What’s in my bag?

Whats in my bag

Do you ever wonder what women keep in their handbags?

Handbags come in so many different shapes and sizes. It always amazes me how many women can totally maximize any size bag and fill it with everyday necessities – and then some.

I will admit that at one point I used to carry a huge bag. I had everything in my bag. I’m surprised I didn’t carry around the kitchen sink. Ha Ha.

After lugging around a diaper bag for many years I opted to minimize my purse. These days I typically carry a small wristlet that holds my wallet and car keys. On days that I go to work I have a different bag because I never know what I might need during the day.

Let’s see what is in my bag.

Inside my handbag you’ll find my wristlet. I have a bag in a bag. When I’m not at work I leave my larger handbag in my car and take the smaller handbag with me when I run errands.

I carry snacks in my handbag such as granola bars or breakfast bars. I only work part time (3 1/2 hours) in the morning, however sometimes I get a little hungry while at work. I can’t leave my job to get anything to eat so I make sure to pack a little something with me so I have something to hold me over until I can get home and make lunch.

Hand Lotion

I always carry some kind of a hand lotion/cream. I wash my hands frequently at work which can really dry out your skin. I always apply lotion on my hands after I wash them to keep them from drying out. There is nothing worse than dry skin that splits open and bleeds.

I always carry my phone charger with me. Normally I have a portable charger in my bag too but I need to recharge it so that I have plenty of “juice” when I need it and I can’t find an outlet.

I carry Tylenol or Advil just in case I get a headache and pills in case I get an upset stomach.

You’ll always find some kind of lip balm in my bag. I need to keep my lips kissably soft for my hubby.

Most of the time my job is pretty easy going, however there are times when it can be totally insane – so much so that I get really frazzled and stressed out. I hate feeling that way. I feel like it sucks the energy out of me.

RESCUE Pastilles

I keep a tin of RESCUE Pastilles in my bag. They are natural, homeopathic lozenge that you chew on to help you feel more calm and less stressed. The ingredients are slowly released into your body as you chew one one.

The RESCUE brand has been trusted for generations and their products are used by people around the world. Their products – developed by a doctor – are gentle, safe and most importantly not habit forming and produce no side effects.

My family has used RESCUE products often over the years. My son has a bit of anxiety and he uses RESCUE products to help him feel more at ease. This is especially helpful when he has a text or presentation coming up.

The Pastilles are new to me. I’ve used other RESCUE products. I recently started to use the Pastilles.

RESCUE products

I like the portability of the tin. I don’t have to worry about them lozenges getting flattened in my bag.

RESCUE Pastilles are available in different flavors. Currently I am enjoying the Black Current flavor. They taste really good. Even my kids like the flavor (my son has used RESCUE products in the past – my daughter tried one because she was a bit frazzled by a debate at school she was working on).

RESCUE offers a variety of products in a variety of forms (lozenges, spray, gum, pills…) making them easy and convenient to use.

RESCUE products are available at many retail locations both online and off line including Whole Foods Market, Sprouts, CVS and Walgreens (here in the US) and just about any place else that sells natural products.

I find that the products do help me feel less frazzled, which is important to me. I cannot afford to feel stressed out. I’m a busy person and I don’t want to waste my time feeling stressed.

RESCUE Black Current Pastilles

If you would like to learn more about RESCUE products visit the RESCUE website. There you can also find also find a valuable coupon.

When you are feeling stressed, how do you cope? I would love to hear from my readers. Feel free to share your thoughts.

Have you tried any RESCUE products? If so, which one/ones? What do you think about the brand and products?

RESCUE product shot


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Resolutions, Diets, Inspiration and Laughter… oh my!


Healthy lifestyle

Did you know that almost every day of the year has something special assigned to it? Most of these “holidays” and observances are unknown to most of us. For example, February 28, 2014 is National Pancake Day. This coming Saturday (January 4, 2014) is National Spaghetti Day.

There are also weekly and monthly observances. Bald Eagle Appreciation Day are January 18th & 19th this month. February is Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month and March 25th through the 29th is Termite Awareness Week.

Raise your hand if you celebrate Termite Awareness Week?

It would be very interesting to learn about how these observances began and how others got on board with it. Is it easy to do? Can I declare May 1st as National Love a Blogger Day? LOL!

I did a little research and found some observances for this upcoming week.

New Year’s Resolutions Week is January 1st to January 4th. I think most people are on board with this one. After all, the New Year is when most people declare that they are going to eat healthier, stop smoking, get more organized and better their life.

I don’t make resolutions. I used to but I stopped doing that years ago. I felt like resolutions don’t life up to all the hype. Instead I set goals for myself for the New Year. I realize goals and resolutions are the same thing. I just find it easier to accept the term goals more so than resolutions. I see things differently when I label it a goal rather than a resolution. Resolutions to me are “fluff”. Goals are more “meaty” and have ore meaning behind them. At least in my opinion.

I would list my goals in this post, but I’m still trying to hash them out and select my top five. Right now I have a lot of possible goals. Too many is not good. Having too many is only going to set me up to fail. Instead I need to pick out 3-5 realistic goals and stick with them.

Do YOU have any resolutions for the New Year? Feel free to share them with me in the comments section. Sometimes writing things down help you feel more obligated to see them through. It makes you accountable for your actions.

Healthy Food

It’s seems fitting that January 1st through January 7th is Diet Resolution Week. I HATE the word “diet”, don’t you?

I have been on almost every diet imaginable – Slim Fast, Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Optifast, Cabbage Soup Diet, Atkins, Special K, laxatives, starvation, exercising like a crazy person, binging and purging… there is nothing I haven’t tried. I even have weight loss surgery (Roux En Y). I lost almost 200 pounds in two years but gained back weight when I got pregnant. I’ve been 100 pounds overweight for the past 17 years.

Don’t get me wrong, many of these diet plans (Slim Fast, Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Atkins…) ARE GREAT. Most offer delicious foods and much needed support. The problem is that once you go off them chances are you’ll gain back some of the weight (if not all) that you lost. No one can live on pre-packaged foods for the rest of your life. You need to learn to eat in the “real world”.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand the fundamentals of losing weight – Make healthier food choices, watch your portion size, drink plenty of water and exercise. That’s it! That is what you need to do.

I tell my kids all the time they CAN have Oreo cookies, but it’s better to have two and not six. They CAN have ice cream every day, just have a little bit and there is no need to drown the ice cream in candy, cookies and chocolate syrup.

I feel blessed that my kids will often opt for raw baby carrots instead of cookies or chips when they get home from school. Or grab a yogurt instead of candy. I’m not saying they don’t enjoy chips, cookies and candy. They do. They just know that they need to balance the “bad stuff” with the “good stuff”.

I’m obese. I don’t eat bag full of chips and a ton of candy and soda. I just make wrong choices, I don’t watch my portions and I hate to exercise. I would rather have a bowl of cheese tortellini with butter and black pepper than a cupcake or slice of cake. What I SHOULD make is a salad and grilled chicken or tuna. I’m just lazy. It’s easier for me to boil water and toss in some tortellini.

As for exercise – I hate it! Walking is fine but other than that I hate to exercise. We do have a gym in our condo complex that my teenagers use a few times per week. I SHOULD go with them, or go during the day when they are at school. Bu do I? No. I need to change that. “Moving” is one of my goals. I can’t sit at my desk all day long and no move.


An interesting observance this week (January 2nd to January 8th) is Someday We’ll Laugh About This Week. There is a Facebook page set up for this week (I’m sorry but I can’t find the link – I did see it earlier today).

My husband was just at the Cardiologist a few days ago. He sees one every six month because heart disease runs in his family. His father died of a heart attack, as did his older brother. His mom had heart disease and had many surgeries as a result (she died from Pancreatic Cancer, not a heart aliment).

The reason why my husband went in to see the Cardiologist before his six month check up is because he was having an argument with our 16 year old daughter (teenagers, as you know, can be such a “joy” at times – mean sarcastically of course). He actually broke out into a sweat and had a tight feeling in his chest. The Cardiologist examined him and found him to be in great health. He said the tightness he felt was his esophagus spasming due to the stress of the heated argument.

What it boiled down to is that my husband is overly stressed out between parenting teenagers, his job, money worries and a few other things. The Cardiologist and I discussed with my husband ways to de-stress and how he needs to not freak out over the littlest thing. I have seen vein pop out of his head when the cat pukes on the floor or if the dog needs to go out late at night. These are not things that he should stress about.

Stress is a response to things seen as a physical or psychological threat. The cat throwing up is not something that would be seen as a physical or psychological threat, but our body and minds are weird and some how my husband’s body feels it’s a threat and he reacts by getting stressed out. It’s also due to a feeling of not having control over the situation.


The doctor told him he needs to “find his happy place” (to quote the doctor and Finding Nemo). Some place where he can mentally travel to when he’s feeling stressed to help him to calm down. He’s still working on finding such a place in his mind.

I also told him to “be a duck“. Duck’s feathers are some what waterproof. Water just rolls off of them. I want the things that would normally stress my husband out to just “roll” off of him. I also told him he needs to pick and choose what to stress about. Getting stressed out because we have no money to hold us over to the next paycheck IS a reason to stress out – stressing out because someone spilled a glass of water on the floor is not.

It has been proven that laughter has health benefits too. Some experts say it can help you to live longer. Laughter improves both your physical and mental health.

Someday We’ll Laugh About This Week is meant to remind people that they need to find more laughter in their lives, even if it means finding laughter in situations might not seem funny when they are happening.

Have you ever been in a situation where at the time it was not funny, but days, weeks or years later when you look back on it you some how find humor in the situation? That is what is meant by Someday We’ll Laugh About This Week – find humor in every situation.

What do you think about these “weeks”? Now that you know about them do you think you’ll participate in them?

What is the weirdest observation week/day/month that you have ever heard of?

Feel free to share your thoughts.



5 Steps to Avoid a Holiday Meltdown from Bestselling Breakthrough Performance Expert Noah St. John


Holiday Stress


Stressing over the holidays is like burning a winning lottery ticket. We’ve got so much to celebrate, but heightened expectations and conflicting emotions often make us forget all we have to be grateful for.

Holiday stress is normal. But normal doesn’t mean it’s natural.

There’s a barrage of guilt-inducing advice out there that feeds our feelings of “not-enoughness,” says bestselling breakthrough performance expert Noah St. John (media appearances include CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, NPR, PARADE, Woman’s Day, The Huffington Post, Chicago Sun-Times, Forbes, The Washington Post and more), author of THE BOOK OF AFFORMATIONS®: Discovering the Missing Piece to Abundant Health, Wealth, Love, and Happiness  (Hay House).

If your holidays feel more like stress on steroids than peace on Earth, take a deep breath and follow Noah’s five simple steps to lower holiday stress:

Give yourself permission to be imperfect. The #1 cause of holiday stress is believing everything has to be perfect, which in turn stems from thinking you’re not good enough. Not being perfect doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough! Just accept it and move on.

Let go of your high – and low – expectations. Americans either revel in the holidays or dread them. The difference lies in your EXPECTATIONS. Expecting people and situations to be anything but what they are is the problem. When you stop expecting people to change, it counterintuitively makes them easier to deal with. False expectations kill your chances for holiday happiness. Let go of your expectations and your stress levels decrease.

Use Afformations. Instead of saying, “I am calm,” – which you probably don’t believe – try asking, “Why am I so calm?” These empowering questions are AFFORMATIONS. For example, most people have tried using an affirmation like, “I am rich.” And your brain says, “Yeah, right!” Instead, use an Afformations like, “Why do I have so much?” Doing this activates your brain’s embedded presupposition factor, and you’ll find yourself focusing on what you HAVE instead of what you LACK.

Focus on what you HAVE, not on what you LACK. Many Americans suffer from the disease of “not-enoughness”. This comes from focusing on what you lack, which produces more feelings of lack! The irony is that the average American lives better than Louis XIV. (Got indoor plumbing? Electricity? A computer? The Internet?) Every morning, write five things you’re grateful for. Focusing on what you HAVE will build feelings of confidence, self-worth and lower your stress levels.

Find your Because. Most people don’t know why they’re here on Earth. This produces feelings from mild frustration to thoughts of suicide to actually taking your own life. Numerous studies have shown that the suicide rate increases during the holidays because people’s mild feelings of hopelessness can be exacerbated by all the expectations (see above). When you know your Because (your mission or purpose) and act in harmony with it, you stop bad habits that lead to more stress. Stressing over the holidays really is a bad habit you simply don’t need any more.

Follow these simple steps and you’ll quickly realize that not giving or getting the “perfect” gift pales in comparison to knowing you did the best you could with love.

Noah St. John is a wealth expert and author of The Secret Code of Success: 7 Hidden Steps to More Wealth and Happiness (HarperCollins).

He helps people get rid of their head trash and enjoy more wealth, freedom and abundance. Free book excerpt at SecretCodeBook.com

Headache*This is a guest post. The opinions expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect my own.

Sainthood Herbs – naturally made herbal supplements


Stress and Sleep

I man not be the healthiest person in the world. I don’t watch my weight and I am a sucker for a fresh Twinkie and great big bowl of pasta. I do however try and make a conscious effort at times about the things I eat or drink. I know I need to do a better job.

For example, I won’t eat cake or anything along those lines with funky colors like red, blue and purple. The idea of eating a slice of cake covered in blue tinted frosting grosses me out.

I also don’t like to take medication unless I have no choice. I much rather take homeopathic products whenever possible. The more natural the ingredients, the happier I am.

Sainthood Herbs is a company that offers a variety of supplement. Their supplements are made with the highest of quality standards. They ensure that all of their products are natural, healthy, safe, non-GMO, sustainable, and eco-friendly too.

I was asked by Sainthood Herbs if I would like to review one of their products. They have several that interested me including Weight Management, Mental Agility, Blood Glucose and Heart & LDL. I ended up selecting Stress & Sleep. I do have occasional bouts with sleeplessness and unbeknown to me at the time I accepted the review, A LOT of stress. Especially the past 3 weeks.

Stress & Sleep helps to reduce stress by inducing relaxation as well as occasional sleeping difficulties.

Stress & Sleep is made with minimal ingredients.

Stress and Sleep

I like that there are no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. I’m not 100% sure what ingredients like Jujube and Silk Tree are, but they sound more “natural” to me then something like Erythrosine or Cochineal (Google them – Cochineal is food coloring derived from insect shells and Erythrosine is red dye).

The supplements had no taste or noticeable smell for me (unlike Omega and Fish Oils that can taste and smell fishy). I just swallowed them with no aftertaste.

I haven’t used these on a regular basis, only during times of extreme stress or sleepless night. Lately my sleepless nights are due to stress – and A LOT of it.

If you read my post about what happened with selling our condo and losing the beautiful house I fell in love with, you’ll know why I have been under a lot of stress. Between negotiating a price for our condo, the inspection, house hunting, making an offer on the place we fell in love with (and getting into a bidding war no less), the inspection on that place, and then losing it all. The word “stress” doesn’t even come close. Is there something WORSE then stress?

I took the Stress & Sleep supplements several times. While I will admit that it didn’t relieve much of the stress, it did help me to feel a wee bit more relaxed and less tense then I felt prior to taking them (it takes a while before you start to notice it – about a 1/2 hour or so). I would say it helped to take the “edge off”. The stress was still there, but I didn’t feel was tightly wound up as I did prior to taking the supplements. It doesn’t get rid of the stress, it just eases it up a bit.

Sainthood Herbs Stress & Sleep

As for helping me to sleep, I think the supplement helped a bit in that department, probably more so then the stress part. I found that I was able to fall asleep within a reasonable amount of time. I think it has to do with taking the edge off. It takes it off just enough for your mind to relax a bit so you can fall asleep.

I actually fought through the effects the other night. I took the supplement to help me sleep (the night of the day we found out we lost the house and had to end the sale of our condo). That was a rough night. I took the supplement but afterwards I knew it was probably a silly idea because I was under extreme distress. I figured I would take my mind off things and get some blog posts done. I could feel myself getting sleepy and tired but I was some how able to fight through it and ended up getting my “second wind”. That night I was up until around 4:00 AM.

I like the product because of it’s natural ingredients (it’s also verified non-GMO). Under normal circumstances it works well as far as taking the edge off stress and to help you unwind and sleep a bit better. If you find yourself under extreme stress (which I hope you never do), then this product won’t work as well as it does under normal circumstances. This is meant for “normal” amounts of stress and average sleepless nights.

For more information about this or other Sainthood Herbs products visit www.SainthoodHerbs.com. You can also check out the brand on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Sainthood Herbs logo


*I received a free product sample to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.