Oriental Trading Company has all your Back to School needs (and then some!)


Can you believe that summer is OVER? Where did the past 77 days go? I counted that I had 77 days off from work (I work in a school) back in June. Tomorrow I go back to work. It truly does feel like the entire summer just flew by.

Some children have already gone back to school. Locally our schools start back up tomorrow (September 5, 2017).


I work as a teacher’s assistant in a Kindergarten program. We recently had to move our classroom from one end of the school to the other end. Our prior location was more of a big room then a classroom. Other classes used to have to walk through our room to make their way to the playground. It was a bit of a distraction for our kids, especially during nap time (yes, our kids nap), when 20+ children would may their way through our room to get outside.

We now have a room all to ourselves. It was a bit of a struggle to move everything and set things up, but once it was all done the place looked great. All it needed was a few more touches to add some color and personality to the room. I knew exactly where to go for classroom decor and other school supplies – Oriental Trading Company!

Oriental Trading has been my go-to shop for just about everything I have needed for school over the years, including favors for class parties, decorations, and small gifts for my kids to give to their classmates. Now that my kids are out of school (and in college) I still find that I have a need for thing from Oriental Trading.

For our classroom I have shopped for supplies and crafts for the kids I work with. They also have a plethora of teachers supplies, classroom decorations, toys and so much more.

For the first time we have a bulletin board in the hallway, exclusively for our classroom. For that reason I knew I had to do something very special with it.

My boss/co-worker/head teacher is a HUGE fan of superheroes. He loves them all. Seeing as how he was busy running the summer camp program, I thought I would help him out and do up the bulletin board. I knew exactly what I wanted too – superheroes!

Oriental Trading has the cutest superhero bulletin board set that includes everything you need to set up the coolest bulletin board in school. The set is only $11.99 and comes with 201 pieces!

There are “bubbles” you can write the student’s names on. To extend the life of these I ran some of the name bubbles through a laminator. That way I can use a dry erase marker to write the names of each student on the bubbles and when we change the bulletin board I can wipe off the name bubbles and re-use them again next year.

Look at how cute our board turned out. I love it! I’ve received many compliments from other teachers about it too. I had to blur out the names of the children in the bubbles for obvious reasons.

I used some of the remaining pieces to decorate the door to our room.

I even have some superhero stencils from Oriental Trading. I’m sorry that I don’t have a photo of them (I forgot to take a photo). I plan on using them as an center activity.

Since we have a new room, our walls were pretty much a “blank canvas” to work with. I found A LOT of great wall and room decor to add color and personality to our room. Oriental Trading Company has A LOT of classroom decorations to choose from for every holiday, season and event.

Here are some photos from around our room, compliments of Oriental Trading Company.

The sets featured in these photos are as follows:

  • Shapes Mini Bulletin Board Set (IN-13714994)
  • Basic Skills Poster Set (IN-13773813
  • Pete the Cat Holiday & Seasonal Posters (IN-13748683)

There are several Pete the Cat posters for various holidays/seasons. The kids I work with LOVE Pete the Cat. I plan on swapping the poster out with each new holiday/season. The poster sites right behind the desk.

One of my favorite sets it the Classroom Month-by-Month Bear Bulletin Board Set. Even my co-worker said he absolutely loved it. We have a new bear set for each month.

Each set includes a bear dressed in appropriate attire with the month and little accent pieces (such as the leaves and apples).

Oriental Trading Company doesn’t only have room decor, but they also have fun activities and center activities for students too.

Working with Kindergartners I am often asked to tie shoes (or I do it on my own so students don’t trip). Orietal Trading has an adorable Lacing Shoe from the brand Melissa and Doug. I haven’t had the chance to try it (yet) because school does’t start until tomorrow. I know the kids are going to love it.

My kids are almost 18 and 20 years old. Needless to say it’s been a long time since I had to teach someone how to tie their shoes. I’m hoping this makes it easier for me to teach my Kindergartners.

Another fun item from Oriental Trading that I haven’t had a chance to try out yet are the Classroom Brain Break Activity Dice. I thought these would be GREAT for indoor recess or when the kids have a bit too much energy and need to find constructive things to engage with.

There are 12 dice in total and each one has a different activity on each side, so there are over 70 different activities. Here are a few examples.

  • Pretend to jump rope at your desk for 30 seconds
  • Grab a microphone and sing and dance for 1 minute
  • Be a fox. Sneak around the room for 1 minute
  • Crawl like a baby for 1 minute
  • Fix your neighbor an imaginary ice cream cone

Oriental Trading Company has plenty of goodies to choose from whether you are a teacher, teacher’s assistant, home schooler, class mom or you are involved in similar positions. They also work great to supplement the learning your child gets at school.

Of course, Oriental Trading has A LOT more than just school supplies. They have holiday and seasonal decor, costumes, gifts, party supplies, toys and so much more.

To check out these and other products from Oriental Trading Company visit OrientalTrading.com. You can also find the brand on social media.


*I received free products to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Summer Secrets: Three Surprising Strategies to Keep Children Engaged and Learning


Summer is well underway. And, while it comes with seasonal pleasures like fresh fruit and sunshine, parents around America knows it comes with one major challenge as well. How can parents keep their children not only engaged, but also productively learning during the three months they’re not in school? It’s hard enough to manage children during the year, but it gets even harder during the long stretches of summer when children don’t have a school schedule to keep them on track. Add a behavioral, social, or learning difficulty on top of all this, and you have a recipe for a challenging summer.

But parents shouldn’t have to suffer through 4 months of the year—especially when there are several easy ways to help children stay happy and productive. Pro tip: these suggestions also help make parents’ lives easier. From “letting” children help make dinner to taking in the culture of your city while teaching your child about art, these tips will help make summer as fun for parents as they will for their children.

Enjoy outside activities

Traditional wisdom says children are only learning when their brain is being stimulated. But parents can also help their children’s skills develop by stimulating their tactile and visual senses. Parents should encourage their children to play with sidewalk chalk and finger paints—it helps them develop their fine motor skills, and have some plain old fun during the hot months of summer.

If parents don’t want to deal with the cleanup of outside art projects, they can still enjoy the sun while getting their children moving. Parents should take their child on an outdoor gallery walk, or to the farmers market. Anything that involves active physical motion helps children to retain information and read with better comprehension.

Photo Source: Dreamstime.com

Sneak in math and language practice indoors

There are lots of fun activities that involve math and reading comprehension—parents can help their child practice while disguising it as a fun activity. A prime example is letting children help out in the kitchen. Children can do simple activities like dividing up ingredients and measuring portions to practice their math. Then, they can read the recipe to practice their reading comprehension. Activities like this allow children to approach academics without being intimidated, and demonstrate the real-life applications of what they’re learning in class.

Stick to a schedule

A fully fleshed out schedule is the glue that holds a productive summer together. And, while that may go without saying, most parents don’t actually follow through and create one. If they do, they don’t stick to the activities they’ve planned for the week. But routines keep children grounded, and this is especially important when the routine of summer goes out the window.

Instead of imposing a schedule on their children, parents should let their children participate in creating it. Children will feel like they have agency, and they’ll appreciate their summer is full activities they’re choosing to do. And, of course, when children feel like they’ve planned their own summer, it makes it much easier and less tiresome to follow through.

These tips will make summer tolerable—and, dare we say it—even enjoyable for parents of children with and without difficulties. We encourage parents to grab their children and start making their summer schedule.

About the author:

Dr. Robert Melillo is the co-founder of Brain Balance Achievement Centers [www.brainbalancecenters.com]. As a clinician, professor, brain researcher and best-selling author of Disconnected Kids, Dr. Robert Melillo has been helping children overcome learning and developmental challenges for over 25 years. His areas of expertise include ADHD, Learning and Behavioral Issues, Processing Disorders and Autism Spectrum Disorders. If you’re a parent who suspects your child may need more intensive support with social, behavioral, or learning difficulties, check out this simple online assessment: https://www.brainbalancecenters.com/our-program/childs-personalized-plan/online-assessment/. 

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7 Perfect Birthday Gifts for Your Kid

*This is a guest post. The opinions expressed are that of the author and do not necessarily reflect my own. 

Photo Source: maxpixel.freegreatpicture.com

Who doesn’t like receiving a gift? Better yet, what kid doesn’t like receiving gifts? Giving gifts can be almost as fun as actually receiving one. Figuring out what gift to give is where the challenge lies. To overcome this challenge, we spend time with our intended gift recipient. We discover likes and dislikes in order to find the ideal gift. Oftentimes, what we think is the best gift may not be the right gift for that child. This guide to 7 Perfect Birthday Gifts for Your Kid will prepare you for the world of options available for any child on your gift list.

Gift of Story

Stories have been passed and gifted for centuries. The original gift is still a solid choice for a perfect birthday present. The magic of storytelling is never more prevalent than when a child is young. It’s their first experience to people, cultures, and places that they’ve never heard about before. Reading helps developing empathy and understanding the world around them.

Stories that you enjoyed as a child provide a great way to share yourself and your history. Loved reading Robin Hood as a kid? It has been rewritten for every single age range from picture books for the young children all the way to the unabridged edition for older children. Remember the Little Golden Books series? Classic tales brought to life with illustrations in easy to access pages. Give a piece of yourself with a book.

Artistic Expression

Artistic expression and appreciation can begin with even the youngest children. Studies have shown that art plays an important role in child development. Motor skills are developed through the motion of holding a crayon or using a pair of scissors. New vocabulary is introduced when learning about shapes, colors, and techniques. Visual-spatial skills are fine-tuned through the recognition of texture and three-dimensional objects. Art requires decision making through creative expression which can develop deeper critical thinking skills.

Inspire the young artist in your life with unique project kits and art supplies. There are literally hundreds of ways to engage in creative expression from painting to jewelry making, coloring books to string art, and drawing kits to photography–there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Photo Source: Dreamstime.com

Scientific Discovery

Human beings are innately curious creatures. Children are naturally inquisitive–absorbing all of their surroundings as they develop their understanding of the world. Scientific inquiry is a powerful way to help build those connections and gain an appreciation and understanding for the natural world.

According to the National Science Foundation, giving children the opportunity to express scientific inquiry is essential to their development. There are many gifts your kid will love that can inspire scientific discovery–microscopes, butterfly nets, and miniature bug habitats can drive the curiosity and get the scientific juices flowing.

The Little Engineer That Could

Anyone who has spent time observing children at play has noticed the fascination with building things. Whether it’s taking something apart to see how it works, building and assembling, or designing an idea–engineering is a powerful way to express learning. Engineering develops science and math skills and allows children to apply their understanding of the real-world and how it relates to their life.

Bring out the inner engineer with fun DIY kits that allow children to assemble anything from balloon powered vehicles to solar powered bugs. There are a variety of kits available for purchase to engage children in engineer design and thinking.

Puzzles and Games

Photo Source: Dreamstime.com

There is something satisfying about solving a complex riddle or becoming the victor in a well-played game. Games have always been a part of human life–as a way to pass time, challenge thinking, and have a good time. Solving puzzles and playing games can improve the development of physical needs like fine and gross motor skills. It can also develop cognitive skills relating to memory and problem-solving. Emotional skills can also be fine-tuned by developing patience and accepting outcomes.

The games and puzzles available are endless–from cooperative games to games of strategy or luck. There are games that inspire creative expression–like role playing, or there are those for the more logical and analytical–like chess. There are games where the child will build things. Other games and puzzles are made to aid in learning. Puzzles and games are the ultimate gifts for the child who is a thinker.

Spark the Imagination

Imaginative play is an impactful way to engage children in active learning. Children discover knowledge in a variety of ways. One of these ways is through kinesthetic learning. Actively engaging in the learning, getting hands dirty, and imagining that you’re the character are just a few examples of how these learners interact with their environment. Children who engage in theatrical play are practicing perspective taking and this can lead to developing the ability to empathize with others.

Dress-up, props, and puppet theater setups are just a few ways to engage creative play. Packages and kits exist for a wide range of interests, as well. Look for items that invite the expression of stories.

Photo Source: Dreamstime.com

Take a Trip

It’s understandable that when we think about gifts for kids, we think of a physical object being handed to the child. Sometimes the greatest gifts don’t involve an actual gift. Taking a trip can lead to long lasting memories and learning opportunities. It is the gift that truly keeps on giving.

Going out to discover the world is a transformational experience for children. Museums, planetariums, national parks, and many other opportunities await. Whether it’s a day with Mom or Dad, a baseball trip with grandparents, or ice skating adventures with Uncle Jimmy–trips can be a bonding experience that children will hold on to for a lifetime.

Choosing the perfect birthday gifts for kids doesn’t have to be difficult. If you’ve spent time around your intended gift recipient, simply think about what you’ve observed. Are they obsessed with arts and crafts? Do they love video games? Reader, actor, or budding scientist?

Knowing what the child likes makes your job a whole lot easier. If you’re buying a gift for a child that you are less familiar with this guide to the 7 Perfect Birthday Gifts for Kids will give you the head start for your next purchase.

Photo Source: Dreamstime.com

About the author:

Luiza Kensell is the creative mind behind TenGiftIdeas.com. She is a crafty person and a great storyteller. In her spare time, she spends time with her family and friends and she likes to travel as much as possible. She strongly believes handmade gifts are the most thoughtful ones and she loves giving and receiving them, also. 

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Summer Weight Gain Prevention Tips

*This is a guest post. The opinions expressed are that of the author’s and do not necessarily reflect my own. 

The key to keeping your kids healthy during the summer months is to provide structure to their day so that they don’t wander into mindless behavior like overeating and not exercising. The structure is not going to be the same as a typical school day so use trial and error to find out what works for your family.

The tips below are our ideas and suggestions on how to add structure so that your child is occupied and staying on track with their health goals.

Gameify tidying up the house.Have your kids do things around the house that you’ve been asking them to do all year in exchange for points. Decide on a number of points that lead to a reward like going to a trampoline park or getting a new pair of tennis shoes. For example, 30 points may equal a fun outing and they get 10 points each for  cleaning out their school folders, getting rid of clothing that doesn’t fit, donating toys that they no longer use, etc.

Crown an Iron Chef. Each night of the week someone different in the family gets to pick out a green light dessert recipe they want to make then everyone has to score how much they like it. Whomever wins gets to be the Iron Chef of the week. Check out Kurbo’s Pinterest page and Summer cookbook for ideas: www.Kurbo.com/cookbooks

Avoid Zombieland.Kids turn into Zombies during the summer with excess time on the couch watching movies, sitcom marathons, and YouTube videos. Avoid Zombies in your house by trading active minutes with screen time minutes. Establish a firm rule in your household that screen time is earned based on how much time is spent playing outside or doing some sort of exercise.

Teach your kids that not all farmer’s are like Old McDonald.Take the kids to your local farmer’s market; this time of year has exceptionally delicious produce. Let them pick out their favorite looking summer berries and melon, then keep it washed and cut up so that it is easily accessible. You’ll be surprised how much more your kids will want to eat healthy food when they are the ones that pick it out.

Star Gazing.Make nightly family walks a summer tradition. Challenge the kids to find the Big Dipper and various star constellations as you walk. (You can download apps or get books that help identify the constellations and planets).

About the author:

Arielle is a Master coach at Kurbo Health coaching kids, adults and parents on lifestyle changes that lead to weight loss and happier, more fulfilling lives. She is an International Coach Federation certified coach and pursuing a Ph.D in Mind-Body Medicine. 


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Bast off to fun with Zap Zap Kindergarten Math


PHOTO SOURCE: Dreamstimes.com

What was your favorite subject in school? Mine was Social Studies and English (only the creative writing stuff).

What was your least favorite subject? Mine was – and always will be – Math! I am not a fan of it at all. I know to add, subtract, multiply, divide and do fractions and decimals. That’s it! Oh yeah, and figure out the tip on a restaurant bill (LOL).

My kids had to learn Common Core Math when they were in school. I am not sure if this type of math is utilize across the county, but it’s hard. Instead of doing a straight math problem you have to take several more steps to get the answer. When I worked with the upper elementary school/middle school kids a couple of years ago I had a hard time helping them with their math homework. I had to rely on a very smart fourth grader to help ME to help THEM.

Here is a not-so-funny situation that happened to me a couple of months ago. My co-worker was helping a kindergartner do her homework and got stuck on a math question. She asked me if I knew what to do. I have NO CLUE! I had to hunt down another co-worker (at the ripe “old” age of 18) and instantly he knew how to do the math problem.

Seriously? The grown ups couldn’t help a kindergartner with a math question? That is so pathetic!

I really feel strongly that little ones should learn to do math early in life and fully grasp it. I think it will help make understanding math as they get older (in school and beyond) a lot easier.

PHOTO SOURCE: Dreamstime.com

Kids these days seem to learn a lot more than we used to at their age. In kindergarten I remember coloring, taking naps and snacks. These days kindergartners are learning to weight thing, measure things and do adding and subtracting with two numbers. I should know, I work with kindergartners during the school year.

I am not a fan of kids playing too many video games UNLESS there is an educational element to them. Take for example a new app called Zap Zap Math.

When I was asked to review the app I cringed. I had to review a MATH app? But math is my least favorite subject. None the less I downloaded the app and played around with it. In fact, I couldn’t put down my phone. I was so into playing the game that I was late making dinner one night.

Zap Zap Math allows kids to blast off on fun adventures that help teach them about math.

You start by flying a rocket ship around the universe and stopping on the planets you come across. There is a small “picture in picture” to help you navigate to the planets. There are also borders you can’t pass, which keeps you from aimlessly flying around.

If you look to the bottom right corner you can see where the rocket ship is located in the universe and where the nearest planet it (the plants are seen as yellow balls).

Once you land on a planet it will open to MANY games based on the plant’s subject matter. For example one planet is for Adding and Subtracting, another is for Shapes and Measurements and yet another for Numbers).

Once you “land” on the planet you’ll see your character (which each player makes when you open the app for the first time). The character walks up a path. On both sides of the path you’ll see buildings. Each building is a new game. You need to complete each game in order to unlock the next game on the path. That is the part that I found to be the most fun. I was on a quest to finish an entire planet. I have played the game many times and have yet to complete a whole planet. There are A LOT of games to be played in this app.

Here are screen shots from just a FEW of the games on the Zap Zap Math app.

In this game players are asked to choose which item the customer wants (3 corners, 5 corners, 3D, flat shape…). I thought this was a bit too much for a kindergartner, but, they actually do this kind of math in school (at least in our school they do).

This game is fun. You “high five” the correct alien person (shorter, taller). It’s a great way to help kid quickly identify tall/short things. The “slap” sound from the high five is cute too.

This game is similar to the one above, only this time children are asked to answer questions about less or more using the same “high five” slap.

As an adult I found this game fun. Players need to collect all the required shapes into the blue container. This game starts out easy but as you keep playing (different levels) the shape you need to collect is found among several other shapes.

This is another fun game. Different shaped items come down the chute and players need to sort them into the appropriate bin. This is a great way to help kids to quickly identify common shapes.

This game asks players to add or subject (sometimes doing both) to get the correct number of apples needed to make an apple pie. The game also has players count the apples in the container to ensure that they have the correct amount needed for the recipe.

This was another favorite game of mind. Players need to fill in the missing “track” pieces to help the train cross the bridge. If you make a mistake the train actually falls into the water below (oh no!). This game also starts out really easy and gets harder as you advance each level.

The kids I work with do A LOT with number bond. There are a few games that I have come across thus far on Zap Zap Math that help kids learn the concept of number bonds.

This is another number bond game. Players have to choose which numbers add up to the target number in order to help the race car get power.

This game is two games in one. It’s part memory, part math. Players need to pick out which two cards are needed to make the target number. It starts out with just a couple of cards but as you advance levels more cards are added to the table. If your child loves memory games, this one is sure to be a hit with them.

This is cute adding/subtracting game using cute little micro organisms.

Yet another game I really enjoyed. This game asks players to count how many of the target character is in each scene. It starts out with just a few but more characters are mixed into the scene as you advance to another level. As you can see the characters are adorable too.

I was shocked to see a game that asks players (children) to decide is there is “less than, more than or equal amounts” of spaceships. Notice the colors of the space ships are different. The game is ONLY asking about the two different colors. As you play you’ll notice more colored ships are added. Only concern yourself with with colored ships in the circles. I found that out the hard way (if you don’t answer correctly they crash into each other causing a huge traffic jam).

The snake game was the only one (so far) that gave me any trouble. You need to help the snake each the fruits in the correct order (in the case above it would be going from 6, 7, 8, 9). I had a hard time getting my fingers to steer him in the right direction. It’s probably because I have chubby little fingers.

As you complete each game you not only unlock the next game, but you also receive a puzzle piece to finish off various puzzles.

When you complete each game you also earn points and get a score card. I have yet to figure out what this all means, but it’s always fun to see huge number piling up.

As I mentioned earlier, I am not a fan of math, but I must say these games made math FUN.

Did I just say mat was fun? WOW!

The games in the Zap Zap Math app are fun and very engaging. They also feature adorable characters and colorful scenes.

The background music was good too. It wasn’t annoying or tedious like other games. I was glad about that.

There is so much MORE to this game. I just barely scratched the surface.

If you would like to learn more about Zap Zap Math visit the official website – www.zapzapmath.com/zap-zap-kindergarten-math. You can also visit the main site at www.zapzapmath.com.

Zap Zap Math can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

Check out this brief promotional video to see the game in action.


What do you think of Zap Zap Math? Do you think your child or grandchild would have fun with a game like this? Feel free to comment and share your thoughts. I always love to hear from readers.


*I have partnered with Zap Zap Math to bring you this information. Although compensated the opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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New! Disney Princess Mystery Boxes from Pley.com


Disney Princesses are extremely popular. Not a day went by at school where I work that I didn’t see a child wearing a Disney Princess outfit or top, or wearing Disney Princess accessories.

In our class we did Show & Tell. EVERY DAY at least one little girl brought in something Disney Princess related to share with the class.

I have to admit, if I was younger I would probably be totally into the princesses too. I was when I was little (Snow White and Cinderella were my favorites). Even as an adult I find a lot of princess things adorable and something I wish I had to play with when I was younger.

Monthly subscription boxes are also very trendy these days. In fact, I subscribe to three of them (Horror Block, Bam Box and Pop in a Box). I get super excited when I see one of the boxes have arrived and I can’t wait to tear into them.

Children enjoy receiving mail too – most especially packages. Imagine their delight to receive a monthly subscription. Even better, what if that monthly subscription featured Disney Princesses?

The company Pley (Pley.com) now offers a monthly subscription program staring the beloved princess characters.

Each month your child will receive 5-8 exclusive items and activities featuring one of the Disney Princess characters.

I received a Disney Princess box from Pley. Inside I found the following goodies.

It’s a nice sized box.

Look closely at it. You’ll notice that there are cut out on the box. That is because the box magically transforms into something your child can play with. I thought it might be a crown due to the shape of the cut outs, but I was very wrong.

More on that later in this post.

As soon as I opened the box I could see the long, red hair of Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Ariel is my husband’s favorite Disney Princess (I think it’s the red hair – LOL). She’s also our daughter’s favorite Disney Princess.

As you can see from the print on the inside of the box it does not transform into a crown. It looks like something else.

Inside the box I found a lovely Ariel doll. She the same size as a standard Barbie doll. She has pose able arms and beautiful, long red hair just begging to be brushed.

Also inside the box as a pair of Little Mermaid pajamas.

These are VERY NICE, quality pajamas. They are soft to the touch. They featured banded arms and leg bottoms so that they don’t roll up.

The pants feature Ariel and Flounder. The top features both characters and the number 89.

This set already came to great use. I donated it to the classroom where I work. We need changes of clothe for when children have accidents or spill something on themselves. One of my little girls had an accident and these pants fit her perfectly. It didn’t matter that they were pajama bottoms. They looked like leggings.

At the end of the day I gave her the top to take home with her so she had the matching set. My student and her mom were thrilled by the unexpected gift.

Also included in the box was a cute set of Little Mermaid sunglasses (they had some “bling” on them too) and a cute little Flounder figurine that goes great with the Ariel doll.

Notice the little “diamonds” on the side of the glasses near Ariel. How cute!

Now for the box. The box, as it turns out, is Erik’s ship from the movie. It’s a really cool thing to do to make the box into a toy as well. Unfortunately we didn’t see any directions for it. My husband and I both tried to put it together but had no luck. We can sort of visualize how it will look, but we can’t get the pieces to work for us. So… the ship is a “work in progress.” Once we finally figure it out I’ll update this post with the picture.

I think the Disney Princess monthly subscription from Pley.com is an awesome idea. What little girl wouldn’t enjoy getting princess toys and more on a monthly basis.

The boxes are actually shipped out every other month – so it’s more like a bi-monthly box. But that is still just as awesome.

The boxes start out at $24.99 for one box, or $22.99 per box, depending on the length of your subscription.

This would make a magical gift for a child’s birthday, Christmas, getting great grades at school or “just because.” Imagine the excitement on your child/grandchild’s face when they open the mailbox to find a box with Disney Princess written on it. It will totally make their day!

Pley.com has other subscription boxes as well. You can learn more about them on their website.

For more information click on the image below.

Disney Princess Pleybox, Disney Pleybox, subscription box, toys, disney, princess

*I have partnered with Pley.com to bring you this information. I received a free box to review. There was no other compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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