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As a mom I am concerned about what my kids eat (or don’t eat) every day. One of the biggest challenges is breakfast. Personally I am not much of a breakfast eater, nor is my daughter. My son on the other hand will eat just about anything that is nailed down (got to love growing teenage boys).

My kids, as well as my husband, tend to get bored with having cereal, oatmeal or Cream of Wheat day after day. I do make them things like eggs, hash browns, turkey sausage, pancakes or waffles from time to time, but usually on the weekends when we have more time. Weekday mornings are just too chaotic, not to mention everyone eats breakfast at a different time during the week. It would be hard to create a big breakfast for everyone to enjoy at the same time during the week because they all leave at different times for work and school.

I like having convenient, on-the-go, breakfasts on hand too. I can’t tell you how many times someone gets up late and will opt to skip breakfast simply because they don’t have time to pop a bagel in the toaster or pour a bowl of cereal.

I have made breakfast burritos in the past which is basically scrambled eggs wrapped in a burrito. Sometimes I top them with salsa or mix in fresh cut veggies. As I mentioned, with everyone going at different times I have to make them one at a time and that can be time consuming.

What if I told you there was an on-the-go breakfast that took only minutes to heat up in the microwave and contained eggs, veggies, meats and potatoes all rolled up into one. Would you be interested in it?

Breakfast Bakes are new from Bob Evans. Look for them in a grocer’s freezer near you.

Bob Evans Breakfast Bakes

Here is an official press release about the new products from Bob Evans.

Bob Evans Food Products introduces Breakfast Bakes, the simple goodness of breakfast in a hand-held hash brown, now available in the freezer section of your local grocery store. Retailing at $3.99 for four individually wrapped Breakfast Bakes, your family can enjoy a complete and satisfying breakfast that’s affordable and will give them the energy they need to tackle the day.

To help beat the morning scramble, you can simply heat and eat any of the three delicious varieties in just three minutes. The Sausage, Egg & Cheese variety combines Bob Evans premium sausage with scrambled eggs, warm, melted cheese and hash browns to create a simple and satisfying meal. The Bacon, Egg & Cheese variety brings together breakfast favorites in one baked-to-perfection, hand-held hash brown. Looking for a meatless option? A delicious blend of red and green peppers, fluffy scrambled eggs, hash browns and cheese make up the Southwest Breakfast Bake for the vegetable lover in your family to enjoy.

“The great thing about Bob Evans Breakfast Bakes is that they help ease the stress of the morning scramble,” said Mike Townsley, President of Bob Evans Foods. “Between packing lunches and getting everyone out the door on time, the morning can easily get away from you. With Breakfast Bakes, you can now serve a complete meal-in-one made with wholesome ingredients in a matter of minutes, without the greasiness you get from ordinary hash browns. They are easy to heat and easy to eat!”

Breakfast Bakes have less than 170 calories per serving, lower sodium than other hash browns and breakfast sandwiches, and pop into the microwave for immediate enjoyment.

“The Breakfast Bakes are made with Bob Evans quality ingredients and are baked, not fried, giving a warm, right-out-of-the-oven taste to breakfast,” said Townsley. “They are a quick and easy breakfast that kids will want to eat and that moms can feel good about eating, too!”

Breakfast Bakes are just one of Bob Evans Food Product’s breakfast options. Also look for Bob Evans breakfast sandwiches, burritos, bowls and more in your grocer’s freezer section. And be sure to check out our new sandwich packaging that takes up less space in your freezer.

I have had the opportunity to try out all three flavors – Sausage, Egg & Cheese, Bacon, Egg & Cheese and Southwest. They are all really good, especially the Southwest variety.

What I love about these is that they take just minutes to heat up in the microwave and my kids or husband can literally grab one and dash out the door with it (I put them in a paper towel to make it easier, and less messy, to handle). There have been several occasions already where one of my kids got up late for school and had to take one of the Breakfast Bakes with them as they dashed out the door.

My husband enjoys them with a side of toast. They are literally a whole breakfast (egg, meat and veggies) in one convenient little package.

Breakfast Bake

Bob Evans

I also like that they have around 170 calories per serving and lower in sodium then similar products. I always worry about the sodium content of pre-made/packaged foods. Most of the time the sodium is astronomically high. Not in this case.

At $3.99 for four Breakfast Bakes (almost $1 each), they are budget friendly too. If you think about how much two eggs, a sausage patty, a slice of cheese and hash browns cost, it’s probably cheaper to buy the Breakfast Bakes (not to mention A LOT quicker to prepare and with no mess).

My only “issue” is that they are so good that it’s hard to have just one. I can easily enjoy two of these in one sitting (yes, I admit, I have done that).

I love the Bob Evans Breakfast Bakes as does  my entire family. We’ve run out of the ones that we had and are anxiously waiting for them to appear in our local grocery store.

I found this video about the new Breakfast Bakes. If you are reading this via e-mail you can find the video here, http://prn.to/VBKDyM.


For more information about Bob Evan’s Breakfast Bakes visit www.BobEvans.com/Grocery. You can also follow the Bob Evans brand on Facebook and Twitter.

Bob Evans Logo


*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and were no influenced in any way.

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  1. Hopefully someone from the company will read this. I’m disappointed that the ingredients aren’t listed on the Bob Evans website. At least, I found one Breakfast Bake, a meat-and-potatoes variety, and I clicked on “nutritionals” and found the calories and serving size but nothing about what’s in it.

    See, my husband has some food allergies, and one of the most problematic ones is onions. I just don’t like them (match made in heaven). Now, I would expect the Southwest version to have onions in it, but what about the others? It’s amazing to me the number of breakfast foods that have onions in it. Even when we had a full breakfast growing up, we didn’t have onions in it.

    The other problem is black pepper. We don’t have allergies to it, but we’re finding more and more foods to be over-spicy, in large part because they have added pepper. My husband’s on a prescription antacid, so we try to avoid the spicy stuff for that reason, as well as because we want to taste the food, not the burn.

    If the bakes just have meat, potatoes, and egg in it, they sound like an easy, tasty way to have breakfast. I just have to know what’s in it before I buy it.
    Auriette recently posted..Living an Unfulfulled Life