Check out the fun and unique games at Far Out Toys


I work with children in an after school program. In addition to homework help, we do crafts and projects with the kids, take them outside to play, play in the gym and go to the computer lab. We also make sure to have plenty of games and arts & craft supplies on hand.

My “work kids” love to play games. We have a fun assortment, from classic games like chess and checkers, to current,  popular games.

Card games and board games are fine, but sometimes my “work kids” like games that are a bit more involved.

The website, Far Out Toys, carries a very unique, and very fun, assortment of games. They were kind enough to send me a couple of games to try out with my “work kids.”

I am sorry, but I am unable to show photos of my “work kids” on my site (for obvious reasons). I tried to get pictures of them playing the games (back of heads, just the hands) but nothing worked out. I did get a few photos, but they were not the best quality. Sorry.

I was sent to review the following fun games.

Springing Spiders


The moment I saw the video about this game (see below) I knew I had to get this for my “work kids.”

Some of my work kids are totally into horror and creepy stuff (they are 4th – 6th graders, 9-12 years old). What is more creepy that spiders flying through the air?


This is by far the easiest game to set up. All you need to do is remove the side pieces from the box and attach the plastic spider web. That’s it! That is all you need to do. I also like that it’s easy to clean up and put away.

The game comes with black spiders and white spiders.

The object of the game is to get the most spiders (of your color) on the web. That might sound easy, but it’s not. Whenever the web is hit with a spider it wiggles a bit, which sometimes causes a spider or two to come lose and fall off.

The most of a single color I have seen when watching the kids play this game is four. They kids play the game when I am not around, so it’s possible someone has been able to get more spiders to stick successfully.

The kids LOVE to use the spiders in other ways. One way I’ve seen them use the spiders is place them at the end of the cafeteria table and see who can get a spider to travel the furthest down the table.

I’ve also seen the kids simply flinging them through the air for the fun of it.

It didn’t take me long to get the knack of launching a spider. All you need to do is push down on it’s end and is launches into the air.

I have the kids put the different colored spiders into different zip lock bags. That way I can make sure we have all the pieces. The game and web fit nicely into the box.

This game reminds me of a game I played as a kid, but for the life of me I cannot remember what the game was.

Boneless Chicken Launch

Just reading that name makes me laugh. This has to be one of the silliest games I have ever played.

This game requires just a wee bit more of a set up than the Springing Spider game, but it takes second. You just have to put the fence together, which is just pushing the main piece into the support pieces.

The game comes with boneless chickens. They are plush chickens that have no filling in them. They are kind of like deflated bean bags in a way. They are bean bags without the beans!

To play Boneless Chicken Launch, simply gather up the chickens and place them one at a time on the chair perched on top of the launcher piece. Then aim your chicken towards the fence and hit the launcher and watch your chicken fly through the air. It’s the funniest thing.

Check out the brief video about this game.


This game takes practice. You need to try out different “strength” (for lack of a better description) when hitting the launcher. Too hard and your chicken will overshoot the fence. Too light and your chicken is going no where.

You also have to play around with the distance from the launcher to the fence. Too far and you can miss the fence. Too close and you can overshoot the fence.

No two people play the game the same way. I have seen kids place the launcher at different spots on the table. It also takes a few tries before you get the knock of it.

I have seen kids have a chicken or two land on the fence. They mostly land on the one point spot. I have seen a few land on the three point spot.

I’ve noticed that the launcher is easier to use now compared to the first several times the kids played the game. I think it needs a few games to get lose enough to make it easier to launch the adorable chickens.

As for me, I have yet to have a chicken land on the fence. I’m really bad at this game. LOL!

I have the kids place the five boneless chickens in a plastic bag, then place them in the game box to ensure that none of the chicken fly the coop (ha ha, I couldn’t resist).

Both of these games are available for purchase on Amazon.com. They sell for $14.99, which is pretty much the average price for games.

Because of the uniqueness of these games, and the silliness of the Boneless Chicken Launch game, I think these games would make great holiday gifts. They would also make gifts for traveling due to the fact they are easy to set up and come with few pieces to worry about losing.

To see what other fun games Far Out Toys has to offer, visit FarOutToysInc.com. The brand is also on social media. You can find the links at the bottom of their website.

What do you think about these games? Do they look like something fun that your child would love to play?


*I received free product samples to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas from Santa and Playmobil


Can you believe that Christmas is fast approaching? We have just a few weeks left before the big day. I don’t know about you, but I still need to finish shopping. I have next to nothing for my kids (they are young adults – all they want is cash or gift cards, sigh…). I only have a couple of things for my husband. I’m already finished with my co-workers and son’s girlfriend.

If you are in the market for some fun gift ideas for a child, let me tell you about a super adorable holiday play set from Playmobil. It’s called Christmas Bakery with Cookie Cutters (Item Number: 9493). It is a delightful play set that would make an ideal pre-Christmas gift for your child.

I know, some people are probably wondering why I am referring to it as a pre-Christmas gift. That is because it’s holiday related, so you’d want your child to get the most out of it before Christmas, just in case you pack away such items after the holidays are over, only to bring it out again next year.

I adore Playmobil sets, so it goes without saying that I jumped on the chance to review a play set from Playmobil. They sent me the Christmas Bakery with Cookie Cutters set to review.

This set took my husband and I about an hour to put together. It probably would have taken less time, but some of the pieces are itty bitty and we have “sausage fingers.” Ha ha. Thankfully the instructions are well laid out, including drawings which helped immensely.

This set has all you need to have hours of fun “baking” cookies with Santa and his elf helpers.

This set comes with Santa (dressed up in his bakery attire), two elves, two cats (one with a movable head), a mail box – complete with a letter to Santa, detailed bakery equipment and the cutest little cookies and baked goods you’ve ever seen.

The bakery can be played with both inside and outside. The outside features the mailbox, working front door and a slide/shoot that the baked goods come out of, making it easier to load them on to Santa’s sled.

The inside of the bakery features very detailed cooking equipment, such as a cookie press and milk, as well as logs for the oven and a big press table.

The oven door opens and closes, and there is a slot on the inside that you can push the baked goods through so they came down the shoot.

There is also an upper floor that Santa or the elves can take a nap in (or to store some of the equipment).

Here are some images from the play set I was sent to review. My apologies for the poor quality. It’s so much nicer in person.

Playmobil put a lot of detail in this set. For example, there is a pretzel that hands from the front on a plastic chain. Another great example is that one of the cats can move it’s head so you can have it eat or drink from the included bowl.

One of my favorite features is the Santa letter that goes into the mailbox. I think that is such a sweet (no pun intended) idea for this bakery set. I never thought to send Santa my sweet treats wish list.

The little recipe book is cute too.

This play set comes with something different that other Playmobil sets – cookie cutters.

Placed on top of the roof are three little cookie cutters and one cookie press that looks like a smiley face. I didn’t take a picture of the smiley face, but it’s located under the chimney. The chimney pops off to be used as a press.

The cookie cutters feature an angel, Santa and an elf.

These cookie cutters can work as real cookie cutters, but they are a bit small. None the less, kids can use them to make cookies with grandma, or use them as cookie cutters for Play Doh or a similar product.

The cookie cutters don’t stick to the roof, so I would recommend taking them off when playing with the building.

This set would go great with other holiday sets from Playmobil, like their Advent Calendar set, like the 1-2-3 Advent Calendar: Christmas in the Forest.

The Playmobil Christmas Bakery with Cookie Cutters is available for purchase on the Playmobil website. I also see that the set is available at other retailers as well, including Amazon.

What do you think about this cute play set? Does it look like something your child/grandchild might like?


*I received a free product sample to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

Countdown to Christmas with Playmobil


Do you celebrate Christmas? If you do, how do you and your family countdown until the day Santa arrives?

When I was a young girl, I always made a paper chain to countdown the days until Christmas. Every morning when I got up I would remove a paper ring from the chain. Then I would count how many rings were left on the chain, which would tell me how many days until Christmas. As I got older I would add things, like a giant star, to the end of the chain so I could visually see how short the chain was getting towards the end, as well as count how many chains were left.

I heard of Advent Calendars growing up, but it wasn’t until I was a bit older than I got one from my mom. Back then, the ones I receive were filled with candy. Each day you would open up a little “door” to reveal a piece of candy (usually chocolate) hidden inside. Naturally, I would open up more than one day at a time. There was chocolate inside! I love chocolate.

To this day I still buy my kids the chocolate Advent Calendars. My daughter always tends to eat all the chocolate right away. My son on the other hand, he tends to do it day by day, like you are suppose to.

Did you know that you can get Advent Calendars with TOYS inside? Playmobil has such an Advent Calendar.

With the Advent Calendar from Playmobil, your child will get a new toy. The toys have a similar theme, so they can all be played together, or you can mix and match the pieces with other Playmobil pieces you might have.

I received one to review. Playmobil actually has a few different kinds. The one I received is called 1-2-3 Christmas in the Forest. I really like this one because I love woodland creatures, and this set features several animals. Not only that, this one comes with a complete Santa’s sled including the big man himself (Santa), and a reindeer to pull his sled.

The box features an image of all the pieces you’ll get inside the calendar on one side, and the numbered “doors” on the other side.

The doors are not numbered in sequence, so you have to look around the box to find the door you are to open that day to reveal what’s hiding behind it.

I went ahead and opened up all of the doors, just because I was too excited to see what was behind each one.

Check out some of the goodies that I found inside this Advent Calendar.

My apologies for the photos not being as good as they could be. We have weird lighting in our home.

I LOVE these pieces. Even as an adult, I can appreciate how wonderful these are.

I’m using the sled (with Santa and the reindeer) as a decoration, as well as the three smaller deer.

As for the rest of the pieces, I brought them to where I work for the kids to play with and enjoy. We have plastic building blocks that the kids love to play with, and these added pieces were greatly appreciated by the kids. They enjoy having people and accessories to add to their creativity and play.

The Playmobil 1-2-3 Advent Calendar – Christmas in the Forest, is available on the Playmobil site for $24.99. I’ve linked to it for your convenience. Is is NOT an affiliate link.

Most of these pieces can be played with year round, so it does make a great gift.

Playmobil also has other Advent Calendars you might be interested in.

What do you think of this Advent Calendar? Do you think your child would love to have it to countdown to Christmas day?


*I received a free product sample to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

Beautiful and Highly Detailed Spirit Riding Free Horse Play Sets from Playmobil


Not our horse Poco, but he kind of looked like this.

Here is a fun fact for you – I grew up around horses. In fact, my sister had her very own horse that she paid for with her own money. She got Poco when I was able six years old. His real name was Un Poco Loco, which means “a little crazy” in Spanish. He was certainly a very spirited horse, that is for sure.

I loved Poco, even if he drooled in my hair one morning right before I had to leave for school, stepped on my foot, threw me off his back and bit me right next to my breast. Regardless of all those mishaps, Poco was a great horse.

I have always loved animals, even from a very young age. As soon as my sister got Poco, I started to love horses A LOT (along with cats and dogs). I would read every horse book I could find (Marguerite Henry was my favorite horse book author), watch any horse movie I could (I loved Black Beauty) and I collected Breyer horses (I had a lot of them – I believe they are all in my parent’s attic).

There really wasn’t much as far as horse related television programming when my kids were little. I think that is why they truly cannot appreciate the beauty of a horse.

Netflix has a series called Spirit Riding Free. It’s based on the movie, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, which was in theaters back in 2002. I THINK there was a sequel to the film, but I’m not 100% certain. I saw Spirit and thought it was a great animated film.

Believe it or not, I have watched a few episodes of Spirit Riding Free on Netflix. I’ve seen three so far. I really like the show. As an adult, I find it entertaining. I especially love the horses.

Playmobil has been around for as long as I can remember. I had a few sets growing up, as well as my husband. We’re going back to the late 70’s, early 80’s. My kids even had a few sets when they were younger.

Even as adults, my husband and I still think Playmobil sets are awesome. We talk about our secret desire to get a few sets and play with them like we did when we were kids. Of course our kids would think we were totally crazy if they saw us sitting on the living room floor playing with Playmobil sets. Ha Ha.

Playmobil has a collection of sets and pieces based on the Netflix show, Spirit Riding Free. I received some of the sets to review. I received the following sets.

Barn with Lucky, Pru & Abigail (Item Number: 70118)

Riding Arena with Lucy & Javier (Item Number: 70119)

Snips & Señor Carrots with Horse Stall (Item Number: 70120)

Pru with Horse and Foal (Item Number: 70122)

These sets range in price from $14.99 up to $59.99.

What I love about Playmobil sets is that there is very little assembly required. Mostly it’s a few stickers here and there, if anything.

The barn in the Barn with Lucky, Pru & Abigail set had to be put together, as well as several stickers, but it wasn’t that bad. The only issue I had was that I was unable to get the loft lift connected. That is the part of a barn that helps you lift hay bales to the top floor of a barn. I couldn’t get the piece to attach. My husband had a hard time with it as well. For that reason it’s not seen on he barn.

That was the only issue I had. Aside from that, everything went together smoothly.

Playmobil put a lot of detail into these beautiful sets. They thought of everything, from carrots to horse poop (that’s right! Horse poop!), and from the barn cat to the birds camped out on top of the barn.

I know I have a lot of pictures (below), but I wanted to show you some of the incredible details in these sets. The pictures are of all the sets I received combined.

Time to give the horses fresh food and hay, as well as shovel out the horse poop.

Horses need clean water as well as to get groomed regularly.

The horse jump can be taken apart to have just one, two or three “logs.”

Time to give the foal some fresh water and a treat.

There is a wagon to help move the “heavy” hay bales around.

Senor Carrots loves his carrots.

Check out the places to hang the saddles and bridles.

After a long day of working on the farm, it’s time to grab a good book and relax on the hammock while snugging with the barn cat.

There are so many fantastic details in these sets. Even the doors open and close.

The lid to the box comes off (storage), there is a lantern, feed buckets and so much more!

Look! Birds on the barn roof. There is even a butterfly (no shown).

Here is a “drone” (aerial) view of some of the sets.

Aerial view.

The loft lift is not attached, which is why there are those two openings towards the top of the barn. The upper door opens and closes too.

I love these sets!

As you can see, Playmobil put A LOT of detail into these sets. I love it! I think an attention to detail, and making things as close to realistic as they can be, lends it’s self to more engaging imaginative play.

The people can ride the horses, hold the tools and food, sit down and more. The horses necks move up and down.

Oh how I wish I had these sets when I was younger. I would have played with them for hours and hours.

I love that you can mix and match the sets, and all of the pieces are interchangeable. They also work with other Playmobil sets.

There are several other Playmobil Spirit Riding Free sets also available. You can check them all out on the Playmobil website. There are also free coloring pages and activities on their website too.

Be sure to check out other Playmobile sets at Playmobil.us (notice it’s .us and not .com). The brand can also be found on social media. Their links are found on their website.

You can purchase Playmobil sets on their website, as well as many retail locations, both in stores and online.

What do you think about these awesome Spirit Riding Free sets?



*I received free samples to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

Stocking Stuffers and Holiday Gift Ideas


I know that it’s still October, but I’ve already been thinking a lot about gifts I would like to buy for my family and friends. Trust me, in the blink of an eye it will be Christmas. Sadly, time flies way too quickly.

As a blogger, I am fortunate and blessed to learn about brands and products I might not otherwise get to know about. I am always happy to share information about the brands and products with my readers, so that they too can get to know more about them.

Shopping for children is a lot of fun (at least it is for me). There are so many wonderful toys and games out there. I would love to buy them all.

If you are looking for some interesting toys and stocking stuffer ideas, check out a few that I received to review.

Luvi Pups – an adorable puppy that you can squeeze, tug and collect.

Luvi Pups are adorable little toys that remind me of a toy I used to play with when I was a little girl – Stretch Armstrong.

Luvi Pups are toys that you can squeeze and stretch, then it returns back to it’s original shape. Things you can squeeze and have them rise back again are very popular these days, and this time goes along with that idea.

I pressed down on it’s belly in this photo so you can see how it loses shape, but then plumps back up again.

The body you can squeeze and pull, but the head is a hard plastic, so you cannot manipulate it.

Each Luvi Pup comes with six little boxes. Each one is filled with a surprise accessory for your new friend. You might receive a collar, toy, pet bowl or something more.

I like that the toys go into the dog’s mouth. It’s cute to see him/her holding it.

These toys are just the right size to be a pet for your child’s Barbie or similar sized doll.

These toys would not be recommended for young children, since the accessories could be easily swallowed.

Luvi Pups would make great stocking stuffers.

I could not find an official website for these toys, but I would assume they would be found at many retail locations. I did find them on Amazon.

Stikbot – stop-motion animation figure figure that is fully articulated and has interchangeable pieces (specifically Klikbots), allowing you to expand your creations.

Kid’s these days are brilliant. They know more about technology than most adults do. Case in point, our son figured out how to hack into a website when he was just 9 years old (needless to say he was grounded for a VERY long time – and not allowed to use the computer). Even now, he knows more about computers than my husband does at times – and my husband is a computer tech!

I have seen kids in elementary school do amazing things on the computer. I think it’s because a lot of schools are now putting importance on science, math and technology. Many schools are really getting into STEM.

Stikbots are cute, jointed figures that you can put into different poses. Using the Stikbot “green screen” and the brand’s app, your child can create fun mini-movies using stop-motion. This funny video provides you with a bit more information (as well as seeing Stikbots in action).


I love this idea!

We’re not allowed to use apps in our program, so I gave the set I received to review to my son (he’s a whiz at stuff like that). Sadly, he hasn’t really had much time to dedicate to it. He keeps telling me he’s going to, but his school work keeps him busy.

I know these are geared towards kids, but adults can have a lot of fun with this too.

Stikbots has a lot of products in it’s product line, including Klikbots that allow you to interchange pieces with other Klickbots.

Stikbots are available in a variety of colors and designs, including Stikbot pets.

Stikbots are the type of gift that you can give the starter set for Christmas (for example), then additional sets on other holidays. I can only imagine that their product line will continue to grow.


Zax – bringing the ax-throwing trend to home!

I have not personally tried ax throwing yet, but there are days I think I NEED to do that to release some built up tension and frustration. Ha Ha.

Personally, I think ax throwing sounds dangerous. I have seen videos where the ax bounces back towards the thrower. Yikes! Thankfully Zax won’t slice your head open if it hits you.

Zax is a foam ax that has three large suction cups on it. The idea is to throw Zax against a flat surface to make it stick. It’s the same principal of ax throwing, only safer.


You can compete with others to see who can hit a “bulls eye,” or just throw it to relieve some stress. It’s primarily geared towards older kids, but I don’t see why adults can’t use this.

I have not had the opportunity to try this out yet. It’s not something my family would use (we have no wall space where this would work – our walls are filled with pictures and artwork). But it looks cool.

I couldn’t find an official website for Zax, but I do see that they are sold on Amazon and I can only assume at other retail locations across the country.

HyperStrike – For teens, Zing’s latest bow and arrow that launches with distances up to 250 ft.

This toy looks cool. Honestly, I have not tried it out yet. It’s not really my son’s “cup of tea.” I am also not allowed to have a toy that could be seen as “violent” (even though I don’t think it is at all!) in our program. For that reason, it’s still in the box.

I did find a video on YouTube that provides you with a better look at this toy.


I think it could be fun. If only we had a yard where I could test it out. We live in a condo complex and there really isn’t any place I can take this for a “test drive.” I also think having a second one would make the toy a lot more interesting to play with.

If you have more than one child or grandchild, consider getting each one of them one of these toys so they can battle it out, just like in the video.

Foodie Surprise Food Carts – bringing the world of magical food creations and the love of food carts to life!

Kids LOVE gummy candies. Even adults appreciate gummies (case in point, gummy vitamins). I like gummies too (most of the time – some kind I don’t like).

Foodie Surprise Food Carts are adorable toys that provide you child with everything they need (except water) to create tasty treats. Once they are done with the treats, they still have a cute toy to play with.

Foodie Surprise Food Carts have an Asian feel to them, like Japan’s Kawaii culture of adorable things.

I received a Foodie Surprise Food Cart to review. The one I received came with two cute “shake” looking toys.

The orange box-looking thing on top of the green one is actually an orange slice (it’s seen from the side in this photo). The orange slice is used to hold your gummies so you can take them on the go with you. There is an included chain as well (it’s not seen in the photo below).

As you can see from the photo, the Foodie Surprise Cart also has removable “straws.”

Inside the cups you’ll find everything you need to make your own gummy candy (except water), including measuring cups, mixing bowls and mixing utensils. There are also detailed instructions on how to make your yummy treat.

I didn’t make the gummy candies, only because I wasn’t feeling up to it at the time these photos were taken (we had a death in the family). Eventually I’ll get around to it. In the mean time you can check out the video below for more information about these “sweet” toys.


Food Surprise Food Carts are available at retail locations such as Target and Walmart.

What do you think about these toys? Do you think your child/grandchild would love any of these? If so, which one(s)? Feel free to comment and share your thoughts.


* I received free product samples to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

Enter the magical world of Calico Critters


Our son using his imagination to turn a sand box into a construction site.

I think that an imagination is vital for child development. The imagination leads to dreams, inventions, theories, and creativity. Using your imagination is a fundamental part of being a child.

Growing up I had to play by myself a lot. My sister is eight years older than me, so she wasn’t a good “playmate” for me, sadly. There were also no kids my age on my road for most of my life. I did get to play with my cousins a lot, which was great. The best part of my childhood was playing with my cousins. We were always using our imaginations, from role playing to simply playing with toys.

I had a lot of Fisher Price Little People sets as a child. I had the castle, house, barn and all of those wonderful toys. I also had a few Playskool sets. My cousins and I would combine them to create Disney World. We would take over the entire playroom and set it up like it was Disney World. We used my circus train as the monorail, and my Weebles Western town as one of the areas in the park. We also used the Little People castle as the castle in the park.

We would play for hours upon hours. It was wonderful!

I still have all of those sets. One day I’d love to set them up for my future grandchildren so I can play “Disney” with them too.

I love toys that have a lot of different components to them to help foster a child’s imagination. That is why I love Calico Critters.

If you have never seen Calico Critters before, they are adorable fuzzy animal figures that children can play with. You can buy them as sets (families, couples). Some also come with the available play sets.

Calico Critters are available in a variety of animals including Pandas, Cats, Dogs, Bunnies, Kangaroos, Hedgehogs, Alpacas and more.

There are usually a mom, dad, child and baby with each family set.

The animals are too cute! Every time I used to go into Toys R Us with my kids, I would always swing by the section where the Calico Critters were to check them out.

I was sent to review some fun sets from Calico Critters including buildings and furniture.

Let’s take a look at the adorable Calico Critters sets I received to review.

Designer Studio

The Designer Studio is a private studio for Stella the Hopscotch Rabbit older sister, who works as a dress designer in town. Your Calico friends can enjoy a lovely tea party inside. The building and the furniture are neatly designed with gorgeous engravings.

This building can be played with on it’s own, or combined with other buildings to create a town.

I should have taken a photo of the front of the building too. My apologies for that.

The set comes with the building/studio, sofa, table, Bunny, hat, purse, plate, dessert,fork, tea cup and saucer.

Check out the details on the building.

I love all the intricate little pieces too. Check out the tiny little fork and plates. The cherry tart looks good enough to eat! I wish I had pieces like this when I used to play with my Barbie dolls and Little People.

Red Roof Cozy Cottage

I think all figurines deserve a comfy place to live. The Red Roof Cozy Cottage is the perfect little home for your Calico Critters figures.

Red Roof Cozy Cottage is the perfect choice for those starting out with Calico Critters! This all-in-one set includes a two-story house, figure (Hopscotch Rabbit Girl), and furniture.

Red Roof Cozy Cottage features a removable second story floor that can be placed alongside the first floor to create a wider space that is easier to play with. The stairs come as a standalone unit and can be placed in any desired location. Windows come equipped with shutters that can be opened and closed during play.

This set is adorable! The brand made everything perfect, including a real fabric blanket and pillow for the bed. I also love how the stove door opens so that your Calico Critter friend can whip up some yummy food.

This set comes with a total of 24 pieces including Hopscotch Rabbit (pictured), the building, stove, table, two chairs, omelet, frying pan and more.

I love the little balcony. This way Hopscotch Bunny can go outside, get some fresh air and view nature.

What I love about these sets is that they can be mixed and matched so that you can use furniture and accessories with all the Calico Critters sets.

Sweet Raspberry Home

I could not find this set on the Calico Critters website in order to link to it, but I do see that it’s sold at Walmart, in case anyone was interested in purchasing it.

This set comes with a single story home, a bunk bed and a sweet little Hopscotch Rabbit, baby Grace. So is so cute!

I used figures from another set to adorn the front porch. The door opens and closes for realistic play, after all, you never know who might come knocking.

I wish I had taken a picture of the inside of the house. I honestly thought I did. My apologies for that.

Elegant Town Manor

This is a grand piece with a lot of details and accessories. This is sure to be a “must have” for any Calico Critters fan. I’m an adult and I think this set is marvelous.

Elegant Town Manor Gift Set is a special set containing the Elegant Town Manor and Stella, the Hopscotch Rabbit older sister who lives there.

Also included are original color furniture and accessories, perfectly suited to the manor’s interior.Elegant Town Manor Gift Set has a two-story house with a high ceiling, giving the manor a sense of space. The ceiling has a luxurious chandelier. There is also a lovely balcony located outside the door.

The spiral staircase is self-standing, and can connect to anywhere in the building.

The included furniture is in an original color perfect for the house for just the right coordination.

The included Stella, the Hopscotch Rabbit older sister’s dress is an original design that can only be found in this set. Placing the Designer Studio on top completes Stella, the Hopscotch Rabbit older sister’s house (sold separately).

This set is amazing! You can play with it with or without the top part (roof). The roof part gives you an extra room to play with, but if you want the house to look a little less grand, simply remove the roof.

I’ve included photos of the home with and without the top piece. Either way, it’s a great home for your Calico Critters.

I love how elegant they made this home, from the beautiful fabric bed to the chandelier. The spiral staircase is a nice touch.

This set also come with a “sidewalk” piece that you can also use inside the home to give your Calico Critter more space (as seen above).

Of course, not elegant home would be complete without a balcony.

I know I have said it before, but Calico Critters really do pay close attention to the details. They think of everything, right down to the itty bitty eating utensils and foods.

These sets are NOT for little kids due to the small pieces. I don’t think they would pose a choking hazard, but I wouldn’t want to risk it. I would also caution these little pieces around dogs and cats.

Just look at how amazing this dessert table looks with the little chocolates and cookies.

They look good enough to eat!

Calico Critters sells plenty of sets to add to your Calico Critters homes. Even though they are sold separately, that doesn’t mean that they are not as exceptionally well made as the house sets. Many of the accessories have working parts. Some are really realistic too.

I REALLY wish I had Calico Critters when I was a kid. I know I would have played with them for hours and hours.

Check out some of the fun available accessories.

Kitchen Island and Breakfast Playset

The breakfast play set comes with everything you need to create a delicious pretend breakfast for your Calico Critters. The kitchen island comes with the things you need to whip up a yummy meal for your Calico Critters.

The set comes with a kitchen island with a sink and a plenty of counter space for your blender, toaster, ingredients and more.

Here are the sets and their pieces separably. The photos I took combined the two.

Kitchen Island Set

Breakfast Set

The set features a toaster that lets you make the “toast’ go up and down, and interchangeable plates for the waffle/doughnut maker. You can also “cook” and remove bunny shaped waffles/pancakes for our Calico Critter.

I love it! These sets and accessories are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Here are some more accessories.

Laundry (washing machine) and Vacuum Cleaner

The middle part of the vacuum pops out to become a hand held vacuum.

The washing machine door opens and closes. The set comes with a piece of laundry. When you put the laundry into the machine and turn the dial on the back, it moves around. There is even “water” in the machine to give it a realistic look. I wish the picture was better so that you can see the water.

Microwave Cabinet

The cabinet is featured above (in the middle) along side other pieces (sold separately) that you can put together.

The microwave door opens and closes, as does the cabinet door.

The set comes with a pie (?) that you can “cook” in the microwave. The microwave knob turns too.


Bed and comforter Set

Every Calico Critter deserves a comfy bed to rest their heads and have a good night’s sleep. You can pick up extra beds for your Calico Critters that work with any of the house sets.

If you need extra Calico Critters, you can also purchase more. Take for example this adorable duo. The set even comes with a bouquet of flowers for the little girl bunny to hold on to. Aww..

“Blind Bags” are all the range these days. You can find blind bags for a variety of toy brands.

A blind bag is a package that contains a mystery item from your favorite toy/brand. Calico Critter has blind bags too. I’m not sure what different kinds they have, but I do know they have ones with Calico Critter babies with an accessory, as well as Calico Critters babies with musical instruments.

Below are some examples of what you might get in one of the Calico Critters bling bags.

With the holiday season fast approaching, Calico Critters would make a great gift for that special little someone on your shopping list. Calico Critters would work with both girls and boys.

Calico Critters is a fun way to spark the imagination and provide your child (or grandchild) with hours of creative play.

If you would like to learn more about Calico Critters, visit CalicoCritters.com. You can purchase Calico Critters, sets and accessories on their website. Calico Critters are also sold at many other retail locations across the country.

The brand is also on Facebook and Instagram. Their links are found at the bottom of their website.

Are you a fan of Calico Critters? Is there a set featured in this post that you like the most? Feel free to comment sand share your thoughts.


*I received free products in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.