Yulu Toys Pop Pop Slime Toys (Kids Will Love Them!)


I work with children in an after school program. Prior to that I worked as a teacher’s assistant in a kindergarten program. It goes without saying that I enjoy working with kids. It’s a lot of fun and a rewarding experience.

I enjoy reading books to kids, playing games with kids and simply listening to them talk and share their thoughts and ideas. On the flip side, I do have some things that I dislike about working with kids.

I am an anti-glitter person. I hate glitter. I mean, I love how it looks and all, I just hate using it as an artistic medium when working with kids. They get it all over the place. It’s impossible to clean up and it gets all over you. So much so that you see glitter all over your clothes and home for weeks to come. Case in point, I made a craft at home (really cool “floating candles”) where I used glitter. I BARELY spilled some on the dining room tables. It’s been over three years and there is STILL glitter on the table, even though it gets cleaned off several times a week. I also have glitter in my car that I have no idea where it came from, and it doesn’t go away.

Another thing I am not fond of, but I know kids LOVE – Slime! It’s not that I don’t appreciate the texture of it (it is pretty cool). I just don’t like trying to clean up after kids have played with it. It tends to get all over things, leaving behind a sticky residue. Making slime is even worse! I know kids love to make slime, and I enjoy seeing them have a good time, but having to clean up afterwards is no fun.

Even though I am not a fan of slime, I know kids are. They truly enjoy slime. Honestly, I have yet to meet a child that doesn’t like slime, and I’ve worked with, and been around, many kids over the years. Slime is all the rage. It’s “the latest craze” that proves it has staying power.

If your child or grandchild is a fan of slime, then you might want to check out Pop Pop Pets and Pop Pop Snotz from Yulu Toys.

Pop Pop Pets

Pop Pops are slime filled “pods” or “bubbles” (depending on how you look at it). In order to get to the slime you need to “pop” the pod/bubble open. You can pop it open a number of ways. You can squeeze them, push on them, smack them or hit them with your fist. It’s up to you.

Pop Pops come in two different varieties, each one seems to be geared towards a different gender. Pop Pop Pets are pink and purple, and Pop Pop Snotz are green and yellow (like snots… gross!).

Pop Pop Pets pod/bubble. You can see this one has something in it. What can it be?

Squeezing out the slime.

I’m sorry for the poor picture. You can see what was inside (I’m sorry that I don’t recall the character off hand). You can also get an idea of the size based on my fingers.

Some of the Pop Pops are just filled with slime (pink or green, depending on which Pop Pops set you have). Others come with a surprise inside – either an adorable little pet (in Pop Pop Pets) or aliens and monsters (in Pop Pop Snotz). Each one has 60 different characters your child can collect.

The figures are itty bitty. Not much bigger than the eraser on a pencil. For adults that might seem silly, but for kids, they go crazy for stuff like this. Shopkins were HUGE a few years back (I’m not sure if they still are). These little characters are just a bit smaller than those.

Pop Pop Snotz

Pop Pops are available in different sizes, 3 pods/bubbles, 6 pods/bubbles and 12 pods/bubbles. They are available at many retail locations including Walmart and Target. I’m am not sure what they cost (retail prices). I guess that would depend on the retailer.

For added fun, you might want to pick up the Pop Pop Snotz Slime Slammer Hammer. It can be used with Pop Pop Pets too. It’s literally a hammer (plastic) that your child can use to slam Pop Pops open to retrieve the slime and/or slime and character inside.

Your child can save the slime from the Pop Pops to play with again and again. Simply store it in an air tight container (I am not sure if slime actually dries up or not). The more Pop Pops they have, the more slime they’ll have as well.

Slime Slammer Hammer

With the holiday season fast approaching, you might want to consider Pop Pop Pets, Pop Pop Snotz and/or the Pop Pop Snotz Slime Slammer Hammer as stocking stuffers or gifts.

For more information about Pop Pops and other Yulu toys and games, visit YuluToys.com. The brand is also found on social media. Their links are found at the bottom of their website.

For my review of some fun games from Yulu, check out this post – Are you looking for some family fun? Check out these fun games from Yulu.

What do YOU think about Pop Pops? Do you think it’s something your child/grandchild would like? Do YOU like slime? Feel free to comment and share your thoughts.


*I received free product samples to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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