Top Wedding Gifts Idea for Men


The wedding is one of the most auspicious occasions of a personal life. It marks the beginning of a new journey for the couple. The event itself is a celebration of love and joy, and if someone has invited you to be a part of their big day, indeed that means they consider you important enough. It only makes sense that you give them something as a token of thanks and blessings so that they remember your memory for a lifetime.

Although it is easier to pick gifts for women, it becomes very tricky to choose gifts for men due to limited options available. Often people struggle with finding gift ideas for grooms that would have the right emotional appeal and utility. Here are some cool gift ideas that you can use for your loved one. 

Leather Accessories

Genuine leather accessories make excellent keepsakes. The leather is a timeless material that exudes class and luxury. The versatility and sense of empowerment that it offers makes it the most preferred material by almost every man. There are a lot of options in leather accessories that you can choose from or you can make a set of assorted leather items. Some great accessories include laptop cases, belts, backpacks, travel wallets, passport covers, wallets, and key rings.

Finger Band

A matt finished silver or copper finger band loos incredibly trendy and classy. Even men who are not a fan of wearing jewelry often wear a band to add an oomph factor to their look. You can get the band studded with rhinestone, Swarovski or diamond depending on your budget. You can even get the band embossed for an additional personalized touch.

Cuff Links

Cuff links are yet another timeless accessory for all those times when he has to wear his gentleman’s attire. A classy pair of cuff links worn with a tuxedo will definitely make heads turn. Since cuff links last for a lifetime and are classified as a luxury accessory, they are an excellent gift item.


Watches are a must-have fashion accessory for men. It is something that is valued much beyond being a mere time telling device. They offer a lot of versatility given the different varieties of watches available in the market. You will definitely find something or the other that fits your preference and budget. IWC Big Pilot watches offer an amazing variety of watches that are an excellent blend of class, fashion, and budget.


Although perfumes are not as long lasting as the other counterparts on the list, fragrances still have a lot of emotional appeals since they end up becoming an integral part of who you are. The fragrance one wears often defines the person and perhaps that explains why most Eu de Perfumes are priced that high. You can choose from a wide range of fragrances available in the market. Issimiaki, Giordano and Giorgio Armani some of the best fragrances.

Wedding Journal

If you share a close bond with the couple and would like to give them something they would cherish for their life, give them a handmade wedding story journal. You can get as creative as you want with it and add key pictures, moments and quotes in the journal. If you have a crafty side to you, best is to DIY a journal yourself. If you feel you are unable to pull off an impressive one on your own, you can order one at Etsy.

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