The Little Book of Big Feelings: An Illustrated Exploration of Life’s Many Emotions



How are you?

Whenever someone asks you that question, how do you respond? Most people (myself included) respond “fine.” But are you REALLY fine? What emotion is “fine?”

I have discussed this with my husband many times over the years. I tell him how I would very much love to respond to that question with how I REALLY feel, or come up with some silly response.

Why do we shy away from how we are truly feeling? Are we afraid of being judged? Are we afraid the other person won’t understand how you are really feeling at that moment in time? There could be several reasons why we don’t respond with the answer that expresses our true feelings.

There is a new book by author Maureen “Marzi” Wilson called The Little Book of Big Feelings: An Illustrated Exploration of Life’s Many Emotions, that tackles the idea of emotions, and takes the reader on a journey of self-acceptance and acknowledgement. After all, as humans we have a complex set of emotions such as fear, sadness, happiness, apprehension, anxiety and joy. In this book, Marzi shows readers how to embrace each of these emotions.

This is not a “self help” book, per say, even if it comes across as one. It’s more of a lighthearted look at the complex emotions that we all feel from throughout the day.

The Little Book of Big Feelings: An Illustrated Exploration of Life’s Many Emotions is part book, part “comic” book, featuring adorable doodles that touch upon the various emotions. Here are just a few examples to give you an idea of what the interior of this book looks like.

Are you can see, this is not your typical “self help” book filled with big words and scientific mumbo jumbo. This is ones person’s insight on the various emotions and how they make her feel, which many people can certainly relate to.

The book’s table of contents show that it includes little tid bits about pretty much every emotion you would possibly feet.

I love her section on curiosity. I am probably one of the most curious persons out of my entire family and friends. Just like in the book, I will lose sleep at night because I can’t turn off my brain and I am constantly wondering about things. I literally have to take medication to help “turn off” my brain at night.

Like in the book, I always Google and read up on things that I am most curious about. I have been known to Google things I hear on the news because something about it I find curious.

I found this book to be very funny and entertaining. I especially love some of the ideas Marzi writes in the book, like why are croutons not called “toast babies” and an egg called “bird seed” (think about the last one – ha ha). There is also an entry where she asks why there isn’t a backpack that turns into a bed simply by pulling a string, so that the moment you walk in the door you can lie in a bed (I NEED something like that in my life).

Overall I enjoyed the book. As I said, it is very entertaining and the doodles (illustrations) are charming.

This book would be a great book for children as well (yes, this is actually a book for adults). It’s a nice way to introduce them to the various types of emotions, and to let them know it’s OK to feel all of them and that they never have to shy away from how they feel, or push their emotions down just because they don’t think they are acceptable.

After reading this book, I think the next time someone asks me “How are you?” I will respond with how I really feel (I just won’t go into great detail of course).

The Little Book of Big Feelings: An Illustrated Exploration of Life’s Many Emotions is available where ever books are sold, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


*I received a free copy to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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