Zach’s Wax Extreme Color Gel – Hair Coloring Fun!

My teenage daughter keeps asking me to get her hair colored purple or pink. Not her whole head, just a streak or two. I honestly don’t mind but since my daughter has dark reddish brown hair the only way to do that (as per the hairdresser) is to first bleach her hair, then dye it to whatever color she wants. I have a problem with bleaching her hair. Years ago her friend’s sister  was going to highlight a few strands of hair (note the word “highlight”). When my daughter came home from her friend’s house later on that day she was BLOND!  I have to admit it did look good, for a while. Once her hair started to grow and her dark brown/reddish hair was coming in at the roots, her hair looked a mess. I finally had to color her entire head dark brown to get rid of the blond.

Since that day I cringe at the thought of making anymore drastic changes in her hair.

We did pick up some of those faux hair extensions in different colors but they would never stay in her hair. Her hair is so thick that the tiny combs just couldn’t cling to it.

Up until now I have been convinced that there was nothing she could use. Those temporary hair colorings just didn’t work on her dark hair. Then I learned about Zach’s Wax Extreme Color Gel which works on dark hair, as well as light hair. I knew I had to give it a try.

Zach’s Wax sent me a few samples to try out with my daughter. Needless to say she was thrilled.

** Please note ** I did take pictures of her hair colored with Zach’s Wax Extreme Color Gel. The camera the photos are on is not working (it turns off as soon as you turn it on – its not the battery either). When I am able to remove the photos from the card I’ll up load them here.

My daughter was anxious to try Zach’s Wax Extreme Color Gel. Her first choice was Purple.

Zach’s Wax Extreme Color Gel comes in a tube. You need to wear gloves when working with it (the samples we received came with gloves). I also suggest you (or your child) wear an old t-shirt as well since Zach’s Wax Extreme Color Gel can stain while its still wet.

We had a special applicator from Zach’s Wax Extreme Color Gel that resembled a large mascara wand. All you need to do is add some color to the wand and brush it through the part of your hair that you want colored. That is certainly easy enough and something my daughter could do on her own (which she has since done).

My daughter has dark hair so Zach’s Wax Extreme Color Gel suggested that I we mix the colored wax with the white Zach’s Wax. We did try the color “as is” but it was hard to notice it in my daughter’s hair. So we mixed it with a tiny dab of the white. It did make the color stand out better, however it lightened up the color too. So instead of a deep, dark purple the color turned into a light purple/Lavender color. That was fine, but my daughter really wanted it to be a dark purple.

Zach’s Wax Extreme Color Gel is hair gel. It makes make your hair very stiff. The first time we tried to streak her hair we just let the streaks air dry. My daughter wasn’t happy with how stiff they were. She wanted the strands to move naturally like the rest of her hair. I then learned that you can carefully brush the colored hair, starting from the ends and working upward. This took a bit of trial and error. If you brush it too much you can brush some of the dried color out of it. If you just lightly brush it then it does help remove a lot of the stiffness. You can also speed up the drying cycle by using a hair dryer on a low setting.

Zach’s Wax Extreme Color Gel has some seriously holding power. It would be great for creating spikes and “faux-hawks” (fake Mohawks). This is NOT a “wax” as the name suggests but rather a hair gel that has been tinted with color. Anything you use regular hair gel for you and use Zach’s Wax Extreme Color Gel  for the same results.

I like that the color is temporary and it washes out with shampoo just like a regular hair gel would. The color does not remain on your hair, nor will it damage your hair.

You can leave the color in your hair for a few days. The only thing you will notice is that it looses its color after a day or so. The color is less intense the next day.

I like that Zach’s Wax Extreme Color Gel is available in different colors including pink, dark blue, black, white, purple, orange, red, yellow and green. The hair coloring would be great to use at school events (color your hair in your school’s colors!) or to your favorite sporting event to support your team. I’m sure Cheerleaders would love to use Zach’s Wax Extreme Color Gel at games. It would look cute as a loose spiral colored in your school’s colors.

Halloween is coming up. Zach’s Wax Extreme Color Gel would be the perfect “finishing touch” to any costume. Even if your costume doesn’t require you to color your hair it would still be a fun way to jazz up your costume.

Our school often has “Crazy Hair Day”. If you used a variety of colors from Zach’s Wax Extreme Color Gel you’ll be sure to have the craziest hair of the day!

Each one ounce tube costs $9.99. To be honest you can really get a lot out of each tube. I know 1 ounce doesn’t sound like a lot but you really only need a squirt to color a streak of hair. My daughter has used it a few times and it looks like there is barely anything missing from the tube. If you use it on your whole head then of course it will require more of the gel. But streaking only needs a squirt or two.

The “Pros” for Zach’s Wax Extreme Color Gel is that it does show up on dark hair, its easy to do (even your child can do it), it washes out with shampoo and it doesn’t damage your hair.

The “Cons” are that it makes your hair a bit stiff, even if you gently comb it. It can also be a bit messy putting it on.

To learn more about Zach’s Wax Extreme Color Gel, or to make a purchase, please visit www.ZachsWax.com. You can also find them on Facebook, http://www.facebook.com/zachswax and on Twitter, http://twitter.com/zachswax.

Zach’s Wax is all about giving back. A percentage of their sales profit is given to a number of children and sports related charities every year. For more information you can visit www.ZachsWax.com/About/Giving-Back.

If you place an order by October 23, 2010 and use the code zachsfriends you can save an additional 15% off your order.  After that date you can use the code SHESCRIBES for the same 15% off offer. Both offers cannot be combined.


*I received free samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own.

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