You Don’t Need To Be Wonder Woman To Make A Difference In The World


You don’t need to be Wonder Woman or Superman to make a difference in the world.

You don’t need to wear that star-spangled costume or throw that lasso of truth to thwart the injustices that surround us.

You can make a difference in the world by simply being you.

“But (you ask with a hesitant look on your face), what can I do to make a difference? I’m insignificant. I have no power. I have no authority.”

There is a lot you can do, and you don’t need to be a superhero or in a position of power to do it.

Our world is full of examples of ordinary people who did something remarkable. There are those who devoted their lives to good causes. Mother Teresa spent much of her life to working with the poor, for example, and Cynthia Telles devoted her career to supporting the health of people living in under-served communities. Then there are those people whose one act made a massive difference in the world around them. Rosa Parks, for example, refused to give up her seat on a bus, and with this one act of defiance, she made a huge impact on the civil rights movement. These people did (and in the case of Telles, still do) things that can be considered remarkable. But they are still flesh and blood, just like you.

And think about the people who have made a difference during your walk in life. Were they superheroes? Did they have life-altering powers? Chances are, they were people just like you. It might have been a friend who offered you a listening ear. It might have been a stranger who allowed you to sit down on the bus because you looked tired. It could be anybody who did something, no matter how small the gesture, that made your day a better one. They made a difference in your life, and they didn’t need a superhero mask or a cape to do it.

So, think. What could you do to make a difference? Chances are, you can do more than you ever thought possible.

Take the following as examples.

You could donate something to charity

If your home is in need of a clear out, don’t discard your unwanted or unused items by throwing them in the rubbish bin. Give them to a good cause. You could do as we advocated a short while ago, and bring a smile to the face of a child by donating something to the Toys for Tots program. You could help low-income families by donating food to a local food bank. You might have old clothes that if usable, could go towards helping those people who are homeless. And there will be loads of charity stores near you, so give them your unwanted items so they can be sold to raise funds for something worthy.

You could fund raise for a charity

There are many charities in the world, on both a local and national level, so get in touch with those causes that touch your heart, and find out how you can raise funds on their behalf. They will probably send you promotional materials and sponsor forms, so consider organizing an event to raise awareness. You might spread the word on social media too, and write about the causes you are supporting on your blog if you write one. And within your efforts, be an advocate for the cause. Don’t just raise money, but tell others about the work they are doing. Find out how people can get involved if they want to help. And then consider the next point, as if you or anybody you know has the time, you can make a difference on a very personal level.

You could volunteer for a charity

We fully advocate fundraising and donating your belongings to a charity, but why not do something that brings you face to face with the needs of another? Could you be the person who hands over a basket of groceries at a food bank? Could you be the person who ladles soup into a bowl to help a homeless person? Could you read a story to a sick child lying in a hospital bed? Not only are you actively doing something to help them, but you are also showing your care by being there. A kind word from you and a welcoming smile might be worth just as much (if not more) than the charitable act you are involved in.

Do a kind gesture for somebody today

Charities make a huge difference to the lives of others, but on a more intimate level, you can make a difference to somebody when going about your day. If you see somebody struggling to pay for their groceries, you could offer them the spare change they need to make their purchase. If you have a lonely neighbor or friend, you could pay them a visit and bless their day with your company. As we suggested earlier, you could give up your seat on the bus to somebody more in need of you. And it doesn’t take a lot of effort to smile and say hello to somebody, so offer this kindness to others, as you may have been the only person to have offered them a pleasant greeting all day. Your small and kind gestures could make the world of difference to somebody else, and who knows, what you do could inspire others to pay your kindness forward. Your small gesture could go viral and improve the lives of many other people.

Say something that makes a difference

If you have a friend with low self-esteem, tell them they look beautiful, and/or offer other kind words to raise their spirits. If you see somebody being treated badly by another, speak out on their behalf if it is safe to do so, or share what you have seen with somebody in authority. When you’re at work, and you see somebody struggling to complete a task that you are proficient in, share your wisdom with them to make their lives easier. And call your mum, gather your children together, and bring your partner close, and tell each one of them that you love them. By opening your mouth in kindness to or on behalf of others, you can make a difference in how they are feeling, and that might just make their day a better one.

Go green at home

Let’s think about world-saving for a moment. You don’t have the power to bring about world peace, though your kind gestures and words of love might create a small ripple in the right direction. You can’t eliminate world poverty, but your charitable giving might alleviate a part of it. And you can’t single-handedly eradicate global warming completely, but by going green at home, you can reduce your environmental impact. From using less energy around the home to re-purposing your waste, check out the ideas here to make a difference on both a local and global level. Then educate others to do the same. Start with your family and encourage good habits, and then tell your friends on social media and in person, sharing your eco-ideas to both better their lives and to better the world.

Start a life-changing business

On a very simple level, starting your own business could be life-changing to you. You might then have the means to boost your income and get off a career path that is driving you nutty. But rather than start a business to serve your best interests, you might consider a business venture that will serve the needs of others as well. These social-enterprise ideas will help you do just that, so have a read, and consider what you could do. Of course, you don’t have to follow a route that is predominantly tailored towards a good cause, as you could also use a share of your profits to support community and global needs. And by starting a business, you might also have the means to employ others, and on a philanthropic level, you could offer these jobs to those people who struggle to find work, such as those who are homeless or to the retired who want to return to work.

And so…

Can one person make a difference? After reading our suggestions, you don’t need us to tell you the answer. You could do something today to make a person’s life a better one. A smile, a charitable giving, and the power of your voice are just some of the ways you can make a difference.

So, think. What charities are you interested in? Who do you know on a personal level that could do with a kind word and a shoulder of support today? Where do your strengths lie, and where could they be used to help another? You don’t need to be Wonder Woman to make a difference in the world. By simply being you, go out into the world and do what you can to help another.

You can make a difference!