Tips on a Nighttime Routine for Healthy Hair


Waking up with beautiful hair is a dream of just about every female. Just like our skin, our hair defines our beauty.

Did you know that having healthy, lustrous hair is easily obtainable? There are plenty of things you can do in the comfort of your home.

Here are a few tips you can do each night to help you achieve the beautiful, healthy hair you dream of.


Whether you travel a lot or you are a stay at the home person, your hair goes through a lot during the day. As a result, your hair can lose  moisture and get damage over time. Just like your skin,  your hair needs a little pampering and care every day. Before you go to bed deep condition your hair with your favorite natural oil and wash it out with a gentle shampoo in the morning. Makes sure to massage your scalp, hair tips, and hair roots to provide maximum moisture.

Applying a Hair Serum

This is an alternative to the oiling process. Apply a hair serum before going to bed. Serums offer a protective layer to the hair and helps your hair to get strong. Serums are good for treating dry, frizzy hair. Don’t apply hair serum to your roots because it can make your hair look greasy.

Apply a Weekly Hair Mask

A weekly hair mask can do wonders for your hair. There are plenty available on the market or you can make one yourself using equal portions of coconut oil, yogurt, and fuller’s earth. Simply mix all of the ingredients together to form a paste and apply it to your hair. Leave it on for 1-2 hours then wash off with a hair cleanser.  Alternately, you can even apply aloe vera gel on your hair once in a week. Right after the first application, your hair will look shiny, healthy, and feel soft to the touch.

Comb and Detangle Your Hair

If you wish to wake up with beautiful hair in the morning, comb your hair with a brush from roots to the tip and detangle every strand. This will not only relax your scalp but also make sure your hair is detangled, which might have occurred during the day. Even if you are seriously exhausted, this is an important step that you cannot afford to miss.

Prepare Your Bed for Healthy Hair

Your bed that can help promote healthy hair. It is essential that you have a clean, dirt free bed. Check for your pillow case and if possible, change your pillow covers every day. Silk pillow covers can reduce tangling and damaging your hair.

Tie Your Hair to a Loose Braid or Loose Bun

If possible, tie your hair into a loose bun or braid before going to bed. This will help reduce tangles. In addition it will reduce friction on your hair which can cause split ends and breakage.

Make sure the bun or braid is loose. You don’t want to make it too tight because it can be uncomfortable and make the roots sore.

Cover Your Head if You Have Long Hair

If you have long hair you might wan to consider covering your hair in a muslin or silk cloth that stays on your hair the entire night. This can help prevent hair damage and split ends when you sleep. It can also help your hair retain it’s volume.

Sleeping on Damp Hair can Result in Severe Damage

Don’t go to bed with damp or wet hair. It will cause your hair to get tangled and promote split ends and breakage.

Try to let your hair air dry fully before bed. If need be use a hair dryer to get rid of any additional dampness that might be left.

Apply Vitamin E Topically if required

Did you know that Vitamin E is essential for healthy hair and skin? If you don’t get enough Vitamin E in your diet you can take supplements (check with your doctor first). You can also purchase Vitamin E capsules to use on your hair topically. Simply squeeze the serum out of the capsule and apply it directly to your hair. Leave it on over night and then wash your hair in the morning.

If you follow these easy steps you can have gorgeous, healthy hair.

Author Bio: 

Yuan Chen is a Manager at T1Hairs- Online Hair Extensions Company. He has more than 6 years of experience in Hairdressing Industry and has a good reputation in this field.

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