Welcome 2015! 15 Fun Facts about Me


New Year

I can’t believe it’s 2015. What happened to 2014? It’s like I blinked and BOOM! It was a new year. That’s kind of scary if you ask me.

I would like to wish all my readers a happy, healthy and successful New Year. May all your hopes and dreams come true in 2015.

To kick off the new year I thought I would share 15 fun facts about yours truly – ME!

I think it’s always nice to get to know the person behind the blog. Who knows, we might have a lot in common. 🙂

1. I would do anything to have a house. We live in a tiny condo with no yard and it’s awkward to have people over because we have so little room. I dream of a house where I can plant a garden, decorate both inside and out on the holidays and have people over all the time. I think family and friends would get sick of me because I would want to invite people over all the time just to make up for all these years of not being able to host a holiday party or backyard barbecue.

2. I love cheese. I can’t go a day without having a slice of cheese. My favorite is New York Extra Sharp Cheddar.

3. I can’t watch those commercials for helping pets in need (like the ASPCA commercials). I quickly change the channel or leave the room. It breaks my heart to see an animal in need, which could explain the “mini-zoo” we have at home.

A Dunkin Donuts gift card from my boss.

A Dunkin Donuts gift card from my boss.

4. I go to Dunkin Donuts so much they know my coffee order without me even having to say anything to them.

5. My husband and I want to go back to Disneyland desperately. We’ve only gone once as a family and our kids were very little then (and barely remember any of it). They are teenagers now (our daughter graduates high school this year) and we worry that we won’t be able to before both of our kids leave the “nest.”

6. My desk looks like a mini-toy store. I have toys all over my desk including a small plush Olaf, a zombie gnome, Walking Dead bobbleheads, Fisher Price Little People and a Breyer Horses. I also have on my desk a bottle of Skull Vodka because I think the bottle is cool looking as well as a glass paperweight that belonged to my great-grandmother.

7. I enjoy photography. My outdoor/nature shots usually come out great but my indoor shots are always awful. I don’t know why.

8. I am a very sentimental person. I have several items that belonged to my parents, grandparents and great-grandparents that I hold on to because they bring back such fond memories.

Peanutbutter cups

9. I find Reese’s Peanut Buttercups very addicting.

10. I LOVE The Walking Dead. I was into zombies long before everyone jumped on the Walking Dead “bandwagon.” My best friends from high school and I even have the nickname “Dawn of the Dead Girls” from a band we were friends with because they hung out at my house one night to watch Dawn of the Dead (the original) with us.

11. I have an eclectic taste in music. My playlists might include a sequence like this – Elton John, Metallica, Josh Groban, something from the 80’s, Nickelback (don’t hate me because I like Nickelback – LOL), Placido Domingo (opera), Adam Lambert and Bon Jovi. The only thing I can’t get into for some odd reason is country music.

12. I find British comedies funny. My favorite is Are You Being Served?

13. I cry watching commercials, YouTube videos or anything I find beautiful and touching (“happy tears”).

Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny

14. I get star struck. I know celebrities are people just like we are, but sometimes I still get star struck. I could barely speak when I had the opportunity to chat with singer Josh Groban. I’m still amazed that Sir Elton John hugged and kissed me on the cheek and that I had a wonderful conversation with Tom Kenny (the voice of SpongeBob Squrepants and many other characters) and his lovely wife.

15. I have a “Bucket List” that continues to grow, even though I know I’ll be lucky if I can knock even one thing off that list.

I have no idea what is in store for me in 2015, but I am hopeful that it will be a very good year. I hope it’s a great year for YOU too!

Do we have anything in common? Feel free to comment and share a fun fact about you.



About Kimberly

Kimberly Vetrano resides in the suburbs of New York City with her family and "mini zoo" consisting of five cats, a dog and a Goldfish. Kimberly is a teacher's assistant for a Kindergarten class. When she is not working or blogging, Kimberly enjoys taking photos of nature and hanging out with family and friends.


  1. That is awesome that you have shared this information. It is nice to know more about the individuals behind the blogs that I read.

  2. sandy weinstein says

    very revealing facts. i dont like watching the aspca commercials either…i lived in a condo once, just me, it was small. will never do that again. sold it and moved back to nc to take care of my mother. now trying to sell my house here and move to fl. dont know how you live in a condo with kids, dogs, etc. my mom was star struck, once we saw george hamilton and dustin huffman while shopping in ny. my mother followed gh around the store. she wanted to ask him some questiions. i was so embarrassed. even the sales clerk was so flustered w/ dh, that he had to ring up his own sale. he is very, very short. gh is or was once of the most handsome men i have ever seen, this was a very long time ago though.

  3. I feel the same way about the ASPCA commercials. They are extremely heeart-breaking and paired with the sad songs they have playing in the background. OMGoodness, it’s so sad. On my workdesk, I have a hutch that I decorate with odds and ends…like cool looking wine bottles, scented candles, wind-up toys, and Burger King/McDonald’s toys.

  4. Karen Raider says

    I am a big animal lover, too. If I won the lottery, I would build a big house just so I could have more pets. I change the channel, when I hear that familiar music for the ASPCA commercial. I used to work at Dunkin’ Donuts. We had regulars whom I would know their order. I don’t drink coffee myself but I loved the doughnuts too much.

  5. Robin Wilson says

    Kimberly ~ Happy New Year to you and your family. Thanks for sharing some personal facts about you…it’s nice to kinda get to “know” you. Having followed you for a time I know how much you want a house and how hard it would be to get into one. But I pray that you will be able to do so in the near future. Since having a stroke about a month ago, and still battling to get my Lupus into remission, my bucket list has become very important though not likely to be fulfilled. But I’m gonna try to knock off at least a couple of things this year. Take care!

  6. Dorothy Teel says

    How much fun and I hope you do get to Disneyland with your kids, I took my grandchildren and kids a few summers ago, wore me out but we had a wonderful time, Happy New years to you and your family and I think keep at it and things will all fall into place and each day of each year will remain special.

  7. Great story. Love to learn about the blog writers interests. Makes me want to start a blog! Happy New Year!