TRA-LA-LAAA!!! Captain Underpants will be available on Blu-ray/DVD on September 12, 2017


If you have a young child (or perhaps not-so-young child) you are probably familiar with the literary character Captain Underpants. The books are written and illustrated by Dav Pilkey. Dav Pilkey has written and illustrated such popular books as Dog Man, The Adventures of Super Diaper Baby, Kat Kong, Dogzilla, and the Dumb Bunnies, to name a few.

Captain Underpants is probably Pilkey’s most popular book series. I remember when my kids used to read the books. Even my husband and I have read Captain Underpants books. I think they appeal to both young and old.

Captain Underpants even became a movie that was in theaters a couple of months ago – Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie. I hope that including “first” in the film’s title means that there will be more Captain Underpants movies in the near future.

My husband and I saw the film when it was in the theater. It was a “date night” so we didn’t bring our kids. That is OK. They finally had the opportunity to see the film, along with my daughter’s friend, Saturday night. We hosted a Captain Underpants movie sleep over party. Another of my daughter’s friends was supposed to sleep over but her family plans changed. We also had other friends come over and watch the film (two adults, one child). Our little friend was too young to spend the night. That’s OK. She went home with some fun Captain Underpants “swag” which she can enjoy when her parents get her a copy of the film (she loved it and told her parents she wants her own copy of the film).

Before any party/sleepover you need snacks – and plenty of them. My daughter and I stopped by our local Target to pick up some goodies. Lucky for us Halloween candy is readily available, so we were able to pick up some snack size treats for everyone to enjoy.

The movie studio sent me some fun “swag” to give to our guests. To be honest, even as an adult, I was giddy like a little kids when I opened up the box and saw what was inside.

Talk about a “party favor.” Our guests were treated to a Captain Underpants branded duffel bag, cape, an adorable blanket that is OH-SO-SOFT, Whoopee cushions (everyone got a kick out of those), fun fill-in books (think Mad Libs) with stickers, official Captain Underpants handbooks, colored pencils (these came in handy – I didn’t have any at home) and these super awesome books that allow you to create your very own comic book series.

Of all the goodies I’d have to say the blankets (they are SO SOFT and snuggly) and the Blank Comic Book for Kids are my favorite goodies. I think each of our guests had their own favorites.

The fill in book (Wacky Word Wedgies and Flushable Fill-Ins) was A LOT of fun to play around with for all of us (the kids and adults). First and foremost the adults (myself included) had to stop and think about things like adjectives and pronouns (it’s been a long time since we’ve had to think about them). Some of the things we came up with were hysterical. We could have easily finished an entire book. We didn’t because we wanted time to enjoy the movie.

I thought wearing jammies would add to the sleep over experience, even though not everyone was sleeping over. I wore jammies too.

I had to fuzz out my daughter’s friend’s face. My son was “not feeling it” as far as being in photos (usually he’s OK with it… I don’t know why he wasn’t this time around).

I asked my husband to hold up the blanket. Of course he had to fool around.

We fight over the blankets. My kids each have one and my husband and I keep swiping it off their beds. It really is incredibly soft and snugly. I love the Captain Underpants characters on it too.

I think the duffel bag was a perfect touch. You need something like that to hold your jammies, change of clothes and toothbrush. They are a nice size too – ideal for an overnight stay.

We received Captain Underpants capes. Sadly, no one would “model” one for me (my husband offered to but it wouldn’t fit around his neck). I don’t like to take photos of children who are not my own, so I couldn’t take a photo of our little friend who did fit the cape. For the sake of a photo I had our (almost) life size Darth Vader model one for me.

The extra capes won’t go to waste. I work with little children (Kindergartners) and they earn prizes for good behavior. I plan on using the extra capes for prizes. We have a student who I know LOVES Captain Underpants so I plan on making sure he gets one.

The Blank Comic Book for Kids didn’t get used before we started the movie, but there was a lot of talking as to what type of cartoon to make. I have to say I am impressed by the ideas the kids came up with. I hope they use them to create the fun comics they were discussing.

We had plenty of goodies. We ordered pizza, popped popcorn and indulged in snack size candies as well as some chips and salsa. We were on the fence about making hot chocolate. It wasn’t really cold, and I felt like the kids had enough junk food as it is, so I opted for ice tea and lemonade instead.

Now on to the movie…

Captain Underpants is the story of two best friends – George and Harold. They are well known in school for doing a lot of pranks, much to the dismay of their principle, Mr. Krupp. The duo are always pranking teachers, and they especially love to do things they know are going to get on Principal Krupp’s nerves.

When they are not at school or playing pranks the friends love to write comics. Their comic book character is called Captain Underpants.

After a prank went seriously wrong, Principal Krupp decided to put an end to their friendship by separating them into different classes on different sides of the school. Before he could make it happen, George pulls out his hypnotizing ring and hypnotizes Principal Krupp. He even took it a step further by telling Krupp that he is the real Captain Underpants. To their surprise it worked. Their principal turned into their made up super hero, even going so far as to strip down to his underpants.

The boys discover that they can turn Krupp back and forth between himself and his alter ego, Captain Underpants, simply by snapping their fingers or splashing him with water.

Meanwhile, while all of this is happening, a new teacher in the school, Professor Poopypants, has an agenda of his own. He’s plotting to get rid of all laughter, something that Harold and George love to do.

Will Captain Underpants save the day or will it be up to George and Harold? To find out you need to pick up a copy of Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie. Look for it where ever movies are sold or rented on September 12, 2017.

My husband and I loved the film the first time we saw it. I think we enjoyed it even more the second time around. My kids really enjoyed it too (as well as our guests). I actually heard my kids laughing!!!! That is a rarity. I think it’s “uncool” to find the same things funny that your parents also find funny. Ha Ha.

This is a fun, family friendly film that all ages will enjoy. Even when we originally saw it in the theater there were plenty of adults there without kids.

The characters are really fun and enjoyable (just like in the book). The filmmakers really did a great job staying true to the literary character. Since Captain Underpants has been on a lot of adventures in the book series, I hope that we’ll see more of Captain Underpants, Harold and George in future movies.

After the film our littlest guest and her parents left and the rest of the kids went off to continue eating junk food and watching another movie (they were not tired and were up until around 4:00 AM!).

There are plenty of bonus features with this film. The bonus features are worth watching so I would recommend you check them out. The kids left the living room before we went through the bonus features. They should have stayed because there were a lot of funny featurettes including sock puppet versions of Harold and George with an animated version of one of their comic books, the boys describing how to be the perfect superhero (don’t forget a cape!), a guide to being a villain hosted by Prof. Poopypants, music videos and more.

If you would like to see some other cool Captain Underpants sleepover parties check out the hashtag #CaptainUnderpantsHE. You can also check out the hashtag #FaLaLaa to see videos of other bloggers and their families doing the infamous Captain Underpants call (I tried to get to the kids to do it but they were being camera shy).

To learn more about this movie you can visit the Captain Underpants page on the Dreamworks website.

If you are fan of the series (and/or movie) I would encourage you to check out a special Captain Underpants website where you can find fun activities, videos, .gifs, printables and more. I printed out the coloring pages for the kids. I even printed a few extra for the kids I work with (they love Captain Underpants too).

The website is TraLaLaaTreeHouse.com.

This coloring page is found on the Tra La Laa Tree House website.


*I received a free screener copy, branded movie swag, other goodies and a gift card for supplies. There was no other compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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