5 Apps to Make Vacation Traveling Easier

*This is a guest post. The opinions expressed are that of the author’s and do no necessarily reflect my own.

Traveling has never been easier for the average person, given the wide array of support applications dedicated entirely to making sure you have a good time. In fact, it’s such a competitive space, that tourism in general has the brunt of some really big corporate names behind it.

With the explosion of the app-dominated smartphone era, it was only a matter of time before vacation travel became an almost entirely-online phenomena – people rarely make phone calls anymore, and use any of a number of apps to book a hiking tour in Arizona, contact an NYC tour bus company, or set up a private jet to Dubai. The world, as they say, is your oyster, and the following apps are dedicated to helping you get to your destination hassle-free.

The Citymapper App

If you think that Google Maps is a pretty good guide, then Citymapper for Android and iOS will literally knock your socks off. It’s considerably more comprehensive, and is marketed as a vacation planner for an ever-growing number of travel destinations. Some of the novel features it includes are bicycle routes for those who like to travel by self-propulsion, as well as real-time information on arrivals, departures and transportation service interruptions.

Additionally, given the popularity of Uber, it should come as no surprise that Citymapper has integrated the taxi service into their app. It’s free to download, and the website has a host of additional features you might find useful.

Tripit – From the App Store and Google Play

Tripit is an app that has expanded to fill a unique and useful niche; it works essentially as an aggregator of sorts. By providing access to your email accounts, this secure app will scan for all travel-related messages – it’s programmed to find booking information, car and hotel rentals and events you might have booked – and makes an itinerary out of them.

If you’ve got safety concerns, don’t worry – you can just send your emails to the app and it will do the rest without accessing your actual email.

LiveTrekker Travel Journal App

The first thing you’ll notice about the LiveTrekker app is how visually stunning the maps are – it’s almost like a high-res video game presentation. You can see trees, stadiums, skyscrapers; all from a satellite-like view that’s much closer to the ground than any satellite could be. A mid-altitude drone might be a more appropriate comparison, in fact.

So what sets Livetrekker apart? It’s a video journal, in the sense that it takes snapshots of your travels and stores them to a cloud drive, which is also synced with your social media accounts. You can share with your friends and family, leaving comments and sending emails through it while on your travels.

There’s a robust community of LiveTrekkers, and you can see where they’ve been and what spots they recommend in the city or country you’re traveling to. It’s one of the best apps around if you like to blog about your travels, since it records everything you tell for later reference.

App in the Air

Gone are the days when flight times and departure/arrivals filled you with anxiety. The App in the Air app is the ultimate flight tracker, and puts information from all of the airlines and airports right at your fingertips. You don’t even need to be connected to WiFi in order to receive information on your boarding time, last call for check-in, when you take off and when you land – including any unexpected delays as the information is received.

How do you get this info if there’s no internet connection around? Simple: via text message. This is very useful when you’re traveling out of the country. App in the Air can be integrated with another app – TripIt, to help you focus on your flight information alone.

Currency Exchange App – XE Currency

Take the math out of shopping once you get to another country. This very popular application is a godsend to tens-of-millions of downloaders ever since it became available in the various app stores. There isn’t a single world currency it cannot convert, so you can be comfortable buying expensive sodas in Milan or paying for your African safari lodge in Kenya – there won’t be any surprises when the bill comes due.

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The Best Things to Do and See in LA


Having a trip to Los Angeles is a dream come true for many people around the world. Tourists can walk around Hollywood and try to see their favorite celebrities whilst enjoying the special atmosphere of the city. You have the choice of staying in some of the more luxurious homes in Los Angeles or finding a more modest hotel. LA has something for everyone in terms of accommodation and things to do.

Visit Hollywood:

A trip to Los Angeles is incomplete without walking through Hollywood. Walk through the streets and take photographs on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This is one of the most popular places to see in Los Angeles luring movie fans from around the world.

Spend the Afternoon at Griffith Park:

Griffith Park is a huge park that’s full of trails and nice areas to relax. You can walk to the summit of Mount Hollywood where there are great views of the city. Few tourists make it to Griffith Park, which gives you a unique experience without the crowds.

Go to the OUE Skyscape Observatory Deck:

If you’re looking for good views of the city, visit the observation deck on the 70th floor of the United States Bank Tower. This is more than 1,000 feet off the ground and gives amazing views in all directions. And that’s not all. Why not go down the glass slide from the 70th to 69th floor if you’re a thrill seeker?

See the Perfect Sunset in Runyon Canyon:

Runyon Canyon is another park where locals come to hike and celebs walk their dogs. You can get here from Hollywood Boulevard and experience one of the best sunsets in all of Los Angeles.

Visit the Dodger Stadium:

The Dodger’s are the famous baseball team that play their games in Los Angeles at the Dodger Stadium. Fans and tourists alike can come here to enjoy the electric atmosphere and to marvel at the inside of the stadium. This is one of the best ways to experience Los Angeles in same as a local. Be sure to try the Dodger Hotdog on match day.

Go Rock Climbing at Malibu Creek:

If you’re into the outdoors and want to do something different, take lessons on rock climbing at Malibu Creek. This is hard work and is certain to get your energy pumping in this challenging, but fun, activity.

See the City With a Local Guide on a Walking Tour:

There are lots of tours in Los Angeles ranging from hiring a private guide to take you around the city to free walking tours. The second is usually more fulfilling as you go around the main sights and attractions with a local guide who explains more about the city. This is a great way to learn and if you’re satisfied, you can give them a tip at the end of the tour.

Take Part in Some Water Sports:

The beaches are long and the water is often warm making it an ideal place to take part in some water sports. Some come here to spend their time catching the waves or going to the Surf School at Santa Monica. Others rent jet skis and blast around the water for hours on end. You can also learn how to dive or rent snorkeling equipment and get out to see the marine life. Water sports are popular in this city and you should make the most of them whilst you’re here.

Relax in Private on a More Secluded Beach:

The beaches in Los Angeles are full of people all throughout the year. Locals and visitors want to spend their time on the famous Long Beach or at Santa Monica. But, there are also a few more spots a little further away for more privacy. Topanga State Beach is the nicest one, which is surrounded by picturesque mountains. This is a great place to swim and relax without having to jostle for space.

Take a Day Trip to Santa Barbara:

Santa Barbara has a strong Spanish colonial influence and has many traditional mission architecture around the town center. This is about 90 minutes from Los Angeles and one of the best places to take a day trip. You can walk around the small center and enjoy the architecture and environment before heading to the boutiques. The beaches are also some of the best in California and the wine is great too.

Sample Some Wine at Temecula Wine Valley:

High-quality wine is produced in the Temecula Wine Valley that’s about an hour or so from downtown LA. Tourists come here to sample the wine and learn how it’s made. Guided tours are available and are good value for money. And it’s not just for the adults who want to sample wine. It’s also a perfect place to bring the family and hike along one of the many trails. This makes Temecula a great day trip that will keep everyone in the family happy and entertained.

The Bottom Line:

Los Angeles is an awesome travel destination. You can enjoy the high-class environment in Hollywood or escape to one of the many parks to see the perfect sunset. Water sports are a great way to spend a few hours soaking up the sun. Make sure you get out of the city and experience Santa Barbara and Temecula too. There are so many things to do that make Los Angeles one of the best places to visit in the United States.


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Key Tips and Exercises to Keep Fit While on Vacation


This is a guest post written by Sloane Davis.

Trying to stay fit and healthy can be challenging when traveling.  I always tell my clients that the goal should be to maintain, not gain while away.  And while I am an advocate for living life and enjoying all that is has to offer, going on vacation shouldn’t become a free for all to throw in the towel when it comes to health and fitness.

A common question I receive from many prospective clients is “I am going on vacation soon.  Should I wait to start the plan or start right away?”  My answer is always this: There is never a “good” or “easy” time to start.  You have to learn to live a healthy lifestyle which is what my plans aim to do.  In other words, start the plan today.  That way, when it does come time for vacation, you have the tools you need to maintain, not gain.

While you won’t track every food that goes into your mouth on vacation, subconsciously you are much more aware of how your meals should look and be balanced if you are following a plan prior to vacation.  I can’t tell you how many clients come back to have not gained an ounce.  THAT is WINNING!

Here are some tips to help you stay fit and healthy when traveling:

Drink a lot of water

Lots of walking, hours spent outside in the sun… traveling can be exhausting. The airplane ride alone will dehydrate you from the altitude.  I love to take a reusable water bottle and fill it up after I pass through security to take on the plane with me.  This ensures that I am drinking throughout the flight and don’t have to wait for the flight attendants to serve me. And when they do come to serve, take it! Drink all the water you can.  You will feel so much better getting off the plane hydrated instead of tired, queasy, tight, and drained.

When you get to your destination, continue to drink water.  Incorporate foods that also contain a lot of water such as lettuce, watermelon and cucumbers.

Stick to your normal routine as much as possible

Just because you are away doesn’t mean you have to throw in the towel and eat everything in sight.  This goes especially for all inclusive resorts or a buffet.  Just because you pay for something doesn’t mean you have to overdo it.  Breakfast included in the hotel?  Stick to an omelette, a piece of toast or oatmeal, some fresh fruit and one “treat.” You don’t need muffins, bacon, hash browns, pancakes AND french toast if you normally don’t eat that at home.  That’s just being a glutton.  Pick one savory food and enjoy it. Tomorrow is a new day and a few hours later you will be eating your next meal again.

Keep things in moderation

You don’t have to have everything in one day.  Bread, alcohol, dessert all add up at one meal.  All 3 along with your meal could mean your total daily allowance of calories or more.  So pick one, and choose another the following day.  It doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

If you tend to eat more at night, then keep your breakfast and lunch on the lighter side.  If you know you are going to have a few cocktails for happy hour then moderate your intake during the day. It is all about balance.

Try to keep active

If you normally workout daily then try to go to the gym half the amount of days you are on vacation.  Vacation is just that…a break, so don’t feel like you have to hit the gym at 7am each morning to feel good about yourself.  Let go of some of the stress.  Go for a walk, enjoy the outdoors and do something entirely different then you are used to.

If there is no gym and you do want to workout, pack resistance bands.  They are super light and there are so many exercises that you can do with them (see my video on how to here) .  You could also incorporate some body weight exercises or plyometrics in your hotel room (see the above video).  Just 20 minutes a day will make you feel a whole lot better and most likely help you make better decisions throughout the day.

Have the willpower to stay on track

I know sometimes this is easier said then done, but I can guarantee that you will feel so much better coming home from a vacation knowing you enjoyed it yet didn’t gain a pound rather than coming home 5 pounds heavier only to have to work it back off.  We all know how easy it is to put weight on and how difficult it is to take it off.  Just a few minor tweaks each day while away can mean the world of difference.

You are stronger than you think.  Choose your battles while you are away.  Don’t cave into defeat.  You can do it!  Vacation is so much more than eating everything in sight.  Take the time to enjoy those you spend it with, the scenery, and the culture it has to offer. The food is just a bonus, not the entire package.

About the author:

Sloane Davis is a Certified Nutritionist and Personal Trainer who has helped thousands of people, both men and women, around the world get in to top shape both mentally and physically. Sloane has her undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Arts from Syracuse University and became accredited through ISSA with her degree in Sports Nutrition and Personal Training. She works personally and online with thousands of clients around the US and globally.

She has been featured in People, Fitness Magazine, New Beauty Magazine, Apple News, The Daily Mail, Yahoo News, Westchester Magazine and Fox 5 Good Day New York.

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Celebrate with Red Roof as they reach a special milestone


When you travel it’s important that you find a hotel that suits your needs and one that provides you with the comforts of home.

When I was younger my family and I traveled a lot. We stayed at a lot of hotels. Some hotels were awesome and offered a lot of perks, and other hotels were just lackluster. I spent many summers staying at several different hotels during the course of our summer vacation from school.

As an adult, I don’t travel as much as I did, but finding the right hotel is still important to me.

One popular hotel chain – Red Roof – recently reached a big milestone just this past year. They opened their 500th Inn in  Biloxi, Mississippi.

I stayed at Red Roof many times when I was a young adult. My boyfriend lived way upstate (a 6 hour drive from where I lived) so we used to meet half way for the weekend at stay at a Red Roof. I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with the hotel chain.

In addition to opening their 500th Inn, Red Roof also opened their 50th PLUS+ property.

The celebrate, Red Roof is offering travelers some great incentives, including 500 RediCard bonus points.

To take advantage of this great incentive, you simply need to sign up for Red Roof’s loyalty program, RediCard, and register for the 500th Property Promotion to get rewarded. You’ll be able to earn 500 bonus points on your very first stay at any Red Roof location up until February 28, 2017.

The Red Roof loyalty program, RediCard, is the richest in the industry, rewarding members with free nights with only 6,000 points and many other exclusive offers and services.

You must be registered in order to be eligible to receive the bonus points. Non-members can click to join; then register to receive all the benefits. The 500 bonus points will be added to the member’s account after completion of their paid stay. There is a limit of one bonus per member.

My husband and I recently spend a night at a nearby Red Roof PLUS+ location.

Every now and then my husband and I like to get away – even if it’s just overnight. We live in a tiny condo and have to sleep on a sofa bed in the living room. There are times we simply want to get away – just the two of us (like a “date night”). Having the opportunity to sleep in an actual bed is also wonderful.

We traveled up to Poughkeepsie, New York to spend the night at Red Roof. It’s located in an ideal location – very close to plenty of restaurants, the mall and local movie theater.

We were very impressed with how kind and courteous the young lady at the front desk was upon our arrival. Check in was quick and easy. She even let us know about some local restaurants that we might be interested in checking out.

There are different room options available – regular, supreme and premium. We were in a premium room. The premium room came with these amazing perks.

Our room was incredibly spacious. It was almost too much room for just two people to spend one night. Living in a tiny condo it was a nice change of pace to have such ample room.

Our room came with a huge desk, flat screen television, coffee maker, microwave and refrigerator. It’s would be a great room to stay in if you needed an extended stay. The fridge came in handy for my left over dinner.

I’ve stayed in a lot of hotels, which means I have slept in a lot of hotel beds. The bed we had at Red Roof was by far the most comfiest bed I have slept in. It wasn’t too hard. It wasn’t too soft. It was just right. It also wasn’t very high off the ground. I don’t like “high beds.” I always feel like I am going to roll out of it.

Whenever we visit a hotel the first thing my husband and I do is check out the bed. Like I said earlier, we sleep on a sofa bed, so having a real bed is a big deal for us. The bed at Red Roof was so comfortable that we didn’t want to get out of it to go get something to eat. We both looked forward to coming back to the room to jump back into the bed. Even the comforter and pillow were “just right.”

The room had a nice, modern look to it but at the same time it felt “homey,” if that makes any sense?

Microwave and drawers

Flat screen TV

Large desk area

Seattle’s Best Coffee, Tea and coffee maker.

Roomy closet.

The hair dryer came with the room.

Large dressing mirror

Large room!

Nice, clean shower with a colorful curtain (very cheery)

Modern sink

Shampoo, conditioner and bath soap

I like how Red Roof supplied us with a wealth of information, which was found on the night stand next to the bed.

We checked out the fridge when we first got into our room. Inside we found a box. We opened the box and found a bottle of water, orange juice, microwave popcorn and other goodies. We assumed they were the kind of treats that you have to pay extra for. Just to be on the safe side we checked with the front desk on our way out to get dinner. The nice lady at the front desk told us they were complimentary for premium hotel guests.

WOW! That was a pleasant surprise. At most hotels you have to pay for those types of goodies. I wish more hotels would offer freebies like this for guests. Thank you Red Roof! That was a pleasant surprise.

Nice size fridge. It kept things really cold.

What’s inside the box?

Yum! Water, juice, microwave popcorn, granola bars and more!

My husband and I really enjoyed our overnight visit to Red Roof. The staff was friendly, the bed was AMAZING, it was quiet (no noisy guests), the room was well appointed, the goodies were a nice surprise and we were able to enjoy a complimentary continental breakfast in the morning.

We enjoyed our stay so much that we plan on staying there again in the summer time (another weekend getaway).

If you are planning a trip and would like to find a Red Roof or Red Roof PLUS+ near you, visit this link to properties.

For more information and to book, please visit www.redroof.com/reservations/500th_property_promotion/ or call 800.RED.ROOF (800.733.7663).

Don’t forget – the 500 bonus points promotion ends on February 28, 2017!

Have you ever stayed at a Red Roof or Red Roof PLUS+? Did you enjoy your experience? Feel free to share your thought. I always enjoy hearing from readers.


*I received a complimentary stay in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influence in any way. 

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Fun Things for Kids to Do In Central Park, NYC



Central Park is a vast and fantastic park in the heart of New York City. It’s an 843-acre green space dotted with meadows, lakes, monuments and architecture–a great place for a family day out. It has many attractions for kids that will keep them hooked for hours. From playgrounds, the zoo, carousel, lakes, the Pond, bike rides, boating, sailing and much more, the park is a real treat for kids of every age group.

Here is a list of fun things for kids to do in Central Park, NYC.

Play areas

Central Park has 21 play areas where kids can unleash their wild side and have great fun. The Heckscher Playground is the largest of them all and is a magnet for fun-loving kids. It’s packed with slides, swings and climbing towers to keep children hooked for hours. Multiple foundations are there for kids to play around as well.

Boat rides on the lake

You can rent a rowboat and take your kids around the lake. Boating is a great opportunity in the park whether you visit here during the summer months or spring. While boating, visitors can take in the lush green scenery around the lake and also spot swans and ducks.


Climbing on rocky outcrops

If climbing is a favorite pastime of your kids, then a trip to Central Park will be great fun for sure. There are huge rocky outcrops in the park and kids can climb on them or play. They are at either side of Heckscher Playground and interest children and adults alike.

Swimming at the Lasker Pool

Kids love swimming and that’s why a trip to Central Park will delight them to no end. They can swim at the Lasker Pool and enjoy the fun that water offers. The pool is a major attraction for visitors during the summer months.

Interact with animals at Children’s Zoo

Close to the main zoo – the Central Park Zoo – is located the Children’s Zoo where kids are sure to have a great time. Interacting with animals is a major attraction here. Your little ones can even feed the cows, goats and sheep!

Belvedere Castle’s “Woods and Water Exhibit”

Kids are sure to love this amazing exhibit that enlightens them about the flora and fauna of Central Park. Learning apart, kids will enjoy the stay while adults can revel in the panoramic views of the park.


Model Boat Racing

Give your kids the joy of boating at the Conservatory Water. Your child can put their remote-controlled boat into the water and enjoy the pleasure of racing. Swaying, swinging and pacing the boat will keep kids engaged here for hours for sure.

Biking through the park

Your kids can rent a bike and go on biking through the tree-lined and charming paths of the park. On the way, they can enjoy the scenic beauty and architectural charm all around. A guided biking tour is a major attraction in the park.

Fishing at the Meer

Give your child the joy of catching and releasing fish at the Meer. With bamboo fishing poles to go on the hunt, your child will surely create a well-controlled chaos in the calm waters of the Meer. They can catch a variety of fish including:catfish, grass carp, rock perch,golden shiners and more.

Ice Skating at Wollman Rink

Ice skating at Wollman Rink is a major draw for visitors during the winter months. You can enjoy the sport on weekdays or weekends, as and when you happen to be here. Your child can learn a lot from youth skating and hockey programs.

New York City tours promise a  lot of great things for kids to do in the Central Park.


Author Bio:

Kabir Khan is a digital marketing enthusiast with a keen interest in analyzing brands and their promotion or advertising strategies over the internet. He has written extensively for different topics in digital marketing. Currently, he shares his experience by contributing content for GoNyTours.com.

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Road Trip Car-Packing Tips from the Experts at Kelley Blue Book’s KBB.com (giveaway ends 8/22/16)


Summer Road Trip

How has your summer been going? Have you gone on your vacation/family vacation yet? Are you driving to your vacation destination, or taking other means of travel?

My family and I always drive to our vacation destination. We tend to stick close to home.

Packing for a road trip is easier said than done. It’s not always easy to squeeze everything you need into your automobile’s trunk.

Just recently our daughter, her (ex) boyfriend and his family went to South Carolina for a family vacation. They had way too much stuff that they had to pack stuff on their car’s roof. That wouldn’t have been so bad but what would have happened if it rained? All of their stuff would have been ruined.

Are you familiar with Kelley Blue Book? Kelley Blue Book (KBB) is the leading authority in helping consumers choose the best cars for their lifestyle.

KBB knows the struggle families go through when packing up a car, and actually vets hundreds of vehicles to create its official “Best Family Cars for 2016” list. Their criteria includes everything from testing child safety seats to checking the availability of Apple CarPlay and even conducting a real-world test with real-world families.

KBB has some tips to help you pack up your vehicle for your summer vacation or any road trip you might be going on this year (and beyond).

Safety First

Put heavier items on the bottom of the cargo area and toward the front, and avoid loading SUVs beyond the height of the rear seat backs.  Keeping heavier items up closer to the center of the vehicle can help preserve handling integrity in emergency avoidance situations, while imposing a height limit on your stack of stuff will help maintain rearward vision and prevent objects from becoming projectiles in a collision.  If you wouldn’t want somebody throwing it at your head, don’t keep it unsecured and at head level in your car. 

Bag It 

Consider large trash bags for smaller loose items and soft items like blankets and pillows.  It’ll be easier to transport these items to and from the car, and their flexibility makes them more space efficient than a large box, for instance. 

Think Short-Term

There’s often plenty of action in the time between packing the car and fully unpacking it at your destination, and planning ahead can save plenty of headache.  Obviously you’ll want to keep plenty of food and drink within reach, along with napkins, a trash bag and medicine, perhaps.  And any modern family road trip is sure to benefit from a full complement of electronics and related accessories, like power cords and headphones.  But if your journey will include a side trip that will take you away from the car, remember to pack any valuables within easy reach so that you can take them with you on your detour.  Alternately, pack those valuables deep within your stack.  If you plan to arrive at noon and check-in isn’t until 4pm, keep the swimsuits and sunscreen easily accessible so you don’t have to unpack and re-pack the whole car in the middle of the hotel parking lot.

My car’s trunk was a total mess. So much so that there was no way I could pack anything in it for a road trip.


My trunk was filled with everything. The boxes were books I planned on donating – I just never got around to it. There are also outdoor games I used at work stuff in there, first aid kit, car products, reusable tote bags and so much more. I’m surprised our kitchen sink wasn’t stuffed in there. I literally could not stuff one more thing in my trunk – let alone luggage and supplies for a road trip.

KBB challenged me to organize my car and make it ready for a road trip. Challenge accepted!!!

Here is my updated trunk.


I donated the stuff I needed to get rid of, put the outdoor toys in my husband’s car (for now – I need to leave them at work when I return this September) and used and Automotive Trunk Organizer from Miu Color to organize the rest of my “stuff.”

Trunk 1

Audio Books, car cleaning products and emergency products.

Trunk 2

Car vacuum tucked neatly to the side. Handy wipes, tissues and more tucked in the outside pockets on the organizer.

Trunk 3

More supplies tucked in the outside pockets and reusable totes that are easy to find (unlike before when I couldn’t find any of them in my messy trunk).

Now that my trunk is cleaned out and organized it’s ready for any family road trip we might go on. I even have plenty of room for carry on luggage, snacks and other things we might need on our journey.

KBB Trunk

Next up – organize my husband’s trunk. We have every intention of doing so, but the weather here in New York has been unseasonably hot – feeling like TRIPLE digits on many days. We’ll have to wait until the weather gets a bit more bearable before tacking my husband’s trunk.

We did use KBB to check on the price of my car when we were buying it. It actually helped us to knock almost $2,000 off the price. In hinesight I should have looked up more information about my car. I LOVE my car (I love it A LOT) but I have very little trunk space. Thankfully my husband’s car has a bigger trunk.

My husband is in the market for a new (used) car. We plan on checking car values on KBB when we go car shopping this fall.

If you would like to learn more about Kelley Blue Book you can visit them online at KBB.com. In addition you can check them out on social media.


KBB would love to give a lucky reader a great prize package to help with their next road trip. The prize package includes:

  • One Carry-On Luggage Set (this is REALLY nice!)
  • Kelley Blue Book Swag (sticky note book, tumbler and Bluetooth speaker) – My kids love the speaker.
  • $25 Visa Gift Card (great for gas or snacks on the road)

This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only and will end on August 22, 2016. The winner will be chosen at random using a random number generator from all eligible entries. The winner will be notified via email and will have three days to reply or a new winner will be chosen in their place.

To enter please comment on this post and tell me why you would like to win this prize package – OR – what road trip you have planned this summer (or at some point this year)?

For extra entries you can use the Rafflecopter widget (below) but you must complete the initial entry requirement or the additional entries won’t quality.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


*I have partnered with Kelley Blue Book to bring you these great times. I received a similar prize package for my participation. There was no additional compensation. Kelly Blue Book is providing the prize package. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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