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My son using his imagination while playing with some trucks in the dirt.

I would not want to be a kid these days. Aside from the uncertainty of what is going on, as well as whether or not they will be returning to school in-person or online, not being able to hang out with friends and go on play dates must be difficult.

I grew up in the country. During the summer time I had all my cousins around me to play with. During the school year, it was just me. I did have an older sister, but she is eight years older than me. When I was still playing with dolls, she was more into boys and make up.

I am a very creative person. As a parent, I wanted my children to learn the value and importance of creativity and imagination.

I think having an imagination is extremely important for a child. I put great value on toys and games that foster a child’s imagination. Take for example PLAYMOBIL.

PLAYMOBIL has play sets to appeal to most children, whether a child was into horses, camping, popular movies, or fantasy – PLAYMOBIL has a play set for them.

What I love most about the PLAYMOBIL play sets is that they usually include all the accessories and figures a child would need for hours of imaginative fun. As an adult, I enjoy seeing all the great details PLAYMOBIL puts into their sets.

There is a new play set now available from PLAYMOBIL that will certainly thrill a child who is into knights, sorcerers and villains. It’s called Novelmore, and it’s a new line from the brand.

The set comes with a storybook.

The world of Novelmore is an original property developed by PLAYMOBIL tells the legendary tale of the heroic Knights of Novelmore vs the rebellious Burnham Raiders.

Secure your kingdom from unwanted visitors with the Wolfhaven Fortress. This two-story fortress features a functioning catapult capable of defending the fortress from high above, a fiery crossbow ready to strike down enemies, and a functioning pulley to transport supplies. Equipped to handle even the sneakiest attacks, the knights can keep watch from the highest tower. For even more fun, combine this set with the rest of the PLAYMOBIL Novelmore theme (#70220-70229 – sold separately)! Set includes four figures, horse, wolf, ladder, armor, flag, and other accessories.

I was actually into castles and knights as a child. I LOVED the original Robin Hood movie, staring Errol Flynn (yes, I am giving away my age). My family also hails from Wales, and I’ve visited castles over there, so anything to do with castles piques my interest.

I was lucky enough to have PLAYMOBIL send me the Novelmore Wolfhaven Fortress play set to review.

This is a huge play set with a lot of fun things to do. I can see a child (or children) playing with this for hours.

Notice our cat Loca stitting on the box? We have six cats, so you can only imagine how crazy they got with this set.

My husband had to help me put this together. It took him an hour and forty-five minutes in total. He did take a few breaks, mostly because the cats got in the way and prevented him from doing things (FYI… PLAYMOBIL pieces make great cat toys – ha ha).

Talk about having “bells and whistles.” This set has it all!

Rather than tell you about it, let me share some photos I took of the set (with brief explanations). I’ll provide my feedback at the end of this post.

PLAYMOBIL Novelmore Wolfhaven Fortress has so much to offer, from working doors (with locks!), catapult, trap doors, weapons and more!

Wolfhaven Fortress has a courtyard where you figurines can plot out their strategy to protect themselves from the Burnham Raiders.

This figurine reminds me of a wizard with his long, white, braided beard.

A knight and his horse warming themselves by the fire in the fortress courtyard.

This is not the best photo but I wanted to draw your attention to the fine details PLAYMOBIL thought of for this play set. The doors have working “locks” to help you keep the “bad guys” out.

PLAYMOBIL thought of everything, including a door to help your figurine make it to the top of the tower. Inside the door is a ladder to help your figurine get down to the level just below.

I  love the easel with the blue prints to make a weapon. My favorite accessory is the feather pen, which is part of the She Scribes logo.

I don’t know the correct terminology, but your figurines can drop “boulders” from those chutes to knock over the enemy. They really work too. They are also fun toys for cats. Ha Ha.

This is one of the many weapons with this set. I THINK the yellow piece might pop out (shoot out) of it, but we couldn’t get it to do anything.

You can see the boulders I mentioned in the above photo in the background. Those are the balls that go through those chutes.

Even the dog/wolf is sporting it’s own weapon. I think it’s because a dog/wolf is small enough to slip into the fortress when no one is looking.

Every where you look, there are secret passages and doors at PLAYMOBIL Novelmore Wolfhaven Fortress. There is even a small handle on the outside for your figure to pull on to open it.

Every fortress needs a dungeon.

Notice the “lock” on the dungeon door. To open the door you need to slide that piece over.

The secret door shown above is on the backside of the dungeon (easy for prisoners to escape).

No fortress would be complete without a working catapult.

You can use the boulders that work with the chutes on the catapult too.

Another trap door (just above the dungeon).

PLAYMOBIL Novelmore Wolfhaven Fortress comes with several fabric-like flags to adorn it.

There plenty of weapons and accessories to help bring PLAYMOBIL’s Novelmore Wolfhaven Fortress play set alive with imagination.

This is another photo taken above the fortress to give you a better idea of how it looks and is laid out.

This set comes with figurines. You can also use other PLAYMOBIL figurines with this set too.

Here is a closer look at the horse and dog/wolf. Their heads move up and down (their legs do not move). The camp fire is a nice touch. After all, they all need to keep warm and cook.

Here are the boulders I have been referencing in a couple of photos.

I actually took twice as many photos then are shown in this post. I just didn’t want to overwhelm the post with TOO MANY photos.

As you can see there is a lot to see and do with PLAYMOBIL’s Novelmore Wolfhaven Fortress.

Overall I think this is a great set. I love all the attention to detail this set has. I also think that PLAYMOBIL provided enough accessories and figurines to get started with all the fun and excitement.

If you are interested in learning more about this and other PLAYMOBIL play sets, visit PLAYMOBIL.com. The brand is also on social media. Their links are on the bottom right of their website.

What do you think about this set? Does it look like something your child/grandchild might enjoy?

Do you have a favorite PLAYMOBIL play set? Feel free to comment and tell me more about it.


*I received a free sample to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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