Preserve your Easter memories for years to come with Eggnots


Our son when he was little collecting Easter eggs during an egg hunt.

In a previous post I wrote about how much my family and I enjoy coloring Easter eggs each year. Even as young adults, it’s something my kids still enjoy doing.

Some of our favorite family memories are those we made when we colored Easter eggs. From coloring “failures” (that turned out to be funny memories) to spilling egg coloring all over the carpet (we never could get it out of the carpet).

Sometimes our fond memories are those of the finished eggs. Over the years we’ve had some gorgeous looking eggs, and some pretty funny “fails.”

It’s sad that you can’t hold on to some of those colored eggs. After all, they are real eggs and won’t keep long. In our home, hard boiled eggs get gobbled up quickly too.

Actually… there is a way to preserve some of your best colored eggs, and use them year after year as holiday decorations. Their called Eggnots.

Eggnots are an Easter egg alternative. Not only can you enjoy your creations year after year, it’s also a great way for those with an egg allergy to enjoy coloring eggs without fear of having an allergic reaction.

You can even use them for Easter (or non-Easter) crafts.

Eggnots are high quality ceramic “eggs” that can be colored, dyed and/or painted, just like a real egg.

Eggnots are the same size and shape of real eggs too.

I did a review for Eggnots last year. You can read that review, and see how I colored Eggnots with shaving cream and food coloring here – Create Long Lasting Memories with Eggnots.

Eggnots look like real eggs. They even come in an egg carton.

I still have those Eggnot eggs that I made last year. I am currently using them as a decoration on our dining room table.

This year I took some Eggnots to work with me to let my “work kids” have fun with them and to see what they came up with.

The kids loved having eggs they could decorate and keep “forever.” Knowing they could keep them long past Easter, some of the kids went to great lengths to make them look “perfect.” They even went so far as to glue on gems and other embellishments.

I had to fuzz out my “work child’s” face for obvious reasons.

I made “stands” for the Eggnot eggs out of a cut up paper towel roll.

Many of the kids used their Eggnots with the Eggmazing Egg Decorator that I also brought in for them. You can read that post HERE.

Here are some of the eggs that kids forgot to take home with them. I wish I had taken more pictures of the eggs because some of them turned out so beautiful.

All of the eggs pictures above are Eggnot eggs.

These are not indestructible. These are ceramic. They are pretty hardy, but they can break. We found that out the hard way when one of the girls dropped her Eggnot egg on the hard cafeteria floor. It broke in half (thankfully it didn’t shatter). Luckily I had an extra one left over so she was able to make one.

I wish I had more photos I could share. I went through all of the ones I took, but they feature the faces of my “work kids.” I am not allowed to show their faces, and it was hard to crop them all out since there were about a dozen kids working on the eggs.

You can see more examples on my post (linked above).

These are the Eggnots I made last year using shaving cream. I love how they turned out.

Eggnots are available on the brand’s website, Eggnots.com. They start off at $10.95 for a six-pack of Eggnots. They have bulk packages for schools, churches and groups too. They even have accessories for your Eggnots including decorative pieces you can glue on to your creation and hang it.

Why stop at Easter eggs? Eggnot can be turned into Christmas ornaments and other decorative pieces too. You can paint them, color them with markers, glue embellishments on them and more.

If you are interested in learning more about Eggnots, visit their official website (linked above). You can also check out the brand on social media. Those links are found on the top right of the brand’s website.

What do you think about Eggnots? Would you love to try decorating with them this Easter? Feel free to comment and share your thoughts.


*I received free samples to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

Take Easter egg decorating to a new level with Eggmazing Egg Decorator


Do you and your family color eggs for Easter? My family does, even though our kids are not little anymore. Our kids are 19 and almost 22 (sigh…) but they both still enjoy coloring eggs.

Last year only my husband and I colored eggs (our kids were too busy with school, work and significant others).

Growing up we always used food coloring in a cup. Not that there is anything wrong with it, but these days there are so many other types of egg coloring kits, from tie-dye to sparkly and just about everything in between.

I’ve even tried a few other ways of coloring eggs including using shaving cream and markers on plastic bags (it gives the eggs a water-color look).

This year I tried a new product to color eggs. Actually, I brought it to work with me and let my “work kids” try it out for me. It’s called the Eggmazing Egg Decorator.

The Eggmazing Egg Decorator is an egg shaped “box” with an opening in the middle.

To use the Eggmazing Egg Decorator you first need to insert batteries. I can’t remember what type of batteries it took. I actually left the machines at work. Currently I am filling in as a site director at a different school, so I don’t have access to them to check out what batteries it took. I believe they take AA batteries.

Once you have the batteries in, you’ll need a hard boiled egg. Insert the egg into the opening in the center of the box, then turn on the switch found on the side of the box.

The Eggmazing Egg Decorator spins the egg, giving you the opportunity to create colorful stripes (or squiggly designs) on your eggs.

The Eggmazing Egg Decorator comes with a nice assortment of colorful markers. You can also use your own markers.

This brief video shows you the Eggmazing Egg Decorator in action.


It really is that easy. And the results are amazing – or should I say “Eggmazing!”

Here are some of my “work kids” having fun with the Eggmazing Egg Decorator. Please note that I had to “fuzz” out their faces for obvious reasons.

I was sent two units to review – thankfully. I have 18 “work kids” and they were all anxious to give it a try. If I had only one I’m sure there would have been a lot of arguing. Ha Ha.

You can make the colorful bands as thick or thin as you like, or make some thick AND thin. It’s totally up to you.

I took a photo of some of them (I used a cut up cardboard roll for a base). I wish I had taken more pictures of the finished product. Some of them really turned out beautiful.

A few of my “work kids” have very steady hands and made the most beautiful, colorful stripes on their eggs. These were some of the eggs left behind (the kids forgot to take them home that day). There were a few that I saw that I was very impressed with.

Children young and old can use and enjoy the Eggmazing Egg Decorator – including us “big kids.” It’s super easy to do.

The Eggmazing Egg Decorator sells for $24.95 and is available at Eggmazing.com. There are also decorating tips found on the website.

FYI… the Eggmazing Egg Decorator was first seen on Shark Tank. I love that show.

If you are interested in learning more about the Eggmazing Egg Decorator, visit the link above. You can also find the brand on social media. All of their links are found on the top left of the website.

What do you think about the fun Eggmazing Egg Decorator? Does it look like something you, or your family, might enjoy?


*I received free product samples to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

Just in time for the holidays – Mattel & YouTuber LaurDIY’s new craft kits



Do you have a child or grandchild who is totally into doing crafts?

When I was a young girl I loved to do crafts. So much so that I had my own sewing box and craft supplies so I can create things whenever I wanted to.

My favorite thing to create was clothing, furniture and home decor for my Barbie dolls. I’d make dresses out of old socks, beds out tissue boxes, and seating out of empty thread spools. In addition I used to love to make things out of clay (especially holiday decorations) and paint. I painted a lovely landscape on canvas that we used to block the opening in the fireplace to keep the draft out (so it ended up serving a dual purpose).

As I got older I got into other crafts like soap and candle making, jewelry making and I even dabbled a bit in trying to make my old molds. I also painted a mural in the dining room, which we have since painted over.

I loved working with the younger kids at work. It was much easier to get them to do craft project then the middle schoolers I work with now. They are not overly keen on doing crafts. I wish they were. There are so many fun craft projects I’d love to make with them.

If you have a child or grandchild that is into crafts, and you are looking for fun gifts to give them this holiday season, you should check out the new craft kits from YouTuber LaurDIY.

Mattel has partnered with YouTube entertainer and social media influencer Lauren Riihimaki to launch a line of LaurDIY craft kits featuring fun and whimsical room decor crafts, similar to the DIY crafts on her channel. The kits will arrive at mass retail in early October, in time for holiday gift giving.

As of today, LaurDIY has more than 18 million+ followers across all social media channels and is known for her creative and cute craft and room décor tutorials and videos. The new LaurDIY kits by Mattel let users create the perfect finishing touches to any room and reflect LaurDIY’s love of all things fun and fabulous.

“By partnering with this online superstar, we bring her millions of fans another way to connect with the LaurDIY brand, as well as expand her influence to even greater audiences,” said Misha Algeo, Global Brand Marketing, Mattel.

“I want to help my fans and followers embrace their creativity,” says LaurDIY. “With these fun new craft kits, I am excited to bring my audience even more options to get creative. I am thrilled to partner with Mattel to make these exciting craft kits a reality!”

There are currently a few kits available. I am sure that more kits will be added to the product line down the road.

Current kits include;

Balloon Unicorn Kit – to create a balloon-shaped plush unicorn with a gold horn and colorful and sparkly embellishments.



Illuminating Lamp Kit –to construct and paint a 3D nightlight for your room that changes colors.

Marble Desk Décor Kit – to create a marbleized desk calendar and stationery set

Mini Plushie Kit – to make cute mini sweet treat plushies with pre-cut felt pieces.

Letter Board Kit – to decorate and personalize the stylish board included and use it to write fun messages on.

These items are available for purchase in the US exclusively at participating Target stores with prices ranging from MSRP US $14.99 to $19.99 and will be available at multiple retailers in Canada, including participating Walmart Canada locations.

The kits come with just about everything you need to create something. You will need some common household things like a ruler and scissors.

These would make a great gift for a child that loves to be creative and doing crafty things.

I love that these projects are something that can utilized and displayed to show off the finished product. So often crafts end up in the garbage or in storage, never to be seen again. With these projects, your child can proudly display them in their bedroom and show them off to family and friends.

I was sent three kits to review. Sadly, I cannot find the photos I took. They were on my phone and I thought I had transferred them to my computer, but I can’t find them and I have since deleted them from my phone. Ugh!

I was sent to review the Mini Plushie Kit, Lamp Kit and the Balloon Unicorn kit.

Of the three I did make the plushies. It came with everything you needed, as well as pre-cut fabric shapes.

There are directions, but it’s pretty easy to guess at what you should do.

Again, I wish I had the photos to show you.

Overall I thought the kit was easy enough. I do think it’s geared more towards younger kids (Kindergarten or lower elementary), those that cannot follow patterns, cut out fabric and/or sew. I think they could have included the option of having the templates so you could make more plushies using your own fabric. This would make the product good for middle schoolers (upper elementary) because they can follow patterns, cut out fabric and/or sew.

There is no sewing involved in this kit. You are given glue to put the pieces together. That is easy enough to do.

I did open the box up for the Balloon Unicorn. It looked a bit more involved because you have to measure and cut string to size, and the body is very long and I’m not sure how well the included wooden dowel is going to get through the tube (body of the unicorn) in order to stuff it. For those reasons I put everything back in the box to attempt at another time.

Overall I think the kits would make for an easy “rainy day” project, or something simple for a child to do who enjoys doing crafts.

If you like to learn more about LaurDIY, visit LaurDIY.com. There you can find where to purchase the kits, videos “how to’s” with the kits, social media and more.

Do you have a child that loves to craft? What do you think about these kits?


*I received free product samples to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

Are you looking for a new craft idea? Check out Diamond Art Club


“Firstborn” canvas art from the Diamond Art Club.

I love doing crafts (when I have the time). I have always enjoyed doing crafty things. Back when I was a young girl I used to make my own Barbie clothes and furniture out of fabric scraps and recyclable items from around our home. I would even have my dolls put on a fashion show of my handmade fashions.

Over the years I have done a variety of crafts, including soap making, candle making, and stenciling. I once stenciled our entire dining room from floor to ceiling to look like a garden. We ate dinner surrounded by squirrels, rabbits, flowers, butterflies and a 5′ tree that took me forever to stencil.

If you look on the walls you can see some of the stencils and the 5′ tree.

I used to work with kindergartners as a Teacher’s Assistant. Every day we did some kind of craft/project. That was fun! I wish I was still able to do that. We came up with some pretty cute things.

Sadly, I haven’t had much free time to do the things I love, like crafting and reading books. By the time I get home from work it’s late and I’m exhausted. Before I go to work I have errands to run, blog posts to run and a home to clean. The weekends I spend as much time as I can doing fun stuff with my family.

If you are on social media, especially Instagram, you might have seen posts about a new crafting craze called Diamond Art, from the Diamond Art Club.

Diamond Art Club offers consumers a variety of art designs, from animals to landscapes, and from florals to landscapes and just about everything in between. The art is available in a variety of sizes too.

Remember paint by number sets? I used to do them all the time when I was a young girl (I wonder if they still sell them?). You would match up the number on the canvas to a specific paint color. It would turn non-artists into Picasso’s or Monet’s.

Diamond Art Club art is similar, but instead of paint you color the canvas with sparkly rhinestones. When you are finished you’ll have a BEAUTIFUL piece of artwork that sparkles and shines.

Diamond Art Club art comes with a printed canvas, colorful rhinestones and tools to help you with your craft.

This brief video shows you how to create a beautiful masterpiece using your Diamond Art Club kit.


My husband said it reminds him of doing cross hook (yes, he used to do that when he was younger). You are matching up a color with a chart on the canvas you are working on.

It is a REAL cloth canvas that you are working on. It’s not paper or plastic. It’s the “real deal.”

When you first see the canvas it can be a bit overwhelming. There are a lot of tiny squares with symbols on them that you need to match up with the rhinestones that you are using.

I have to admit that it’s not as easy as it looks. There are A LOT of tiny little squares and symbols. It takes a bit of patience to work through it.

An example of one of the canvases. Simply match the rhinestone to the code on the canvas, similar to a paint by number.

Match the rhinestone to the code on the canvas using the included “pen.”

The canvas has a special protective sheet on it. In the video they recommend you do a small section at a time, leaving the film on the rest of the canvas. I would have to strongly agree with that recommendation. Especially if you have cats. Trust me… I’ve already had to remove cat hair and pick up rhinestones that were knocked on to the floor.

You’ll need a comfortable work place. I originally tried to do this on our coffee table so I could watch TV at the same time. That was not the best idea. I had to bend over to see the canvas and what I was doing, which ended up giving me a sore back. I would recommend using this at a desk or a table.

I appreciate that the Diamond Art Club provides you with everything you need to complete your spectacular piece of art, including a tray to put the rhinestones in that you are working on, a special pen (stylus?) which helps you to get the rhinestones in the right position, and baggies to put the loose rhinestones in.

I have an older kit, so mine didn’t come with the comfort grip for the “pen,” nor does mine have the tray that helps you to get the rhinestones right side up. My kit (an older one) also has just a square shaped piece of wax, not the cute heart shape one like in the picture.

My “kit”

The special “pen” that you use is really neat. It uses wax (which is supplied) to “grab” the rhinestones and to help you put them where they belong on the canvas (you have to be very precise when you do it).

So far I am enjoying working on my Diamond Art Club canvas. I have a landscape scene called “Autumn Reflections.” Autumn is my favorite season, so I thought this would be a beautiful addition to our home’s artwork.

Diamond Art Club “Autumn Reflections.”

You have to dedicate a lot of time to complete the canvas. There are thousands of little rhinestones that need to be adhered to it. It reminds me of doing a puzzle with a lot of pieces. You leave it out and work on it here and there when you have the time. Unfortunately I haven’t had a lot of time lately, so I haven’t touched it in a while. It’s still on my dining room table. I keep meaning to work on it some more, but I haven’t had the time to do it.

This is a GREAT “rainy day” project you and your family could work on together. I keep telling my husband I’ll be working on it during snow days when it’s too cold to go outside and do things.

I wish I could give you a great photo of how it really looks. It’s really cool how the image comes to life in a sparkly way with the rhinestones. It’s such a unique idea too.

Can you see how it sparkles?

You can sort of see how sparkly the art is in this photo.

The only thing that I am not happy with is what to do with the canvas once I’m done with it. I can’t afford to get it professionally framed – like a traditional canvas print. I could put it in a frame, but that would take away from the sparkle. So for now, what I am going to do with it when I am finally done with it is still up in the air.

If you are interested in learning more about the Diamond Art Club, or you would like to check out the lovely designs they offer, visit DiamondArtClub.com. You can also check them out on Facebook and Instagram. Their links are found at the very bottom of their website.

What do you think about Diamond Art Club? Do you think you would purchase one for yourself?


*I received a free product to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

Set sail on a new adventure with Hotel Transylvania 3 – Available today on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital


Summer may be over (although you wouldn’t know it with the weather we’ve been having here in New York), but that doesn’t mean that vacation time is over. For Drac, Mavis, Johnny, Dennis and all their friends, their vacation has just started.

Available today (October 9, 2018) on Blu-ray, DVD and on digital is the latest installment in the popular movie franchise, Hotel Transylvania, appropriately titled Hotel Transylvania 3.

All of the beloved characters are back, including Murray, Frankenstein, Wayne and Griffin. There are also a slew of new characters such as Van Helsing, Ericka, Crystal and Tinkles the dog, to name a few.

My family and I have been big fans of the franchise ever since the original film. We adore the characters.

Even though we’ve seen the two previous films numerous times, we still laugh when we watch them.

We watched Hotel Transylvania 3 in the dark. You can see some of our Halloween decorations in the background (the glowing thing on the wall is a wall decal).

Hotel Transylvania 3 picks up where the other films left off.

Life is great at the hotel. Mavis and Johnny work at the hotel, along side Drac. Even Drac’s father resides in the hotel.

Unbeknownst to Drac’s family and friends, he is very lonely. He only had one true “zing” (love) in his life, and that was Mavis’ mom. Everyone at the hotel seems to have someone, but Drac.

Mavis senses that her father is down, but she feels as though it’s because he works so hard (she doesn’t know he’s really lonely). To life her father’s spirit, Mavis books a vacation for him and the rest of their family and friends on a cruise ship.

There are plenty of fun and adventurous things that happen on the ship, but the biggest thing is that Drac met the ship’s captain, Ericka, and has “zinged” with her. The problem is that Ericka is hiding a huge secret from him and the rest of the ship’s guests. She also has a plan for Drac’s demise.

Drac also wants to hide the fact that he “zinged” with Captain Ericka from Mavis because he doesn’t want Mavis to think that he doesn’t love her or her mom (he does!). He just can’t help how he feels. It’s a monster thing.

What is Ericka’s secret? Why is she trying to kill Drac? To find out you need to pick up a copy of Hotel Transylvania 3. Look for it where ever movies are sold. You can also download or rent the film digitally.

I received a copy of the movie free to review. I also received a fun box – actually a COFFIN – filled with fun goodies to help make my family’s movie watching experience super fun.

The box is HUGE. I love how the movie studio created the coffin shaped box to go along with the film’s main character, Drac.

I felt like a little kid on Christmas morning going through the box. It was filled with Hotel Transylvania 3 crafts, activities and more.

Inside the box there was super cute character figurines from the Hotel Transylvania movie franchise. My favorite is the Wayne (the werewolf) plush toy. He even has an “exhausted” look on his face, after all, him and his wife Wanda have about 100 pups to take care of. LOL! In the new film they do get a much needed break from them.

Inside the box were several little purple trunks. Each one contained a Hotel Transylvania 3 character and a “key.” The key can be used to open the trunk. You can also collect them.

Inside the trunk is a small character figurine. The new character, Ericka, is seen in the above photo. I didn’t open up the other trunks I received because I want to use them as prizes for the kids I work with. The would also make great stocking stuffers. Children love collectibles.

Also inside the box was some branded microwave popcorn. After all, what’s a movie without popcorn?

Speaking of popcorn and watching movies, Hotel Transylvania 3 would make for a GREAT family movie night movie. It would also be great for a child’s sleepover.

Included on the Blu-ray copy of the film are some fun crafts and activities you can do for a sleepover. Some of the projects include a Frankenstein pillow (no sew) which I think is ADORABLE! I plan on making one to use as a Halloween decoration. I think the project can be altered a bit to make other characters from the film. I’m looking forward to giving that a try.

Another fun project idea is how to make a Murray lantern. It’s a quick, easy and inexpensive craft.

All you need to make this is some white paper streamer paper (or gauze or even toilet paper), glue or tape, googly eyes, a small container and a “fake” tealight (you can find the battery operated tealights at the dollar stores or craft stores).

I did received most of the items necessary to make a Murray lantern (except tape and glue). Sadly, our tealight didn’t work. I also haven’t had a chance to go out and buy more. The next time I am near a store that sells them I am going to buy one.

This is a fun craft to do with a group of children, including scouts and classrooms. You can even use a marker to make a mouth and eyebrows on the mummy too.

Another fun project you can do in honor of the film’s release is to make character pumpkins using Hotel Transylvania 3 stencils.

I received several stencils (not all are pictured) as well as a pumpkin carving kit.

We didn’t carve any pumpkins using the stencils (yet). It’s been very warm and humid here in New York and in the past, when we carve pumpkins too soon they are dead and decayed before Halloween. So we’re holding off for another week and a half before we purchase and carve pumpkins. I’d love to carve the Murray one.

Here are all the stencils that you can download and enjoy with your family.


Another craft that is so easy to make is a Dracula drinking straw. All you need is a paper straw (you can use a plastic one too if you want), red construction paper, white construction paper and some glue (we used a glue stick).

We did have Pom juice which would have worked great with the straw (it’s a blood red juice), but my kids drank it all before I could take a photo with it.

By the way… it’s a fuzzy rat holding the straw in the photo (below). The flash washed it out a bit.

Halloween is coming up. Are your kids/grandchildren going to dress up as a Hotel Transylvania 3 character? I know there are several costumes available. I’ve seen some at Spirit Halloween (the Frankenstein one cracks me up).

I was sent a Mavis costume to review. Sadly, it didn’t fit my daughter (it’s for a small child).

It’s OK though. I can donate the costume to a child in need. I would certainly not let this fun costume go to waste.

I love that it includes both the wings and the cape. The ear headband is also cute.

What Halloween (or fun “spooky” movie) would be complete without vampire inspired make up?

I did a bad job with the lipstick. I have no lips! Age has taken away from my lips (they shrunk!). But that’s another post. LOL! I also need to color my hair again (the white/silver has taken over!).

You can find a tutorial on how to do Mavis and Drac’s make up on the Blu-ray version of the film (I didn’t check the digital or DVD version yet).

The Blu-ray, DVD and digital combo pack of Hotel Transylvania 3 comes with a set of virtual reality “glasses” and an accompanying book that helps to bring the film to life. This set is available only at Walmart.

We tried it out and none of us could get over how awesome it was to see Drac dancing on our coffee table, and watch fireworks exploding all around.

Drac standing and dancing on our coffee table.

When you use the glasses you feel like you are in the movie.

I tried to take a photos with the virtual reality glasses, but they didn’t turn out that well. Here is just a sneak peek at what you can see wearing them. They are also for smaller heads (child size). If you wear glasses it can be a bit of a challenge too.

While wearing the virtual reality glasses you can check out what is happening on the ship’s deck.

There are A LOT of bonus features including two delightful mini-movies – Puppy! and Goodnight Mr. Foot. Puppy gives you the backstory as to how Dennis got his beloved puppy, Tinkles, that is featured in the new movie.

In addition there are plenty of bonus features including the crafts/activities mentioned above (including how to make your own shuffleboard game), sing-a-longs, dance-a-longs, a music video and so much more.

Included in the package I received were the words to the sing-a-long songs.

Overall we loved in the film. In fact, we have seen it twice (my husband and I – our kids were not home the second time we watched it). It’s really funny.

My daughter wants me to find out of there is a Tinkles plus toy because she wants one (I don’t see any at this time).

This is a great film to watch as a family. Even adults will find this film a lot of fun.

Look for Hotel Transylvania 3 where ever movies are sold.

Below is some more fun goodies I thought you might like.




*I received a free copy of the film and other goodies in exchange for my honest review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

Fake Candles Craft – Great for all seasons/holidays (and so easy to make!)


I will be the first person to say that I am not very crafty. I used to be, and I still want to be, but it’s not always easy for me to do the crafts I want to do. I simply don’t have the time between my family, work and my blog. I also don’t have the physical space needed to do a lot of different crafts. On those occasions I do a craft it’s usually something quick and easy.

I am addicted to Pinterest. I “pin” crafts all the time on that site – both for my own personal use and for work (I work with kindergartners).

I’m a HUGE fan of decorating for the holidays and seasons, so many of my craft pins are related to them.

One evening while browsing on Pinterest I saw a craft where you can make candles out of paper towel (or toilet paper) cardboard rolls. I wish I had the original site/photo that I saw the project on. I suppose if you look up “paper towel candles” or “floating candle craft” on Pinterest you might find similar ones.

Please disregard the strings. I made these to be hanging candles but you can make them without the string to display on a table top.

Floating Candles

I have a lot of paper towel and toilet paper tubes collected to use on crafts with the kids I work with. I already had the main piece I needed for the “candles.” Here are the rest of the supplies.

  • Paper towel/Toilet paper cardboard rolls
  • Hot glue gun (I used Westcott Mini Hot Glue Gun (High Temp Model) and Wescott Hot Glue Pen)
  • Hot glue gun sticks (I used Westcott because they work with my glue gun/pen)
  • Paint (I chose white and a glitter paint to add some sparkle)
  • Paintbrush
  • Finishing line or clear string (only if you plan on handing the candles)
  • Long needle (only if you plan on hanging the candles)
  • Scissors (Westcott has great non-stick scissors which are ideal for this project)
  • Small battery operated candles (I got mine from the Dollar Store – 2/$1)


Make sure your cardboard roll is clean. Pull off any loose paper towel/toilet paper.

Using the scissors, cut one side of the roll with a bit of a “wavy” pattern to it. When candles melt they don’t always melt evenly, so you want to give your fake candle as realistic of an appearance as you can. I neglected to do this part at first. I decided to do it after I had painted them.

You can also cut the tubes to different sizes.

Using your selected paint, paint the entire tube. You might need to do 2-3 coats depending on the paint you used.

I found it easier to stand the tube upright. I put the tubes over prescription bottles so they would stand up right when I was painting them and when they are drying. Spice jars might work too.

Paint an inch or two on the INSIDE of the tube on both end too. You don’t want any of the original cardboard color to show.

Allow the tubes to dry completely.

Plug in your hot glue gun and make sure you have plenty of glue sticks on hand (this craft requires several glue sticks). I’m glad my Wescott Mini Hot Glue Gun heats up quickly. I was anxious to see how my candles would look.

I opted for my Westcott Mini Glue Gun High Temperature Model because I wanted the glue to be a “liquidy” as possible. It can reach up to 400 degrees! This model Wescott Glue Gun is great for;

  • Glass
  • Stone
  • Marble
  • Ceramic
  • Floral arrangements
  • Denim
  • Heavy fabrics

I realize that cardboard is not on this list. I was a bit worried the glue might be too hot, but it wasn’t. It worked out perfectly for my needs.

Westcott also has a low temperature model which is great for crafting;

  • Plastic
  • Felt
  • Styrofoam
  • Paper
  • Silk

Once the hot glue was ready I took one of my painted tubes and squeezed some hot glue on the INSIDE of the tube about an inch or so down. This glue will act as a “ledge” that your battery operated candle will sit on when in use. You cannot glue the battery operated candle to the tube or you won’t be able to turn it on/off. You need to be able to remove it from the tube. By making this “ledge” the candle has something to sit on so it won’t fall through the tube.

It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just squeeze some glue around the sides (even back and forth if you want). It’s just a way of keeping the battery operated candle from sliding through the tube.

Once that glue hardens (it did so quickly) you are ready to add glue to the outside. Using your hot glue gun, squeeze glue all the way around the end of the tube you made the inner ledge. You want the glue to look like it’s dripping – just like hot wax does on real candles. You can keep adding glue until you get your desired look. I ended up going back over a few of them with my Westcott Hot Glue Pen because it gives you precision accuracy, so I was able to add just the right amount of glue in the places I felt like I needed a bit more.

Photo Source: Westcott

This little Hot Glue Pen from Wescott is ideal for any crafting project you might have. It’s also great for quick repairs around your home. The Wescott Hot Glue Pen features;

  • Non-Stick tip for easy clean-up
  • Nozzle changes from blue to red, indicating when the pen is hot and ready for use
  • Top-mounted finger trigger allows for controlled glue dispensing

It can also be used on;

  • Plastic
  • Felt
  • Styrofoam
  • Paper
  • Silk

After you have achieved the look you are going for, let the glue dry completely. After it’s dried you can go back over it with some more paint (I used both white paint and a clear glitter paint).

Allow the tubes to dry completely.

The tube before I painted over the glue and tube with more white paint and glitter paint.

The glitter paint gave the tubes a nice texture.

If you want to hang your candles up to give them a “floating candle” appearance (great for Halloween), thread clear string or fishing line into a long needle (a quilting needle would work).

Using a long needle, pop a hole in one side of the candle (just below where you made that inner “ledge” out of hot glue) and pass the needle all the way through to the other side, keeping the needle as straight as possible (another words have the needle go straight across – not at an angle). If you don’t go straight across your candle will tip when you hang it up (unless you are not going to hang it up). Decide how much string you want and then cut and tie off the end.

If you prefer to make a centerpiece simply use your hot glue gun to adhere the candles to whatever platform you want to use.

Here are some photo and a brief video of my finished candles.


I intentionally took the video in the dark so that you can see the lighted candles.

This project was so much fun and oh-s0-easy to make. I plan on making this again but as a centerpiece for Christmas. I was going to make 3-4 candles of varying height and glue them together and surround them with some greenery and small ornaments. If/When I make that I’ll update this post with a photo or two.

People assume that hot glue guns are only to adhere a few things together. As you can see there are plenty of other fun things to do with hot glue. Just check out Pinterest. You’d be surprised at how many fun projects you can do. I have seen jewelry, wallets and bowls made out of hot glue.

Wescott non-stick scissors are great for this project. They cut through the cardboard tubes with ease.

Even hot glue dispensers have evolved over the years. The Westcott brand of hot glue guns and pen feature non-stick tips for easy clean up, a nozzle that changes from blue to red so you know when the pen/gun is ready for use, and a finger friendly trigger for dispensing the glue.

If you would like to learn more about Wescott products visit WestcottCreativators.com or WestcottBrand.com/products.html. You can also find some wonderful, creative ideas on the brand’s site or by visiting WestcottBrand.com/craft-projects.html.

The brand can also be found on social media. All of their links are found on their website (bottom right).

Do you use hot glue guns for crafting? Have you ever tried a hot glue pen?

What are some of your favorite projects you’ve made with hot glue? Feel free to share your thoughts. I always love to hear from readers.


*I have partnered with Westcott to bring you this information. I received free products to do this project as well as compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.