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As someone who struggles with her weight on a daily basis, I can tell you from personal experience that controlling how much of what you eat is not as easy as it sounds. Let’s face it, there are PLENTY of delicious foods available where ever you look that is not always easy to resist temptation.

Being overweight has a lot of attributing factors. Often it is eating too much of the wrong foods and lack of exercise. As much as we know we need to stay away from things like ice cream sundaes, cakes, cookies, burgers, fries and chips, its only human to crave these foods and want to induldge in them. The key is to do it in moderation. Its is OK to have a bowl of ice cream, just don’t eat a pint of it. It’s OK to have a cheeseburger, just make sure its only once a month.

Many people (myself included) do a lot of “mindless grazing” throughout the day. Little things like taking a slice of turkey when making your child’s lunch from school or sampling dinner to see if its done numerous times all add up to extra calories that we don’t need. Many people mindless eat too much without even thinking about it. For example, if you are watching TV with a bag of chips in your hands are you going to KNOWINGLY stop eating once you’ve reached a serving size? Of course not! Most servings sizes are barely a handful of chips. Most people can polish off 1/2 a bag without even thinking about it.

One solution would be to carefully count out the number of chips allowed to make a serving, put them in a bowl or on a plate, then close up the bag. Ha! Have you ever done that before? Try counting out  a serving of chips and put them on a plate. The first thing you’ll notice is this measly amount of chips on a big plate. A serving size suddenly seems pretty ridiculous. You could also just weigh a serving size but who really wants to drag out the food scale all the time?

There is another solution to help end the aimless grazing. Its called a Yum Yum Dish. No, you don’t eat the dish (I don’t think its really yummy). Instead you use the dish (its actually a bowl) to help control your mindless eating.

The Yum Yum dish is an adorable dish that is in essence a proper serving size. If you measure out a serving size of ice cream you’ll see that it fits perfectly in the Yum Yum dish. A serving size of most products tend to be about the same size as the Yum Yum dish. By using the Yum Yum dish you are allowing yourself and average portion size and training your mind to believe that when the bowl is empty, that is it. You are done. There is  no going back for seconds or thirds.

I was sent a Yum Yum dish to review. When I first removed it from the box I giggled. There was no way an adult would use this to control their portion sizes. It looked so small!

I did a little experiment and went around our kitchen and took portion sizes of various foods (mostly snack foods) to see how they compared to the Yum Yum dish. I was convinced the dish was less then a portion size. I was shocked and amazed to find out that the Yum Yum dish was pretty much to right size for most serving sizes.

WOW! I was speechless. This itty bitty bowl is all we SHOULD be eating of all the foods. Most people must eat a 1/2 dozen or more of the Yum Yum dish size portions in just one sitting – if not more!

Here is the dish next to my coffee mug, a Keurig K-cup and a regular can of dog food just to give you a size comparison.

I measured out 1/2 of a cup (4 ounces) and it fills up the entire Yum Yum dish.

The whole concept of the Yum Yum dish started when the dish’s creator found that she was snacking too much. She trained herself to stop snacking after the small dish she was using was empty which helped her to lose the weight she had gained during pregnancy.

The Yum Yum dish is not only for people who want to lose weight but its also great to teach portion sizes to children and teens. With so many obese children in our world today its very important that they learn portion sizes NOW so that they are able to control their weight and eating habits later in life. I also think its a cute bowl for a toddler.

The Yum Yum dish is made very well and appear to be hand painted. They can be used in the microwave and are also dishwasher safe.

The Yum Yum dish was especially shocking to my husband. He laughed at its size and said there was no way he would eat his ice cream out of it. I told him to give himself a regular portion of ice cream (which he would eat on occasion at  night). He took a cereal bowl and put in several scoops of ice cream. Then I filled the Yum Yum cup with ice cream. I didn’t measure it out or weight it. I just filled it up with ice cream. I then removed it from the Yum Yum dish and put it in another cereal dish and put it next to the one my husband served himself. I tend reminded my husband that the Yum Yum dish size was considered ONE serving of ice cream and what he had in his bowl was more like 5 or 6! How my husband manages to stay so slim I’ll never know. It was a real “eye opener” for him.

The Yum Yum dish would make a nice gift for someone who is concerned about their weight or someone who plans on getting fit and trim as their New Years’s resolution. Of course you can also pick up some Yum Yum dishes for you and your family. They are available in four different colors. A set of four dishes cost $22.00 ($5.50 per dish). As long as these are properly cared for you’ll get many years use out of them. Everyone in your family should have a Yum Yum dish so that you can all learn to eat proper portions. I plan on picking up an entire set for my family. So far we have been sharing the one dish that we have.

To learn more about Yum Yum dishes visit the official website at www.YumYumDish.com. Yum Yum Dish can also be found on Twitter, www.Twitter.com/YumYumDishand on Facebook, www.Facebook.com/YumYumDish.


*I received a sample bowl free to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own.


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