Soar Away on an Adventure With JetBlue and PBS Kids (Giveaway)

Summer time is the one time of year that many kids give up reading books in favor of lazy summer days playing in the yard or enjoying some fun in the sun at the pool. Summer time is actually the best time for a child to read. Not only does it reinforce that reading can be a positive life long habit but it also helps reluctant readers and it helps children to keep up with their skills (reading, spelling, grammar…). Many libraries across the country host special summer reading programs for children of all ages. Some schools, including our school district, make summer reading a requirement. My kids have to read two books and do two book reports that are due on the first day of school. While that may sound harsh I do think that it’s a great idea. It forces kids to focus on reading 15-30 minute a day instead of video games and the computer.

Traveling is another great time to get your child into reading, most especially long trips. Some kids can’t read in the car, but reading in an airplane is something most people can do. Personally I cannot read in a car but I can in a plane. When I traveled out to the West Coast earlier this year and I was on the plane for over 5 hours the magazines and book (The Help) that I took with me helped to pass the time and those five hours literally “flew by” (no pun intended…OK…maybe a little 🙂 ).

One airline company, JetBlue, has teamed up with PBS Kids to create the “Soar with Reading” reading program. The program aims to keep children reading wherever they go this summer – with a combination of in-flight and online literacy resources, community reading events and a partnership with First Book, a nonprofit organization that provides new books to children in need.   

Parents can download a FREE reading activity kit, among other activities, at the SoarwithReading.com website. Parents and children can also create a summer reading list and log their children’s reading minutes. I think knowing how many minutes a child has read, or how many books have been completed, actually encourages a child to want to read more. It’s like being in a competition with themselves. If you have multiple children in the family I’m sure they could have a friendly little competition too.

Additionally, for every reader who registers on SoarwithReading.com, JetBlue will make a book donation to a child through First Book, up to 10,000 books. That is A LOT of books!

At SoarwithReading.com families can also vote for their favorite library in the Soar with Reading Sweepstakes. The winning library will receive $10,000 worth of children’s books courtesy of Jet Blue and Random House Children’s Books. And if you are the lucky person who entered the winning library, you will have a chance to win a trip to Atlantis. Awesome!

JetBlue crew members will also be volunteering across the country at kid friendly events at local libraries. These “global guides” will read books to children and share stories about their job at JetBlue and their many travel adventures. My kids love it when I tell them about the places I have been and the things I have seen. I’m sure listening to the JetBlue crew members will get children excited about traveling and perhaps eager to read books based upon the countries and places they heard about. 

As a special bonus child passengers will also receive activity kits on JetBlue flights as well! Thank you JetBlue!

JetBlue has been kind enough to offer as a giveaway a special backpack filled with fun things for your child to do this summer whether they are flying across country or simply going on a backyard adventure.

The JetBlue drawstring backpack features a mesh pocket to hold a drink or snacks on the outside. On the inside you’ll find a music CD called Steve Songs: Marvelous Day! There is also a Magic Tree House book called A Good Night for Ghosts that comes with spooky stickers. There is also a special Soar with Reading activity booklet that features a drawing page, word find, crossword puzzle and more.

To enter please share a tip on how you encourage your child to read – or – what is the title of the book your child is currently reading or recently finished reading.

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*I received a free sample backpack in order to do this review/post. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own.



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  1. Jessica says:

    I try to encourage my son to read anything and everything. I get him to read the road signs and store names while we are driving!

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  3. Pauline M says:

    My kids love to read any book with a funky name, right now they’re reading the dork diaries!

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  9. My near-4 year old LOVES reading. We visit the library every other month and stock up on new books.

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  13. I take my daughter to every library event at every library within 25 miles of our home. This has really helped her develop a love of books and libraries!

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  16. Denise B. says:

    We don’t have to do anything. Our daughter never stops reading, talking, or memorizing.

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  30. My kid loves diary of a wimpy kid

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  32. we read every night so it is a habit at this point.


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  35. Anne Loyd says:

    I encourage my kids to read by doing the reading programs offered at the different stores and library during the summer.

    We have also read books where there are also movies and they love to find the differences between the two.

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  43. Amanda Starr says:

    We always try to go to the library during the summer events though this year we didn’t have a car, still did the reading program though

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  52. The last book my granddaughter read was Zoomer.

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  76. My 3 year old grandson is stuck on Richard Scarry’s Cars and Trucks and Things That Go. He loves to fing “Goldbug”.
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    I try to encourage them to read stories that appeal to them at a young age

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  86. I encourage my grandchildren to read by having lots of choices. I pick up books for a song at garage sales, so we have lots to choose from.
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  88. Diane Baum says:

    To encourage reading we make frequent trips to the library, order many newspapers and magazines and surround our home with books.

  89. Ed Nemmers says:

    The little one just finished “Charlotte’s Web”!

  90. I encourage my kids to read by taking them to the library and we all pick out books and we either sit there and read them or we bring them home to read.

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  98. We visit the library at least once a week and check out all the books she wants.

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  100. Katrina stansbury says:

    My son is currently reading Big Nate and LOVES it!

  101. To get my child to read, I allow my child to choose something that is of greatest interest to her then. Time is spent reading something silly and equal time is devoted to what is needed for school. She see’s it as a reward and is eager to read.

  102. We read together, since my daughter is just at the recognizing letters stage! But I choose fun books, and I let her tell me which books she wants to read next. It amazes me when she then takes a turn reading the book, and is able to tell me what happens on each page, often using the exact words I read to her earlier. Reading is definitely fun at our house!

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  104. sneakynina says:

    I encourage them by taking them to the library and reading to them at an early age is the best way to encourage the kiddos to want to read.

  105. mom2girls says:

    My kids love to read because they see me reading (and loving it) all the time. It also helps that we do not have a TV (cable we have DVD’s for treats). My youngest is reading Memiors of Moomin Valley.

  106. mom2girls says:

    I follow you on GFC as Tracy taylor

  107. Elizabeth Stoke says:

    I babysit so this would be great to read to the kids.

  108. I read to my daughter everyday! She’s 18 months old and loves her animal books and little Einsteins!!

  109. I encourage my kids to read by showing them how much I love to read

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  111. susan smoaks says:

    we encourage our children to read by reading to them every night before bed

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  113. laschell says:

    Thats easy our kids love reading about things they relate to, I have twins and we read about twin books and such like that…Good pictures with things they identify also helps .

  114. I encourage them to read by checking out books in the library.

  115. I encourage them by taking them to the library and letting them pick out the books. I makes them feel as if they are reading for fun and not being made to do it.

  116. Get them something with a topic they like. My daughter loves funny books and right now she’s reading Super Diaper Baby 2.

  117. I’m a GFC follower.

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