”, all-natural, topical eye care rinse for  use in all animal eyes. It relieves eye irritation, burning, scratching while  killing 99.9% of bacteria/germs.

Dr. Emmo’s motto is “Accidents will happen… be prepared everywhere”. That means your pet is vunlunerable to accidents 365 days out of the year, not just during the holidays.

For more information visit www.DrEmmos.com. You can also follow Dr. Emmo’s on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Do you have any special safety tips you’d like to share?

Happy Holidays from my furry friends to yours. 🙂

Holiday Pet Safety


*I was not compensated for this post. I posted this for the benefit of my site readers.

Get Your Pucker Ready for the Kiss of the Year!

Kiss Lips

The stroke of midnight is fast approaching. It’s traditional to kiss someone special when the ball drops in Times Square and it’s officially the start of the New Year.

I hope your pucker (lips) are ready for that special kiss? I have been using NIVEA’s Intense Moisturizer all week because my lips got too dry and started to crack. I want to make sure I can give my hubby a great big smooch at the stroke of midnight. After all, for a special kiss like that you want to make sure your lips are as kissable as they can be.

Did you know that you can watch the festivities in Times Square streaming LIVE on the NIVEA Facebook page? Simply visit their Kiss of the Year page to catch all the fun LIVE as it happens.

Just a few weeks ago NIVEA was hosting a contest to find a couple to win the Kiss of the Year contest. Your votes made Allie and Seth this year’s winners.

NIVEA Seth and Allie

A whopping 1,400 love stories were submitted. Seth and Allie’s love story stood out because of their true sacrifice. Due to military obligations, the couple has been forced to spend the majority of their first three years of marriage separated. Sadly they will only be able to be together for a brief time this season. That is because Seth has to go away for training and Allie is currently working towards a Pharmacy degree so she can’t go with Seth. When she is done with her degree she can join Seth and they can finally start their lives together as husband and wife, actually living together too. By the time Allie completes her academic program and is able to rejoin Seth their “live-in” time as a married couple will total around five months over a span of six years of marriage. WOW!

When my husband and I eloped in October 1996 we were not able to live together as husband and wife until March of 1997 until we finally closed on our condo and were able to move in. I can totally relate to how hard it is to be apart from the one you love.

“Our love for one another has helped us withstand the physical distance between us and will help us cope with the separation once again,” said Allie. “Words cannot describe how thankful and appreciative we are that we’ve been given this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have our New Year’s Eve kiss together, in front of millions of people,” shared Seth.

Awww…that is so sweet!

Also joining Allie and Seth on stage in Times Square tonight for the NIVEA “Kiss of the Year” festivities will be a lucky musician who might possibly be getting the biggest break in her career. Tiffany Alvord, a twenty-year old singer-songwriter was the winner in NIVEA’s first-ever contest to support aspiring musical talent. After receiving the largest number of fan “views” of her cover video of the song, “This Kiss,” Tiffany was selected as the winner among nine other aspiring artists. Tiffany will have the opportunity tonight to sing her heart out to over two million people.

NIVEA Tiffany Alvord

Did you know that this is the 5th year in a row that NIVEA has been helping millions of people ring in the New Year and prepare for that special kiss at midnight as the official sponsor of the Times Square Alliance’s New Year’s Eve Celebration.

Leading tonight’s festivities will be NIVEA Kiss Ambassadors Mario and Courtney Lopez. They helped to kick off the Brand’s “Kiss of the Year” Facebook contest. During tonight’s celebration, Mario and Courtney will introduce Allie and Seth atop the NIVEA Kiss Stage.

My kids are excited about New Year’s Eve and watching all the celebration unfold on TV. I wanted to go to Times Square this year but my husband feels that the kids are still too young. They are 13 and 15 1/2. I don’t think they are too young. Maybe next year. Although I’m hoping (and praying) that next year we’ll be in a house and I’ll be able to host a New Year’s Eve party at our place. That would be AWESOME!

My kid’s have their special NIVEA New Year’s hats on (they even wore then when we ate dinner). I tried to get them to pose for a picture for me but my overly shy son was not too keen on it and my daughter didn’t want to show her face because she wasn’t wearing make up. LOL! They did write out a message to share with everyone.

New Year 1

Even our dog Espn (pronounced Es-Pin) is getting into the festivities. 🙂

New Year 2

My daughter even tried to give Espn a pre-holiday smooch on the forehead but he was having no part of it. Maybe she needs to soften up her lips with some NIVEA Lip Butter. Ha Ha.

New Year 3

There are so many wonderful things to celebrate this New Years. When that clock strikes midnight make sure you are prepared for that very important kiss. With NIVEA’s touch and be touched philosophy, your lips can be kissably soft tonight, and any night, with their many lip care products.

I ♥ their Olive Oil and Lemon Lip Balm. I didn’t think I would. The idea of putting Olive Oil on my lips sounded weird. But it feels so good on my lips. It has more of a lemon scent and taste then it does Olive Oil. I also really like their Milk & Honey Lip Balm. They make my lips feel so smooth, soft and helps me prevent cracked lips when used on a regular basis.

For more information about NIVEA visit www.NIVEAUSA.com. Don’t forget to check out the NIVEA Facebook page to watch the live streaming of the festivities from Times Square. You can also find them on Twitter (@NIVEAUSA).

Make sure to follow the hashtag #KissoftheYear!

You can even follow them on Pinterest.

NIVEA Olive Oil & Lemon


*I received free sample products in exchange for my participation. There was no other compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced in any way.

A little “Midnight Magic” to celebrate the New Year

Blackberry Fizz

In just a few short hours it will officially be 2013. How do you plan on ringing in the New Year? Sadly we don’t have anything planned this year, but I hope and pray that this time next year we can celebrate the start of a new year in a HOUSE and have friends and family over to help us celebrate. That would be a dream come true!

I know that plenty of people will be celebrating with friends and family and parties. I’m sure there will be plenty of cocktails and champagne being served tonight.

If you are looking for something a little different, why not try a little “Midnight Magic”. The beautiful purple color is sure to spark some romance just in time for the midnight kiss.

This recipe is super easy to make too.

Chandon Midnight Magic

2-3 oz Chandon Brut Classic

1/2 oz Cassis

1/2 oz white port

Pour the Cassis and white port into a champagne flute. Top with Chandon Brut Classic and a blackberry!

See… I told you it was easy.

If you happen to have any leftover sparkling wine you can always make a “Morning After Mimosa” (I ♥ Mimosas!). Simply pour the left over wine into an ice cube tray and freeze. The next day you can add some of the ice cubes and orange juice into a glass and enjoy.  Now that is a great way to begin a new year! 🙂

If you would like some more cocktail recipes to add some sparkle to your New Year’s celebration visit www.Facebook.com/ChandonUSA. Once there click on the Share Some Sparkle tab for recipes and other great ideas. I love the entertaining tips. I cannot wait for the chance to try them out someday. I also love the recipes on the Share Some Sparkle tab. They have a recipe Barbecue Oysters with Sparkling Butter Sauce. Just the idea of a “sparkling butter sauce” intriques me.

For more information about Chandon visit www.ChandonUSA.com. You can also find them on Twitter @ChandonUSA and Facebook (use the link above). You can even find them on Pinterest.

Do you have a favorite cocktail you love to serve guests (or enjoy yourself) when celebrating the start of a new year? I would love to hear about it. Please feel free to leave a comment.

Chandon Share Some Sparkle


*I was not compensated for this post. I posted this for the enjoyment of my site readers. Any opinions expressed are my own unless otherwise noted.