You too can be a amazing graphic designer with DesighCap


Are you on social media a lot? If you have Pinterest and/or Instagram (for example), there is no doubt that you have come across beautiful images that draw you in. It can be an image on Pinterest that entices you to want to click on it to read more (or pin it to one of your boards), or maybe an advertisement on Instagram that catches your attention and want to learn more about a product or service.

It takes more than just a great picture to create an eye catching design. A lot of it has to do with the layout, colors, texts and other design options. Most of those designs are created by graphic designers, but some are created by ordinary people with no formal graphic design education.

Here is an example of what I am referring to. Below are two photos. Which one do you think is more attracting and interesting, and would want you to learn more about it.


Both of the images feature a photo (or photos) of a city. Which do you think is most appealing and interesting?

I would like to think that most people would think the Montreal one looks the best. I sure do.

The Montreal image was created with a program called DesignCap. The other one (New York City) was created with another photo editing program.

I was asked to review DesignCap. I was offered a paid membership in order to do my review, because it offers me a bit more than other plans. DesignCap also has other plans, including a FREE one.

Here is what you get with the FREE plan.

I’m sure once you play around with DesignCap and see all that you can do with it, you might want to consider one of their other subscription options – $8.99/mo or $12,99/mo. If you pay for the plans in full, the price is considerable less (bringing it down to $4.99 or $5.99 per month when broken down).

The paid plans offer more “bells and whistles.” The $8.99 ($4.99/mo when paid annually) option offers you the following (compared to the free plan).

The premium $12.99/mo ($5.99/mo when paid annually) plan offers the same as above, but you can do upwards of 1,000 image uploads and save up to 1,000 designs. I would think the premium plan would be best suited for popular social media people and/or businesses. The middle plan would be best for most people. If you only need it every now and then, then of course the free option would be best for you.

You can do so much with DesignCap. Here are just a few examples.

Within each option you will find pre-made templates that all you need to do is add your own photo(s) and text.

Let’s take an Instagram post for example. Within the Instagram option you’ll find DOZENS of templates to choose from, or you can create your own.

Here are just a few examples of the Instagram templates you’ll find.

Once you find a template you like, you have total control over the image(s), text, icons and so much more.

Here is the same Montreal template that I re-did using my own New York City photos (except the bottom photo in the film strip – I neglected to swap that one out with one of my own).

My example might not be the BEST it can be (I was pressed for time, sorry), but I wanted to show you how easy it is to swap out your photos, text and more to transform any template found on DesignCap into your own.

Even if you are not into social media, you can still utilize the features that DesignCap has to offer. Say for example you are throwing a surprise baby shower for a friend. You can use DesignCap to create stunning baby shower invitations. You can even design your own Christmas cards! I know it’s way too early to think about Christmas cards, but it’s certainly nice to know you can design your own with little to no design experience. Just think about all the money you can save by doing it yourself.

Your whole family can utilize the features of DesignCap. Even your child can use it to create eye catching report covers and graphs.

You can use DesignCap to create your own logo, business cards and brochures.

Are you planning an event for your church, group or school? You can use DesignCap to create flyers and posters.

The possibilities are endless. You are only limited by your imagination.

If you are interested in learning more about DesignCap, and perhaps try it out for yourself, visit DesignCap.com. The brand can also be found on Facebook and Twitter (their links are found on their website).

What do you think about DesignCap? Does it sound like a program you would use? If so, what things do you think you could use it for?


*I received an upgraded annual membership in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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