Happy Halloween and have a lovely Thanksgiving!

I know that stores LOVE to get a jump start on things but isn’t this a bit ridiculous?

My husband took these pictures this afternoon at our local Stop & Shop grocery store. Please note that the Halloween candy has been there for about three weeks and the Thanksgiving products showed up two weeks ago. These products are display across from one another in the “seasonal aisle”.

Raise your hands if you think this is SO WRONG? OK, I can’t see your hands, but I know some of my readers raised them. LOL!

Sorry for the poor quality. My hubby took them with his Blackberry.

Some of the Halloween candy is on sale too! Buy one get one free. LOL!

At this rate I suspect I’ll be wishing my readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukkah around September 1, 2010.



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  1. I’m another one who feels stores start way too early on their holiday merchandising

  2. You may have to start the Christmas wishes sooner than that! My kids and I were in Michael’s last week and they were setting up the Christmas ornament aisle. ACK! Can’t we at least get these kids back to school before I even start to think about Christmas!!!

  3. spring chicken says

    I remember when we were kids the Halloween candy came out 2 weeks before the holiday and the same with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter! Having said that, I do love the hoopla around Halloween. My daughter and I do the house up and have our costumes planned way in advance.

  4. I worked retail, and we got Christmas toys and candy in October! The stockroom was always piled high with all the boxes. The day after Halloween we started majorly clearancing all the Halloween junk, and making room for Christmas stuff. We were supposed to have Hallween cleared out, and all the Christmas aisles set up by the second week in November. It is crazy how early everything comes out these days!

  5. Lauralee Hensley says

    The day after Halloween you’ll be wishing them more than Happy New Year’s, you’ll also be wishing them Happy Valentine’s.

  6. It is so ridiculous! I saw both Thanksgiving and Halloween items at Walgreens last week. It is depressing. Summer isn’t officially over until September, 21st. I just want to enjoy my seasons and not be rushed.

  7. Maybe it’s left over from last year???? ewwwww