What cat doesn’t love cardboard boxes?


Our cat Bella as a kitten sleeping in a tissue box.

Do you have a cat? We do. We have five to be exact. For long time readers of my blog you probably remember them. I have written about them often. Sadly, both our boys, Velcro and Anakin, had to be put to sleep two months apart (Velcro was old age and diabetes, and Anakin was from a liver disease). We never got over them, and that was a year ago.

Over the past few months we adopted two kittens, Emma and Loca (“Loca” is the female version of “crazy” in Spanish – and she is crazy!). Now we have five cats again, but this time around they are all girls.

Emma is especially unique. She has deformed front feet and extra toes on her back paws (Polydactyl). She does NOT have extra toes on her front paws (she has five, like she’s suppose to). It looks like she has extra toes, but she doesn’t. Poor baby sticks to everything and they get in the way of her jumping around.

Loca is a domestic short hair. Emma I suspect is a Norwegian Forest Cat or Siberian (she doesn’t have the face of a Maine Coon). She is going to be H-U-G-E!!! You have to see the thick legs and monster feet on this baby.

It goes without saying that when you adopt kittens (or a cat), you want to have plenty of play toys for them and things to keep them amused occupied. Actually, we adopted Loca for Emma. Emma, being a kitten, want to play with our older cats (9, 17 and 19). Needless to say our older cats didn’t have the energy to keep up with an active kitten. We adopted Loca so that Emma could have a playmate. It’s worked out beautifully. They are best friends. They play all the time and during downtime, they are also together.

Emma (on top) and Loca (bottom) enjoying the sun by a window.

We have it all… catnip toys, things that jingle, things that squeak, things that bounce… you name it. There is another toy the kittens, and my older cats, love – cardboard boxes. It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small, they will find a way to enjoy it until we take it out to the recycle bin.

Why do cats like boxes?  Behaviorists claim that they are cryptic hiders, which means they pounce then retreat to their safety place. They also sleep on an average between 18-20 hours a day. That’s a long time and so they seek a den like shelter that keeps them safe from predators-it’s in their DNA. Also, the comfort temperature for a cat is 82-97 degrees! By staying in a box like shelter, they don’t expend as much energy and stay cool in the heat and warm in the cold.

In addition…

Ethologist, Claudia Vinke, Utrecht University in the Netherlands has  independently observed that when boxes are provided in shelters for cats, the cats with the boxes are less stressed, play more and acclimate much faster to their new environment.

Our late cat Anakin was HUGE, but he always managed to squeeze himself into the littlest box. It was the funniest thing to see.

Anakin some how fitting in a narrow flower box (he was a huge/fat cat).

There is a company that offers cardboard boxes specifically designed for cats. They are called Kitty Cardboard.

Kitty Cardboard has developed high-quality designer cardboard boxes for cats that are colorful and whimsical. You will be proud to put them anywhere in your home-they’re that nice!  These designer boxes have been flying off the shelves since their inception. They have also been a huge hit with Instagrammers (sic) who have kitty-cat influencers, because the boxes are POST PURRRRFECT!  The current designs are: Jungle BoxMeowter-Space and Purradise. The brand also has seasonal designs for Halloween, and soon a design for Christmas.

Kitty Cardboard sent me a box to review. I received their Halloween box to review.

The boxes are made in the USA. They arrive flat but they are super easy to assemble (I did it in about a minute).

The box has cute Halloween images all around it including a ghost, pumpkin and bats. In addition, there are holes of different sizes on four sides of the box (the box has six sides) to allow for plenty of easy entrances and exits.

When they pop their head out of the holes, it’s suppose to make them look like the figure surrounding the hole. For example, when your cat pops it’s head out of the hole for the ghost, it looks like their face is part of the ghosts face. Hopefully that makes sense.

Here is an example of what I mean.

PHOTO SOURCE: Kitty Cardboard 

Both of our kittens high energy, so it was not always easy to get a photo of them with their heads popped through the holes the right way. I almost got Loca’s photo that way, but she popped her head out too much so it doesn’t look like the ghost’s face like it’s suppose to. I have seen the cats pop their heads out just right, but by the time I grab for my camera, they have already moved or they are out of the box.

Here are my cats enjoying their Kitty Cardboard box.

Peek-a-Boo! Emma says “hello.” As you can see, our cats like to play in the Kitty Cardboard box. You can see one of the toys in the box with her.

Emma peeking out to say “hello” again.

Loca is saying “hello” too. Look… she’s a ghost. LOL!

Loca in our Kitty Cardboard box

Emma trying to get in the box that Loca currently occupied. Emma is a HUGE kitten (she’s as big as our adult cats), but she fits in the box just fine.

Emma not too happy that Loca won’t let her have a turn in the box. You can see Loca inside.

Our cat Bella looking to see if Loca is out of the box yet. Even our adult cats love to hang out in the box, most especially Bella. She usually kicks the kittens out of it so she can use it.

Since I received the Kitty Cardboard box to review, I’ve never gone a day where I haven’t seen at least one of the cats in it. In fact, the box gets moved around (I’m not sure who does it). I’ll put it in one place, and come home from work and find it on the other side of the room. I guess as they jump in and out of it, they are moving it. Either that or my home is haunted. Ha Ha.

If you are interested in learning more about Kitty Cardboard box, or if you’d like to purchase one for your own kitty (it would make a great Christmas present for your cat), visit KittyCardboard.com. The brand is also on Instagram and Facebook. Those links are found at the bottom of their website.

Kitty Cardboard is charitable and devoted to homeless cats. They donate one box to a shelter for every box sold. You can read more about it on their site.


*I received a free sample to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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