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About Me:

Hello! My name is Kimberly and I am the owner and editor of She Scribes. I’m happily married to my best friend and we are the parents of two (a girl and a boy). We live in the suburbs of New York City with our five cats and giant Goldfish. I also work part time in a childcare setting.

I started blogging in April of 2008. I originally started a blog for my home business but soon found my home business (party favors & business promotional products) was boring to write about. Since I love to write I started to write about whatever was on my mind, and so She Scribes was born.

My blog’s tag line is “A little bit of this, a little bit of that.” I don’t consider myself a “niche” blogger, although I am often seen as a “mommy blogger,” even being honored as such as part of Cision’s Top 50 U.S. Mom Bloggers of 2014.

I enjoy writing about a variety of subjects including (but not limited to), entertainment, house and home, food, recipes, parenting, pets, technology and more.

Here are some of the brands I have enjoyed working with over the years. 

Site Stats:

Here are my site stats as of July 2017. I have included links to my accounts.

I am only human and forget to update this page. For current stats please email me at Kimberly@SheScribes.com.

Subscribers (E-mail, RSS and Blog Lovin’ combined): 4,847. This number fluctuates but it’s always in the 4,800+ range.

Facebook: 18,263

Twitter: 22,387

Instagram: 6,380

Pinterest: 7,638

Additional Information:

Brand Ambassador Programs:  

I enjoy working as a brand ambassador. Some ambassador programs I have participated in include Keurig, The Apartment Guide, Popsicle, Bronx Zoo, Hellmann’s, ConAgra Child Hunger Ends Here, Excedrin, Movies on Demand, Outback, Rite Aid, Fox Insiders and Netflix.

If you are interested in having She Scribes be a part of your ambassador program please feel free to reach out to me with the details.

Sponsored Content/Posts:

Due to the large number of requests I receive each day, combined with the need to balance content with my own editorial material. I accept article requests at a fee of $300.

Posts will be a minimum of 300+ words. In addition, each article is accompanied by a social media sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and when possible, Instagram and/or Pinterest.

If this out of your budget I can offer you a more affordable option of doing a social media blast for $100. This fee would include a shout out on these social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, and when possible Instagram and/or Pinterest. I would need an image to use on Instagram, and a website to pin on Pinterest.

Feel free to reach out to me to discuss your budget and what you would like me to do for you. Nothing is “set in stone” and I am willing to work out a fair and reasonable arrangement with you. 

Posts written by the client/advertiser:

I also accept posts written by the client/advertiser for $150. The post must be 100% unique to my site (I do check). The post would need to be interesting, useful or entertaining. It should not read like a glorified advertisement.

Due to Google having issues with links in posts, links will be “no follow” unless other arrangements are discussed upfront. 

Press releases:

I will repost a press release with a short introduction for $100. 


I am always happy to do reviews. It’s a great way to learn about new products and share my experiences with my readers. Reviewed products must be full size (no sample sizes) and have a minimum retail value of at least $50+(this is NOT a fee). I understand that is not always possible, so I am flexible. Close to that amount does help.

*Reviewed products will not be returned.

**Please note that I am a mom and work part time outside of the home. Sometimes reviews might take a bit longer than expected. If you need a post up by a specific date, please let me know so I can add it to my editorial calendar. **

Reviews are shared on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. I will also post on Instagram whenever possible.

Products sent to me randomly (without prior communication) will be reviewed on my site and/or social media promotion at my discretion.


My readers love the opportunity to win fun prizes. Giveaway prizes must be full size (no sample sizes). The sponsor is responsible for shipping the product to the winner/winners.

Giveaways are shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, as well as various giveaway sites.

It would be a nice gesture if the same giveaway product is sent to me as a “thank you” for hosting and promoting the giveaway. 

Twitter Parties:

I have hosted and co-hosted Twitter parties. If you would like me to host/co-host your next Twitter party, please feel free to reach out to me with the information.


I enjoy attending events. I have had the pleasure of participating in several set tours and attending red carpet events for Disney, Sony and ABC. I have also enjoyed events hosted by Hellmann’s, Ragu, Excederin and ConAgra’s Child Hunger Ends Here to name a few.

Transportation and accommodations (if needed) must be covered for me to attend events (car service, airfare, hotel, transfer, meals…).

Although I live in the suburbs of New York City it is difficult for me to drive into the city. Car service would need to be provided for me to attend unless it’s a family event on the weekend where my family could also come with me.


I do accept side bar advertising. Please contact me for current rates.


I accept payment via Pay Pal (www.PayPal.com) as well as checks and gift cards.

I am looking forward to working with you.