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Now playing in theaters nationwide is the latest Disney film release Zootopia.

Zootopia stars the voice talents of Ginnifer Goodwin, Jason Bateman, Idris Elba, Bonnie Hunt, Tommy Chong, Octavia Spencer and Shakira, to name a few.

Zootopia stars a young rabbit name Judy Hopps (Goodwin). Ever since Judy was little she wanted to be a Police officer. Her parents – although supportive – felt like she would be better off in the family business (farming), most especially since no rabbit has ever become a Police officer before.

Judy never gave up on her dream. Even when it seemed like she wouldn’t graduate from the Police academy, Judy pulled herself together to not only succeed, but also to be come the Valedictorian of her graduating class.

Judy was not only a Police officer, she was also assigned her dream destination – Zootopia. Zootopia is a place where all animals live together in harmony, even predators and prey.

Judy’s dreams were quickly dashed when instead of solving crimes and chasing criminals she is assigned the position of meter maid.

At first she was discouraged but she decided to use this opportunity to prove that she is a good worker in hopes of getting a better assignment.

Fun Judy Hopp and Nick Wilde "ears" that we received from the theater.

Fun Judy Hopp and Nick Wilde “ears” that we received from the theater.

While doing her meter maid duties Judy meets a fox named Nick. Their initial meeting seemed to go well. It’s only afterwards that Judy learned about what kind of animal Nick really was.

Many animals have started to go missing from Zootopia, including a loving family man named Emmitt Otter.

Determined to prove herself, Judy tells Emmitt Otter’s wife the she can find him. Her Sergeant was not happy with her making that kind of promise and was going to fire her, but for the sake of not upsetting the Mayor of Zootopia, the Sergeant gave Judy 48 hours to find Emmitt Otter or else she would have to resign from her job as a Police officer.

Judy doesn’t have much to go on, but she did find a link between the missing Emmitt Otter and that sly fox, Nick, that she met earlier. He might just be the lead she is looking for.

What happens next Judy did not anticipate. She also didn’t think she had to partner up with Fox – a natural enemy of rabbits.


Will Judy and Nick find the missing Emmitt Otter, or maybe the other missing animal from Zootopia? Who could be behind their disappearances and why? To find out go see Disney’s Zootopia, now playing at a theater near you.

We went to see Disney’s Zootopia at a Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime Theater. Not only does AMC have your comfort in mind, the amazing sound quality from Dolby Cinema turns your movie going into an “experience.”

The AMC Prime Theater we went to had the look and feel of something straight out of Hollywood. It’s hard to believe this grand theater with elaborate decor is located at a local mall.




The AMC Prime Theater had just about everything you could want, from popular candies to freshly popped popcorn. They even have self serve beverage dispensers. Instead of pressing buttons you can scroll through a variety of beverage options on the computer screen. It’s a fun experience. We didn’t do it this time around, but we used the beverage machine at an AMC Prime Theater in New York City. There were so many options to choose from.

We LOVE the seats at AMC Theaters. They are big, comfy and recline. Be sure you had enough rest before going to the movies. The seats are so comfortable that you can easily fall asleep in them.

As a plus size woman I appreciate the ample seat size. I also like that they have a built in cup holder for your beverage.

One of my favorite features in the theater is the ample room between seats. You don’t have to push your seat up or get out of the way to let people pass by. There is more than enough room for people to pass by you even with your seat fully reclined.


I really like how the screen looks in the theater. I am not 100% sure but it seems curved in a way, making it seem like you are “inside” the action on the screen. The film quality on the screen is also crystal clear with true to life color.

The sound quality is equally as amazing. Dolby is well known for it’s quality sound products, and the AMC Prime Theaters are no exception. The sound is so incredible that at times you can even feel your seat shake.

This is why I say seeing a film at a Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime Theater location is more than just seeing a film – it’s EXPERIENCING a film.


Anyway… back to the movie.

We loved it. In fact my husband said that he liked Zootopia better than Frozen, Inside Out and The Good Dinosaur – all GREAT films. I wouldn’t say I like it better than those films – I think they are all great on their own.

This is a Disney film, so it’s made to be “family friendly,” however there are some parts of the film I think might be a bit too intense for very young movie goers. Especially when the animals go “wild.”

There are plenty of funny parts that everyone will laugh at – and many scenes with humor only adults will understand and find funny.


There are lessons to be learned in this film. I was surprised to see how much bullying went on, and how people are judged for what they look like rather than who they are. This holds true today as bullying has become rampant in our schools and on social media.

The film also highlights friendship, determination, believing in yourself and others.

A fun, family film that teaches some important life lessons – it doesn’t get any better than that.

The characters are all very likeable. Even the residents of Zootopia are enjoyable. My favorites are the mice and hamsters. The sloths at the Department of Motor Vehicles are hysterical.

If you are looking for a wonderful film to see this weekend, check out Disney’s Zootopia. If you happen to live near a Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime Theater, go and see the movie there. You won’t be disappointed.


For more information about the film visit the official website. You can also check out the film on Facebook and Twitter. You can also check out Disney Animation on Instagram and Tumblr.

Check out these hashtags on social media to see what others have to say not only about the film, but able Dolby Cineman at AMC Prime Theaters too – #Zootopia, #DolbyCinema and #ShareAMC.

For more information about the Dolby Cinema experience visit this page at Dolby.com as well as this page at AMCTheatres.com.

Are you planning on seeing Disney’s Zootopia?

Have you experienced a Dolby Cineman at AMC Prime Theater yet? If so, feel free to share your thoughts.



*I have partnered with Disney and Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime Theaters to bring you this information. I received free tickets in order to review the movie as well as compensation. The opinions expressed are entirely my own and not influenced in any way. 


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