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Our lives can be so hectic when raising babies and little children.  From the morning routine of getting the kids up and out the door, working or running errands, to getting the kids to sleep on time and then doing it all over again.  With so many time constraints to your daily schedule, you are not able to see your family and friends as often as you wish. A mom who felt this way was talking about how her 2-year-old son rarely sees his aunts or grandparents.  The mom lives only a few miles away from her relatives, but finding the time to see them was getting harder and harder.  The mom wanted to Facetime with the family to bond with her baby but certain family members had Android phones which does not have the Facetime feature. At other times a connection would fail or people were just unavailable.   For her, the baby having interaction with family members was important.  The mother wanted her child to feel connected to family members.

After searching around, she found an app that can help her.  The app is called GOODNIGHT BABIES.

GOODNIGHT BABIES is a 5-star mobile app ideal for newborns and children up to four years of age. GoodNight Babies has a simple interface that is available on both the iPhones and Android mobile phones.  The app allows you to invite guests from your phone to video record and send a special GoodNight message to your child. You then select the order of the greetings, pick a GoodNight melody, and choose the design border. The GoodNight Babies app will do the rest.  The app will automatically compile all of the messages into a video storybook personalized for your little one. Once completed, the video storybook begins to play.  Your child can cherish the video storybook night after night.    

The app was not created by a big company with motive. It was created by a family and was built of sincerity. Their desire to have family members and friends’ bond with their child thru sight and sound at any time evolved into the need to create GoodNight Babies.

The GoodNight Babies app has been receiving honorable praises from Users.  One comment from a user caught my eye and thought it was so profound.

“Love love love it!! Science has proven that the last person you have contact with before sleep will be the person you dream about . so it’s comforting for a child to see familiar faces before bed . Perfection!”

The app is user friendly.  Everything about the process and features are so simple. It was built for everyone.

This brief video gives you a little insight to the app.  It’s really magical.



A parent downloads the GoodNight Babies app.

The parent fills in a simple profile, personalizing the experience for the child and the app then creates the DASHBOARD.

From the DASHBOARD, you can send INVITATIONS to all your Family and Friends that you have in your contacts.

The invitations are sent via Text Message directly from your phone to your guest.

The invitation process is actually original and innovative.  They designed the invitation to go directly from your mobile device to the person you are inviting as a text message.  Your “GUEST” receives a link from you the HOST and then clicks the link to open the invite.  Once opened, the GUEST is able to record their message. When satisfied with their message, the message is then sent back to the HOST.  The Guest doesn’t have to downloaded the app or sign up for anything. The process is streamlined and private.  Very user friendly. The whole invitation process can literally can take seconds.

Incredibly, the GOODNIGHT BABIES app allows the HOST to cross platforms to invite.  A person with an iPhone cannot Facetime a person with an Android phone or vice versa.  But the creators of the GOODNIGHT BABIES app eliminated this problem.  The app allows the USER to cross platforms.  Meaning, an iPhone user can Invite an Android user or vice versa, eliminating a problem that has plagued mobile phone users for a very long time. Finally, we are not bound to restrictions that have caused different mobile phones users to miss precious moments.

Plus, you can invite anyone from your contacts. As long as you can text someone, no matter where in the world they are, a HOST can invite them to partake to a GoodNight greeting.

After all the GoodNight messages are received by you the HOST, you then arrange the order you would like the GoodNight messages to appear, choose a boarder, pick your GoodNight music and you are all set. The GOODNIGHT BABIES APP then automatically combines all the precious video GoodNight messages with storybook animation and all the other elements, creating a magical GoodNight video story book that you and your child can cherish night after night.

Once complete, The GoodNight Babies app transforms into a Video GoodNight Book.

With the information provided on the Profile, the experience is personalized for your child.

The child’s name appears on the cover of the book, instantly making the child feel special.

As the page turns, your child is greeted by the Family member or Friend you allotted in the first position. On the right side of the page, the video is played.  The video is surrounded by the boarder you picked earlier.  On the left side of the page, the name of the person who is saying the GoodNight message is automatically populated.

The creators really spent time making the experience special.  The details on the story pages are beautiful. The design on a whole resembles on old time fable book. They really captured the essence of the storybook. The pages turn automatically, which is very nice because you don’t have to interrupt the experience by pressing a “turn the page” button.

The book continues to turn and play automatically, until the last person has said their GoodNight wish. As the book closes, the photo used in the PROFILE PICTURE is automatically populated on the back cover of the book for the child to see.

Overall, this app is innovative and thoughtful.  It has created a beautiful, one of a kind, bedtime experience for the child. There isn’t anything on the market like this.    The Creators of the GOODNIGHT BABIES developed an experience like a movie.  The app truly brings people together.

Its free and private. GoodNight Babies is designed to protect your child’s privacy. Only the parent can invite people to send GoodNight messages, and only the parent can decide which messages to include in the personalized storybook.

The GoodNight Babies App. Created by a family for families.

Created by parents, the Goodnight Babies app is a labor of love,” said the creator. “

“We hope by sharing the GoodNight Babies app with the world, your child can also delight in the magic of the GoodNight Babies app.  The joy our child expresses while watching goodnight messages from our family and friends is priceless.”

For more information about the app, including demo videos, visit goodnightbabies.com

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  1. Joan burstein says

    This app was incredible We also had a hard time keeping in touch with relatives who lived far away.
    I used the yesterday and it worked great. My son watched it last night before he went to sleep. The smile on his face while watching all these people say goodnight to me was so special.. What a great idea.

    Thanks Kimberley for sharing.