Completely Customizable Holiday Cards with Mixbook

The holiday season brings many fun activities, parties, and sharing. Spending time with the ones you love during this time is the primary concern of many. However, some of us are away from home and do not get the chance to interact with our close family and friends. No need to worry, Mixbook offers numerous professionally designed
Christmas photo cards you can gift your loved ones. Mixbook incorporates a unique, modern design with powerful editing to allow you to make personalized photo goods that reflect your style and send out your heartfelt wishes.

About Christmas Photo Cards Templates

Are you looking out for some quality Christmas photo cards? Do you know that you can create custom photo cards that are unique from your peers? This festive season, resolve to create customized Christmas cards that depict your sense of style and creativity. Specially designed photo card templates are a nice way to display your uniqueness and flair. Select your best collage custom design to reflect the best times you shared with your loved ones this year.

In addition, a blessed card will serve right in displaying various memories made throughout the year. For a classic family album, you could opt for a colorful Christmas Border card. Make something different this year with Mixbook’s endless design options for something memorable you will send to your close friends, co-workers, and family members.

Trending Holiday Photo Gift Ideas

Make this year’s festive season the best you ever had by coming up with creative and smart gift options. A gift does not have to be expensive. Instead, some of the most precious gifts are the ones that bring along unforgettable memories. You can go out for dinner, a date night, meet at your favorite joint for drinks, or even visit the cinema.

You can enroll in cooking classes, have an adventure walk, laser tagging, and more. The idea is to spend as much time with your loved ones as possible. Capture those memorable moments and add them to your custom photo card, and share. Mixbook has you covered with some of the best holiday photo cards and photo book templates. The editing will make sure you get something designed in line with your specifications.

Christmas Photo Products Reviews

Selecting the perfect templates for your holiday photo cards or photo albums to send out to colleagues, family, and friends might be tricky. Before settling for a particular option, go through all the options provided. Mixbook is user-friendly since all you need to do is select a design, customize it, and then place an order. Mixbook has your back concerning Christmas card templates to send your family. Besides, they provide direct shipping for their customers. Find out what other customers are commenting about their services on their page.

To sum up, Mixbook emphasizes how every picture comes with an unforgettable memory. Every person has a unique story-telling ability, and Mixbook comes in to ignite this ability through attractive, custom photo goods. The software is quite flexible and user-friendly. To get quality photo goods, reach out to Mixbook today.


Happy National Nurses Day!


Did you know that today, May 6th, is National Nurses Day. A special thank you to Top Agency PR for reminding me of what special day today is.

I think today, more than ever, we should all come together to celebrate these incredible women and men who put their lives online day after day to ensure the health and well being of their patients.

I have always thought that nurses didn’t get as much praise as they deserved. I felt that way long before COVID-19. Nurses are often the first medical professional that people see when they go to a doctor’s appointment, Urgent Care or the hospital.

Nurses help you to feel more relaxed about the situation. They comfort you and help you to feel calmer about the situation – or at least that is how it’s always been for me.

Nurses also do a lot of the tests and procedures necessary for the doctor or surgeon to do their job. Taking blood, inserting IV’s, checking blood pressure, hooking up EKGs… nurses do it all, and then some.

I’ve been to more doctor’s and hospital visits than I care to remember. I have always had wonderful experiences with nurses. To give you a few examples.

I have to get iron infusions delivered through an IV, once a week for several weeks, every year. I have those veins that don’t like to cooperate. Just when you think you’ve found a good one for the IV, the vein “disappears” or doesn’t want to cooperate. The nurses that have worked with me over the years are so patient, kind and understanding. They always apologize to me when the first poke doesn’t work. They know that I don’t want to be there, and I don’t want to be in pain, so they do the best they can to minimize any discomfort I might have.

Another great example of why I appreciate nurses is our pediatrician’s office. My son was born 9 weeks premature. Most of the nurses knew him from the first day he came into their office (when he was around 34 days old). They remember him being so tiny.

Every time my son would come to the office, the nurses all fawned over him. Seeing him was like seeing one of their own. They always talked to him and asked him how school was going. The older he got (at taller!), the nurses would always comment on how much he’s grown, and how handsome he was (he would blush in response).

Nurses are truly angels that walk among us. They are compassionate individuals that don’t get enough recognition.

With this crazy pandemic, nurses are working 16+ hours shifts, staying away from their families for long periods of time, and putting their own health on the line day after day to help those affected by the virus. Some nurses even put their lives on hold to travel to other cities and states to help out where needed. Talk about a commitment to their jobs!

Today, and every day, you should celebrate nurses. Let them know how much you appreciate all that they do. And I don’t mean only during the pandemic. I mean that year round. Nursing is one of those “thankless” careers and we need to change that. We need to make sure we thank them every time they offer their services to you.

Are you a nurse? Do you know a nurse?

I’d love to hear some of your nurse stories. I would also love to know how you are celebrating National Nurses Day. Please comment and share your stories and thoughts.

For more about National Nurses Day, please visit National Nurses Day on the National Day website.


*I published this post are part of a campaign sponsored by the Top Agency PR. Although compensated, the opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

Decorate your home with Easter décor from Precious Moments


It’s hard to believe that an important family holiday is right around the corner, and many of us will not be able to celebrate it with family and friends. This horrible Covid-19/Corona Virus has really reaped havoc on our lives.

Easter is an important holiday for religious reasons. It’s also a special day for children. After all, they are expecting the Easter Bunny to show up with baskets full of yummy goodies. I hope and pray that those of you with young children have found a way to get them some Easter treats, in hopes of keeping life as normal as you possibly can.

My family is really going to miss our big family dinner with spiral cut ham. Mmm… just thinking about it makes my mouth water. We have not been able to get our free ham from our local grocery store, because they simply don’t have any.

Even though Easter is not going to be like it normally is, I still decorated our home for the Easter holiday. My family thought I was being silly doing it, but I am trying to keep our lives as “normal” as possible during these trying times.

Thankfully, I don’t have as many Easter decorations compared to Halloween and Christmas. My Easter decorations are kept in a large Rubbermaid box in my bedroom closet.

One of my favorite photos of our son at Easter time. It’s hard to believe this little cutie will be 21 years old soon. Sigh…

Despite the fact that I don’t have a plethora of Easter decorations, that doesn’t mean that I am not always on the look out for more decorative pieces for our home.

Are you familiar with the brand Precious Moments? If you are like most people (myself included), you probably think of fine collectibles when you think about Precious Moments. That opinion is certainly correct. I myself have about a dozen Precious Moments figurines that I have been collecting since my husband and I got married almost 23 years ago. However, Precious Moments has an array of products aside from what most people think about. Precious Moments also has kitchenware, home décor, tableware, stuffed animals, books, blankets, piggy banks, and so much more.

When it comes to Easter, Precious Moments has plenty of items you might be interested in checking out. They have both religious and non-religious Easter items available.

One of my favorite Precious Moments Easter pieces is their “Angeled” Egg Platter.

How adorable is this platter? Imagine serving your guests deviled (or in this case angel) eggs at your next gathering on this adorable platter. This platter could actually be used year round. I’ve had deviled eggs at summer time gatherings too.

The platter would look even nicer paired with these super cute “angel” salt and pepper shakers, also available from Precious Moments.

Here are just a few more Easter products available from Precious Moments, some of which can be appreciated year round, not just for the Easter holiday.

I was asked if I wanted to review some Precious Moments products for Easter. Of course I said “yes.” I love Precious Moments (which is why I collect them). I was sent to review the following items.

He is Risen, Flameless Pillar Candle – This candle is 6″ tall and takes 3 AAA batteries (not included).

Hallelujah, Flameless Pillar Candle – This candle is 4″ tall and takes 3 AAA batteries (not included).

Both of these candles feature inspiring words on one side, and a plain lace looking design on the other. If you wanted to use these candles year round you could easily just keep the text to the back where it’s not easily seen.

I have both of these candles on my dining room table. I absolutely LOVE their light purple color. Not only is it a very pretty color, it’s also a nice Easter color.

At night, when the sun goes down, I turn the candles on. Each one is on a pillar candle holder, which is also available from Precious Moments in two different sizes, small (linked about) and large.

The pillar candle holder is a nice, creamy white color and six inches tall (small) and eight inches tall (large) (they are sold separately). They can be “dressed up” or “dressed down,” meaning they look elegant for a fancy dinner party or an elegant dining room table, or they are fine for year round use. I intend on keeping mine out year round. I can think of several ways of decorating them for each season.

Check out my Precious Moments flameless candles and pillars on my dining room table. I have included images of them taken at night as well.

My dining room table featuring the beautiful Precious Moments candles and pillar candle holders.

Larger candle.

Smaller candle.

Larger candle at night.

Smaller candle at night.

Backside of each candle features a lovely lace-like design.

Candles with the inspirational messages.

I was also sent another lovely item from Precious Moments, Rejoice In The Little Things Pedestal Plate. Oh my goodness! This is adorable! I love that it’s both spring-like and also great for Easter. It’s too cute!

This stands about 6″ high and is 11″ wide (plate part).

On top of the plate reads the following inspirational message;

How beautiful.

I plan on using this pedestal plate for our holiday cake when we have Easter dinner. In the mean time I am going to use it to proudly display our colored Easter eggs, whenever we can find eggs (eggs are not easy to find around here). In the mean time I have an Easter egg plastic plate resting on top of the pedestal plate, waiting for our decorated eggs.

I also have this on our dining room table, so that we can look at it whenever we have dinner (we eat in the dining room – we don’t have room in our kitchen for a table).

As you can see, the pedestal plate features a sweet little happy bunny holding a bouquet of lovely flowers. I image this can also be enjoyed all spring long. After all, you see rabbits in the spring time, not just around Easter.

As you can see, Precious Moments carries a lot of products to decorate your home for the Easter holiday and beyond.

If you are interested in learning more about these and other Easter (or non-Easter) products, simply visit the Precious Moments website at PreciousMoments.com.

Precious Moments are sold on their website as well as fine retailers across the country.

You can also follow the brand on social media. All of their links are found on the bottom of their website.

Do you collect Precious Moments pieces? Did you see a product on this post that you would love to have in your home? Feel free to comment and share your thoughts. I always love to hear from readers.


*I received free products to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

Bachelorette Party Ideas (And Not A Club Or Cocktail In Sight!)


Before the chaos of married life ensues and before the gifts begin to pile up, there is that lull before everything ramps up. This is usually the perfect opportunity for the bride to take stock in the situation and look forward to married life or tie up admin loose ends. But from the perspective of the chief bridesmaid, it’s now time to take them into the world of bachelorette parties. And while your natural instinct could be to get them into the most decadent state of debauchery you’ve got to remember that not every bride goes for full-on party mode. But there are so many different types of bachelorette parties out there. Let’s show you you the smorgasbord of celebration.

The Stylish Approach

If you really want to treat the bride you could very well think about hiring a limousine to ferry everybody around. And although this usually feels like a lap of luxury, if you want to go one step further you might want to ask yourself how much does a jet cost? You can hire private planes and if you really want to keep everything as stylish and luxurious as possible you cannot do far better than this.

The Holistic Methods

Maybe the bride isn’t a full-on climate change activist just yet but if she’s very averse to the idea of hitting clubs you can do things more in keeping with her day-to-day life. A very good example is yoga or Pilates. And there are many companies that provide yoga for bachelorette parties. After all, bachelorette parties don’t have to be clubs in the traditional sense. There are companies out there that provide group yoga sessions, letting you relax and preparing yourself for a more modest bachelorette party.

The Cultural Approach

If you want to take the bachelorette party to the next level you might want to think about immersing yourself with cultural traditions. If you want a very unique experience there are companies like Takayo Malone that give you the opportunity to get involved in traditional Japanese garments. Dressing up in kimonos and learning about all things Japanese is another alternative to the traditional bachelorette party.

Rent A Property

As a bachelorette party can be about getting all the girls together and reminiscing about times gone by as well as looking towards the future, you may want to keep it very low key. Renting a property that gives you the opportunity to let your hair down without worrying too much is a very simple idea. In fact, it’s something that many people are doing because bachelorette parties can become quite costly affairs. Taking the opportunity to sit and relax with a few bottles of wine and just talking could be the ideal way for you to prepare the bride for the big day. Bachelorette parties don’t have to be those debauched affairs. Naturally, if you all sit around and you get bored, you can just hit the town.

Go For Cocktails In A Different Way

This is probably your first thought but instead of just hitting the bars and swinging numerous mimosas you might want to mix it up with something a little bit more substantial. There are plenty of opportunities for you to cook up a storm. And if you are all mad on your food, there are plenty of cooking parties for bachelorettes doing the rounds. Taking the opportunity to build a meal from scratch that you can take home afterward could give you that perfect opportunity for some downtime eating a meal you’ve all prepared together. And besides, if you can swig a few drinks in between it’s going to be a far more fun experience. Just make sure that they don’t get mad and kick you out because you’ve had one too many cocktails.

A Simple Meal Together

If you want to hit the town, but without dancing until 4 in the morning, a trendy upmarket private dining experience is the way to go. You have the opportunity to hang around with the people you love the most with fantastic food, and bottle after bottle of wine. If there’s been an eatery that you’ve been lusting after for so long but couldn’t justify it, now is the perfect opportunity, Having a simple yet decadent meal together can feel like that one last blow out before the big day. If you want to keep it modest make sure it’s just a handful of the bride’s closest friends. You may feel that you are too old for clubbing, in which case, you can stay there until the early hours with a liquor coffee, catching up and reminiscing, especially when nobody has time to get together in the modern-day. Having a meal together is the perfect excuse for a catch-up.

The Spa Treatment

Many bridal parties can’t get away with having a treatment. In fact, it’s almost expected of you. Having that opportunity to rest, recharge, and cleanse ahead of a long day is indulgent yet relaxing. Many wellness providers can give you wedding packages for the bride or groom. Ensuring that you are relaxed in the lead-up to the big day is crucial. Having that opportunity in the middle of wedding stress to have a facial, foot massage, and a rich exotic mud bath is, for many people, the very definition of a bachelorette party. The great thing about having a spa treatment is that you can do it early on in the day and then progress to the more debauched elements of the party later. Every spa also provides a three-course meal for you to refuel. If you are trying to count your pennies it could be that perfect balance meaning that most of your friends can jump on board.

If you are trying to give the bride a perfect send-off and you don’t know where to begin these options can springboard you in numerous directions. A bachelorette party doesn’t have to be gulping cocktails until the dawning light but it can be something that the bride will truly treasure. This is their last grab at freedom and you know them well enough to give them the goods.

Are you looking for some “sweets” for your favorite sweetheart this Valentine’s Day?


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching (next Friday!). Have you already purchased something good for that special person in your life?

Valentine’s Day is usually a special day meant for lovers, however, I think it’s nice to remind other people in your life (children, siblings, parents, friends…) just how much you love them and how much they mean to you. My kids are young adults now and I still get them a little something on Valentine’s Day. I also get some sweet treats for my “work kids.”

Flowers are beautiful, but they can be very expensive, and sadly, they die after a few days. Cards are nice too, but sadly, most get tossed in the garbage (or recycle bin) a few days after Valentine’s Day is over. Perfume/Cologne is also a great idea, but that too can be pricey, and if you don’t know what type the other person likes, you’re just wasting money on it.

I have a great idea. Why not consider something yummy from Newsweek’s No.1 foodie site, GourmetGiftBaskets.com.

At GourmentGiftBaskets.com you can find a plethora of delicious gift ideas for anyone you would like to surprise this Valentine’s Day.

They have gift baskets available with sweet treats, non-sweet treats, wine, champagne… and a variety of other goodies. Their gift baskets are great for everyone on your shopping list, including non-romantic gifts to give other people (mom, sibling, friend…).

GourmetGiftBaskets.com is always adding to their available options. Here are just a few of the brand new offerings:

Sweets For My Valentine, $29.99, (SKU 4581) – For the gift giver on a budget or the gift receiver that loves all things sweet, this new tower hits the bull’s-eye among cupids everywhere. It includes Pink Cotton Candy Popcorn. I mean, how yummy does that sound?

Valentine’s Day Chocolate Popcorn Tin, $54.99, (SKU 7254A) – This is the most decadent popcorn offering this year for Valentine’s Day – 2 gallons of gourmet greatness. It features three popular flavors together: Mint Cookie Mayhem, Peanut Butter Cup and Cookies & Crème. Tastebuds everywhere will fall in love with this combo.

Beer My Valentine Six-Beer Bucket, $69.99, (SKU 4500V) – Finally, a Valentine’s Gift nearly every guy would love. This bucket is replete with great beer and savory snacks, including: Salt & Cracked Pepper Popcorn, Honey Mustard popcorn, roasted peanuts, and even beef jerky! The beers range from Smuttynose Old Brown Dog and Grey Lady Ale to Sam Adams Boston Lager.

I actually received the Valentine’s Day Popcorn Tin (listed above) to review.

Top: Cookies & Cream. Bottom right: Peanut Butter Cup. Bottom Left: Mint Cookie Mayhem.

I love popcorn. I’m fine with plain popcorn (unsalted, no butter), but of course I LOVE buttered popcorn with a touch of salt. I do like some flavored popcorn as well (caramel, kettle).

The Valentine’s Day Chocolate Popcorn Tin features flavors I have never heard of for popcorn before. The idea of a mint flavored popcorn, cookies & cream popcorn and peanut butter cup sounded very unique. I was intrigued. I couldn’t wait to give them a try.

Admittedly I thought the mint flavored one would be kind of gross (but I was willing to try it). Wow. Was I WRONG! The Mint Cookie Mayhem flavor is AWESOME!

You can see the mint cookie pieces sprinkled throughout the popcorn.

The mint flavor is very subtle. I was afraid that it would “scream mint,” so to speak. That is not the case at all. This is more of a cookie flavor with a touch of mint. It’s like chocolate popcorn with touches of mint cookies tossed in. You can even see some of the mint cookies throughout the popcorn.

The Peanut Butter Cup flavor does not taste just like a Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup (but you’d think it would). It’s more like peanut butter popcorn with chocolate. You can even see the drizzles of peanut butter on the popcorn.

I love chocolate and peanut butter together. This popcorn is no exception. It’s delightfully yummy.

Check out all that peanut butter drizzle!

I’m not normally a cookies and cream fan. Sometimes I find that flavor a bit too creamy for my taste. However, the cookies and cream flavored popcorn in this tin is pretty good. I know my kids sure love this flavor. Out of all three flavors, this flavor is about 1/2 way gone already.

If you look at the cookies and cream popcorn, you can see all the scrumptious chocolate cookie bits throughout it. Mmmm… Good!

Cookies and cream. You can see the cookie bits.

This flavored popcorn comes in a pretty Valentine’s Day (or Love) themed tin. It is colored in pink and red (Valentine’s Day colors). There is a lovely heart on the lid, and hearts all around the base of the tin. One one side it reads “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

This popcorn tin can be repurposed after the popcorn is gone. I’ve used such tins to store holiday decorations in. You can also use it as a popcorn “bowl” for Family Movie Nights/Movie Nights, to store craft supplies and for small children’s toys.

The popcorn inside the tin is kept inside a plastic bag to keep it fresh. I would recommend twisting the bag up (on the inside) after you are done snacking on the popcorn, just to ensure it’s freshness.

Whether you are interested in chocolate covered strawberries, a bottle of Dom Perignon, Meat & Cheese gift sets, or good old chocolates, GourmetGiftBaskets.com has something for everyone. Best of all, they have gifts at various price points, so you can find something to suit your budget.

GourmetGiftBaskets.com has gift baskets and gift ideas year round too! They even have baskets for breakfast, picnics, and just for fun.

To learn more, visit GourmetGiftBaskets.com. There is still plenty of time left for Valentine’s Day delivery.

The brand can also be found on social media. Those links are found on the bottom right of the brand’s website.

Would you be interested in gifting someone a gift basket from GourmetGiftBaskets.com this Valentine’s Day?


*I received a free sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

Love Bottle – An Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Idea


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. It seems like just yesterday we were decorating the Christmas tree and looking forward to Santa’s arrival. Soon it will be Valentine’s Day, and before you know it, Memorial Day weekend. Time sure does fly.

Do you have a special someone to be your Valentine this year? My Valentine for the past 24 years has been my husband. In fact, we’re celebrating the 24th anniversary of our first date this coming weekend. We went on our first date on February 2nd (Groundhog Day). On Saturday we’re going out to dinner at an amazing restaurant called Mt. Fuji. I wrote a review about the restaurant on my site a few months ago.

Since our date anniversary is so close to Valentine’s Day, we don’t normally gift each other anything. It’s not that I don’t love and appreciate my husband (we wouldn’t be together for 24 years if we didn’t). It’s just that I show him love (and vice versa) every day. I don’t need a special day of the year to let him know how very much he means to me. Every day is Valentine’s Day for us.

I DO get him Valentine’s Day gifts from time to time. Usually it’s something funny or unique. Traditional gifts like chocolates and flowers are not our “thing.” We like silly and out of the ordinary gifts for one another, year round (birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas…).

If you are in the market for a unique Valentine’s Day gift idea, with a “healthy twist” to it, check out the Love Bottle.

What is a Love Bottle you might ask?

A Love Bottle is a beautiful, elegant, reusable water bottle.

Check out this brief video to learn more.


I know what you must be thinking – How is a water bottle a nice Valentine’s Day gift idea? I mean, a bottle is a bottle, right?

Wrong! The Love Bottle is different.

The Love Bottle is a reusable water bottle made of glass. Every part of the bottle is made with love right here in the USA.

The Love Bottle features a ceramic lid, food grade silicone seal and stainless steel wire to keep the lid in place. The bottle designs are done with non-leaded ceramic ink.

The bottle is scratch resistant and dishwater safe.

According to the brand, the Love Bottle is all about bringing love and water together and drinking with love. The bottle was created to help the physical and emotional health of our bodies, our communities and our planet.

Think about it. You want your loved one to be happy and healthy, right? Drinking water is a vital part of our physical health. Many people don’t drink nearly as much water as they need to. I’m one of them.

My husband and son drink A LOT of water every day (I swear my son is 99% water!). My daughter barely drinks water, and I am guilty of that too. I try and get enough water each day, but honestly, I am so busy that I don’t even think about drinking. If coffee counts, then I’m doing good. Ha Ha.

Gifting the Love Bottle tells your special someone that their health and well-being is very important to you. Showing them that you want them to be healthy by drinking more water is a lot better than a box of unhealthy chocolates (even though chocolate is so good).

The Love Bottle is available in many different designs to suit anyone’s tastes.

Speaking of taste, drinking from a water bottle is not only better for you, but water tastes better in a glass bottle. Steel and aluminum bottles can give you a residual metallic taste in your water. I don’t need to tell you how unhealthy plastic bottles are. There are harmful chemicals in plastic water bottles that you can ingest.

My Love Bottle with a message inside to give you an idea of what it would look like. I think this is a fun gift idea for Valentine’s Day.

Because glass is clear and see through, you are able to make sure your bottle is fully cleaned when washing it. With other bottles you can’t see what might be building up in your bottle.

Glass water bottles are better for the environment too.

In addition to all of this, the Love Bottle brand donates 5% of their revenue to charity. The Love Bottle is a win-win situation for everyone.

To make the Love Bottle a bit more romantic, you can add a custom message to put inside of the bottle (message in a bottle). I love that idea! I’ve always wanted to find a bottle on the beach with a message inside. I hear about that in the news from time to time. I think that would be such a cool find.

If you are interested in learning more about Love Bottle, or you would like to purchase one for that special someone in your life, or you’d like to purchase one for yourself (you should always love yourself!), visit LoveBottle.com. You can also check out the brand on social media.


*I received a free sample to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.