Why Get a Dog? 7 Reasons It’s the Right Choice For Your Family


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Are you thinking about adding a four-legged family member to your home? You’re not alone, as 44% of households own at least one dog.  Pets help teach little ones about love, companionship, and new responsibilities. Yet, getting a dog is a big transition for the home. So, it’s important to be sure the family is ready and well-prepared. So, wondering why get a dog?

Here are 7 reasons it’s the right choice for your family. 

1. Dogs Make Families Happier

One of the top reasons to get a dog is to increase happiness in the home. Dogs provide tons of mental health benefits for both parents and children. Owning a dog can help reduce feelings of anxiety and depression. They promote relaxation and comfort, lessening symptoms of stress. Petting a dog releases feel-good hormones to help stabilize one’s mood.

This includes oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine. Dogs also offer companionship and unconditional love to help battle loneliness or sadness. Dogs can even help a family cope during tough times of transition. This includes moving to a new home, a parent getting a new job, or the loss of a loved one. Children often take these life changes harder than adults. So, a dog can help make for a smoother and less emotional transition. 

2. Dogs Make Families Healthier

Families with dogs tend to be more active, which impacts their health. Exercise becomes part of a routine for dog owners. This includes daily walks or jogs around a local park. These physical activities decrease the risk of obesity, heart disease, and other conditions. Studies show that pet owners may even live longer than those who don’t own a dog. 

Pet owners also tend to have a lower BMI. They are better at recovering from an illness as well. Many families who own pets take their dog to the park to play fetch or frisbee. They bring their dogs along for outdoor activities, like hiking and swimming. Pet owners are also likely to spend more time outdoors in the fresh air than inside watching TV. Owning a dog helps babies and children to boost their immune system as well. It lowers their risk of developing asthma, eczema, and other allergies.  

Our daughter and our dog Espn walking in some deep snow after a blizzard.

3. Dogs Teach New Responsibilities

Getting a dog teaches a new sense of responsibility and commitment. This is great for children of all ages as they can help to care for the dog. Have kids help out with feeding and walking the dog when they are old enough. They can even learn to groom the dog later on as well. Pet ownership can strengthen a child’s leadership skills, as they feel in charge of the dog. This teaches them to be kind to pets and shows affection. It even boosts their self-confidence as well. Children can also help to train the dog. They can work to teach it basic commands, like sit and stay. Having a dog helps children learn to adapt well to a routine and stick to healthy habits. 

4. Dogs Handle High-Energy Kids Well

Many dog breeds are high-energy, especially when they are puppies. Dogs love playing and running around with children. This is good for both the kids and the dog to get their energy out. It encourages outdoor play and sparks the imagination. Kids will enjoy throwing balls and sticks around the backyard for the dog. This form of energetic play is one of the main reasons many families wonder, why get a dog? English lab puppies are one of the best breeds for a fun and energetic family dog. 

5. Dogs Make Families Feel Safer

Dogs are highly loyal to their family members and offer a sense of protection. They will bark or growl to alert the family of any potential threat to the home. This helps families sleep better at night, knowing they have a dog on guard. Dogs can even detect certain toxins or hazards in the home. They may be able to notice a leaking pipe or mold growth. They can also alert you if there are pests in the home. Always watch the dog for any strange changes in their behavior. This could signal something is wrong in the home. 

6. Dogs Promote Socialization


Buying or adopting a dog enhances social skills and development for children. The kids will talk to the dog and engage with them on a daily basis. They will bond with the dog, working to create a special relationship with them. Socialization also occurs when you take the dog to a pet-friendly park. Here you will meet other dog owners and kids can make new friends. You’ll also socialize more when walking the dog around the neighborhood. The family will interact with neighbors who want to come and pet the dog. 

7. Dogs Do Well with Special Needs 

Dogs have also shown to help children with special needs. They can make a big difference in their lives by offering extra protection and therapy. Dogs can help children with epilepsy, autism, and Asperger’s. These benefits can come from service or therapy dogs, as well as household pets. A dog can even help children to overcome emotional or behavioral problems. They can soothe an angry or overwhelmed child. Dogs can alert the parents if a family member is experiencing a problem as well. 

It’s normal for many families to wonder why get a dog and are we ready for this? As dogs are a big commitment and take lots of responsibility from all family members. Yet, owning a dog can enhance your family’s life, bringing more health and happiness. Dogs make us more active, stress-free, and social. They also protect us and provide us with unconditional love. Looking for more great advice on enhancing your family life? Connect with me on social for all the latest tips. 

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