The Adventures of Rockford T. Honeypot


Coming to a book store near you (and on e-book) is a new book for children (ages 8-12), called The Adventures of Rockford T. Honeypot. It’s written by Josh Gottsengen. I’m an adult (most of the time, ha ha), and I think this book is terrific. I was sent the book to review, and I have been reading it here and there and I am thoroughly enjoying it.

The book has 236 pages and is broken up into 33 chapters (chapters are only a few pages). I appreciate that the book is broken up into chapters. Completing at least one chapter today is my goal, but I have read past a chapter each time, because I am enjoying the story.

As a young chipmunk, shy, bookish Rockford T. Honeypot had dreams of thrilling adventures across the forest. However, timid of danger and germs, his only adventures were found in books and his imagination. When his family abandons him after a mistake that destroys their hazelnut business, Rockford sets off on a legendary journey beyond his wildest dreams. From exploring cuisines with a famous chef, training with ancient warrior monks, flying on giant hawks, finding true love, and much more, Rockford recounts his epic origin story of hardship, perseverance, and fortune.

The author, Josh Gottsegen, is a native of Los Angeles. He has a background in filmmaking and digital media. Gottsegen is also the author of the book series Joosh’s Juice Bar, which is an early elementary school children’s book series that encourages healthy eating habits through vivid illustrations and Dr. Seussian-style rhymes.

From what I have read so far (I’m on chapter 11), I really like this book. I find it very engaging and well written. I like the character (Rockford), and I can see this book becoming a series too. I would love to see Rockford go on more adventures.

This book is written so that both boys and girls alike will enjoy it. It is filled with thrilling, comedic, and sometimes harrowing tales to help children understand the importance of not giving up on their dreams, even when faced with adversity. I love it when children’s books are not only entertaining, but also have some kind of a teachable moment in them.

I know that a lot of children are required to read during summer vacation. This would be the perfect book to read over the summer months, as well as traveling for vacation.

The book is available for pre-order through Amazon and iBooks. It will be released on June 23, 2020.

To get you excited about the book’s release, below you will find some coloring pages that you can download and print out to enjoy with your child/children. Simply click on the link (below) to download them and/or print them out. I’ve also added some yummy recipes too.

If you would like to learn more about the book and the author, visit the official website, RockfordHoneypot.com. You can also follow the book and author on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The official hashtag is #RockfordHoneypot.

Rockford Honeypot Coloring Pages (link)







*I received a free copy of the book to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

How To Check The Quality Of CBD Oil For Dogs


Cannabidiol or CBD oil can provide numerous benefits to your pet pooch. But, the last thing you’d want to happen is to give your dog low-quality CBD oil. In doing so, you might put your furry four-legged friend at a high risk of obtaining adverse effects. Thus, the following are four ways to check the quality of CBD oil for dogs:

Check Third-Party Laboratory Reports

A great reference for high-quality CBD oil for dogs is the existence of third-party lab results. High-quality CBD oil providers should always provide information from third-party testing facilities.

These independent labs test if the CBD-infused product has everything it claims to possess. You should find the following pieces of information in examination results:

  • Cannabinoid profile
  • Terpene profile
  • Existence of heavy metals
  • Presence of mycotoxin (a toxic substance from fungus)
  • Existence of pesticides

Reading this document may show you different results, depending on the product you purchase. Some CBD oil for pets may have tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content, which may not be advisable for specific cases. 

Check the product for THC content by reading the third-party lab results provided. If, by any means, the CBD oil provider doesn’t want to disclose the information from third-party testing, then, that’s your cue to choose another supplier. 

Ask The Manufacturing Process

At the time of writing, the CBD industry might still be in its early days, despite the substance existing for generations. But, accurate data about CBD use for pets could still be lacking at this point. Hence, you should know the extraction process of the CBD in the pet product you plan on purchasing to ensure the quality of the item. 

Some companies adopt cheap extraction and manufacturing techniques to lower the price of their wares. But, applying low-cost production methods can mean that you’re about to purchase a low-quality product. 

Ask the supplier if the CBD oil for dogs they provide comes from the CO2 extraction method. This technique ensures consumers, including pets, that the product is of high-quality. CO2 extraction also assures that the product doesn’t contain additional ingredients, such as mycotoxins and pesticides. 

Check The Color

Newbie CBD oil consumers might think that all CBD-infused products, especially for dogs, have the same color. But, check the color of the oil in the product before attempting to use it on your pet dog. 

CBD oil color varies substantially between products. The hue of the CBD product can depend on several factors, such as the extraction method, carrier oil, and the inclusion of extra ingredients. 

Color can also be an ideal factor to check for the efficacy of a CBD oil product. For example, green CBD oil can be an excellent indicator that the product has many cannabinoids. So, you might be purchasing a genuine full-spectrum CBD oil for “Fido”. 

You need to have a keen eye for the differences in color when judging the hues between CBD oils from different brands. If you find this task challenging, ask someone in your household who has a better perception of the differences in color than you. 

Consequently, you may visit online forums to compare and contrast different CBD-infused products for dogs. Another option is to check social media groups composed of like-minded individuals to ask for advice about the CBD oil you’re about to buy for your pet.  

Search For Brands Valuing Transparency

Communication is vital to establishing an excellent business transaction. Don’t hesitate to reach out to brands before buying their CBD-infused products for your pet pooch. 

There are two reasons behind establishing proper communication with CBD brands and retailers, and these are the following:

  • The brand knows its products the best
  • High-quality CBD comes from trustworthy companies

CBD oil brands that value transparency in communication allows you to gain the right information. Customer service representatives should pay respect to their customers, knowing that the “face” of the company depends on the way they answer inquiries. 

So, only buy CBD oil for dogs from established and reliable brands. One way to check if the company has been in the CBD industry for a relatively long period is through their website. The brand’s site should have a professional look and feel to it, which means the firm takes customer service seriously.


It might look challenging at first to check the quality of CBD oil for dogs. But, always check for third-party lab results. Also, don’t forget to ask for the extraction process and the color of the product. Finally, don’t fret about talking to the company’s customer service; a trustworthy brand selling high-quality CBD oil should value transparency in disclosing information to potential and existing consumers. 

Why You Should Use CBD Oil For Pets


Regardless of whether you have ever tried marijuana or not, chances are you have heard about cannabis-based substances and the amazing healing and therapeutic properties of products containing their compounds. Even legislation is starting to make their use official for medicinal purposes. And that brings up the question about the furry members of our families, such as cats and dogs.

When your beloved pet becomes sick, you are ready to move mountains and help them get better, right?  And in cases when the illness involves pain or malignant formations, you can’t help but think about CBD, as compared to its use on humans and whether it can be applied likewise on animals. Let’s take a look at some information on this miracle medicine, its main benefits, and how you can help your canine or feline pal by using it to resolve some of the common ailments they are likely to suffer from at one point or another. 

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol, usually going by the abbreviation CBD, is one of 113 compounds found in cannabis, the plant most of us refer to as marijuana (You can read practically everything about it at https://www.health.com/condition/pain/what-is-cbd ). What makes it so special and sets it apart from the other 112 which, by the way, are also being looked at for potential health impact, is the fact that most of the therapeutic and beneficial properties of the plant are almost entirely attributed to it.

One thing is really important to mention, and it’s the fact that CBD does not cause a state or euphoria, or the feeling of high that’s inevitably associated with cannabis. The reason for that is because it’s sourced from hemp, which contains negligible amounts of THC. So, if you are worried about a psychoactive effect on your cat or dog, don’t be. That’s not in the least likely to happen. And the good news is that it does not have a toxic dose, so it’s basically impossible to cause an overdose.

How It Works On The Body

CBD’s interaction with the body is dependent on and thanks to the so-called endocannabinoid system. This is a biological system all mammals have, and is responsible for vital processes such as sleep, immunity and memory. It has two types of receptors which interact with cannabinoids that the body naturally produces in the brain. It also tackles any plant-derived varieties, such as CBD, that are introduced through food or supplements, and some of the responses as a result of this exposure can be incredibly beneficial.

The way ECB operates is similar (if not identical) in humans and other animals. Also, many of the conditions that people target through CBD use actually manifest in a like manner in their pets. By conditions, we can include pain, anxiety, arthritis symptoms, and nervous disorders, to name a few. This company helps your pets through their unique product line based on the compound. And the good news is that, apart from treating, it is also known to aid prevention of serious conditions, such as cancer.

A Powerful Painkiller

The fact that the ECB system plays an extremely important role in pain management makes CBD’s painkilling properties great. It increases the production of chemicals which diminish pain sensations and signals in the brain, thus providing much-needed relief. It also acts double as an anti-inflammatory agent, due to its potent properties in this direction as well. So, for example, if the pain is due to inflammation caused by a person’s arthritis, alleviation it will also bring down the pain.

On the other hand, the anti-inflammatory action is in itself due to CBD’s ability to act on the immune cell receptors and cause a number of varied responses, one of which is aimed at fighting inflammation. Inflammatory disorders caused by a compromised immunity that lead to the body attacking its own tissues and cells yield really successfully to cannabis-based treatments. Arthritis and irritable bowel syndrome are only two of many examples. 

Stress And Anxiety Relief

Much like humans, animals too can suffer from phobias or experience stress and anxiety. And despite the fact that the source of distress might be completely different in pets as compared to their owners, the devastating results of it are nonetheless grave. It can lead to repeated undesirable behaviors such as persistent barking, aggression, performing bodily functions inside the house, chewing on objects, and even tremors.

Even tough its mechanism of action in resolving these behaviors is not completely clear so far, CBD has been known to exercise significant influence on curbing them. One theory is the fact that it temporarily increases serotonin levels in the brain, which in turn alleviates fear, stress and anxiety.

Anti-cancer And Antiemetic

Nausea and vomiting are not only unpleasant but also very common in animals, too. They are serious symptoms which can have grave consequences such as dehydration, loss of appetite, weight loss and fatigue. CBD is known to tackle these issues without the adverse side effects that most drugs on the market induce. Moreover, it works additionally to boost the pet’s appetite, which results in a more swift recovery.

And last but not least, more and more evidence has now been accumulated that points toward a slowing down of tumor growth. It turns out that cannabinoids have amazing anti-cancer effects on top of all other above-mentioned benefits. They stimulate the production and protection of healthy cells while at the same time increase the chemotherapy absorption rate of cancer ones. Unbelievable, right?

Movie Review: Doolittle – Now available on Blu-ray, DVD, Ulta 4K and Digital


Do you have all time favorite movies? I think most people do.

Several of my all time favorite movies are movies that I enjoyed as a child, and still love them just all these years later.

Some of my favorite films include several Disney films, Music Man, Sound of Music and Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Another all time favorite is Doctor Dolittle, staring Rex Harrison. Swoon… I had such a crush on Rex Harrison when I was a kid (I had crushes on a lot of older men for some odd reason – LOL).

I loved everything about Doctor Dolittle. First and foremost it’s about something I truly love – ANIMALS. I also love the songs from the film. I also think it would be really cool if I was able to talk to animals, most especially all of the pets I’ve owned all my life. If I knew what my cats were thinking, I think that would solve a lot of problems. For example, why my cat Kitty hates our other cat Emma so much? She’s fine with our four other cats, but for some odd reason, Kitty hates Emma.

There was a remake of Doctor Dolittle, staring Eddie Murphy, back in 1998. There was also a sequel made in 2001. The Eddie Murphy versions of the film were OK (the second one was not as good as the first one), but they no way compared to the original version of Doctor Dolittle.

When I learned there was another remake of Dolittle coming to theaters, I was a bit skeptical. After all, you just can’t make anything that compares to the classic.

When I learned the Robert Downey Jr. was playing the lead role, I was intrigued. I am a fan of the Marvel movies, and I was curious to see how Robert Downey Jr. handled the role, as well as if the story line was going to be similar to the classic, or something entirely different?

Dolittle, staring Robert Downey Jr., is now available on Blu-ray, DVD, and Ultra 4K. It was already available on digital.

The film also stars Michael Sheen and Antonio Banderas, with the voice talents of Emma Thompson, Rami Malek, John Cena, Kumail Nanjiani, Octavia Spencer, Tom Holland, Craig Robinson, Ralph Fiennes, Selena Gomez, and Marion Cotillard. Needless to say, the film has a stellar cast.

Doctor John Dolittle is a veterinarian who has the amazing ability to talk to animals. They understand him, and he understands them.

Doctor Dolittle is happily married to a woman named Lily, who loves to go on adventures with him around the world. Sadly, Lily ends up being killed at sea. Her death depresses Dolittle, and he ends up becoming a recluse behind the walls of his sanctuary. He cuts off all contact with humans and will only interact with animals.

One day a young boy named Tommy accidentally shoots a squirrel. Not knowing what to do, he encounters a Macaw who tells him to take the squirrel to Doctor Dolittle, who can help him.

When Tommy arrives at Dolittle’s compound, he also meets a young girl named Lady Rose, who was sent to retrieve Doctor Dolittle to help the ailing Queen Victoria.

Dolittle resists the children and their requests, but he finally agrees to help save the squirrel.

At the urging of the other animals he lives with, Dolittle begrudgingly agrees to go see the Queen.

Once at the palace, Dolittle meets his rival, Doctor Mudfly, who is now the attending physician for the Queen.

After examining the Queen, Dolittle learns from a pet octopus kept in a nearby tank that the Queen was poisoned by a nightshade plant. The only way to save her is to get her to eat a special fruit that is only found on a far away island.

Now it’s a race for Dolittle to retrieve the fruit and bring it back to the Queen before she dies from the poison nightshade. To make matters worse, Dolittle is being chased down by Doctor Mudfly, who was ordered to stop Dolittle from getting the fruit that can save the Queen.

Along the way, Dolittle and friends meet up with many challenges on a once in a lifetime adventure.

Will Dolittle get the elusive fruit in time to save the Queen? Who is trying to kill the Queen, and why? Will Dolittle return to his hermit-like existence after this is all over? To find out, you need to purchase or rent Dolittle. Look for it wherever movies are rented or sold.

Bonus features include;

  • Talk to the Animals – Dolittle is surrounded by a motley cast of characters. Take a peek at all the fun the cast had giving each of the animals their unique voice.
  • Rovert Downey Jr. & Harry: Mentor and Mentee – Acting opposite a legendary actor like Robert Downey Jr. can be an intimidating experience, but Harry Collett handled it like a pro. See the unique bond the two actors formed on-set, and how Downey took the film’s young co-star under his wing.
  • Becoming the Good Doctor – See the process of how this team of talented artists brought this film to life, and how Robert Downey Jr. transformed into the iconic Dolittle.
  • Antonio Banderas: Pirate King – Antonio Banderas discusses what attracted him to the project, his experiences working with Robert Downey Jr., and what he brought to the role of King Rassouli.
  • The Wicked Dr. Mudfly – Who is the nefarious villain Dr. Blair Müdfly? Michael Sheen dives into his character’s motivations for being Dolittle’s foil.
  • A Most Unusual House – It takes a special home to accommodate humans and animals alike. Explore the unique rooms and modifications that allow Dolittle to house anyone or anything – big or small.

Overall I enjoyed the film. I think Robert Downey Jr. did a fabulous job as the rather eccentric Doctor Dolittle. Was he as great as Rex Harrison? No, not in my opinion. That being said, I am a die hard fan of the original movie, so there is no way a remake will ever take it’s place. Rex Harrison, for me, will always be the one and only Doctor Dolittle.

Downey Jr. plays a great, crazy, lush. LOL! He even has the hair to make his character more believable.

I loved the special effects. I think it’s pretty cool how they made the animals, which are mostly CGI, with a few exceptions of real animals here and there. I think it would be amazing to be able to be surrounded by a Gorilla, Giraffe, Ducks, Polar Bear and other animals that can talk with you.

This film is visually stunning. I know a lot of it is CGI, but it’s very realistic looking. I was in awe.

I like that the story line was different that the original film. I was waiting to hear that he had to go on an adventure to find the giant pink snail. I like that the story was unique to this film.

My husband was happy that it wasn’t a musical like the original film. He’s not a fan of musicals, and he was dreading watching the movie with me because he was afraid it would be nothing but song after song.

I think this film will appeal more to children than adults. Adults might see it as silly, where as children will be enamored with the adventure and the adorable, talking animals.

If you are looking for a fun, family movie to help you get through the quarantine, check out Dolittle.

The film can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The official hashtag is #DolittleMovie.

Below is the theatrical trailer for your enjoyment. The film is no longer in theaters (plus theaters are no longer open).



*I received a free screener copy to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

Don’t forget your pet this holiday season


Do you have pets? Do you buy them gifts for the holiday?

I have to admit that I am a “crazy cat lady.” I did buy gifts for our cats for Christmas (as I always do). I did give them their gifts early. It’s hard to keep anything smelling like cat nip under the Christmas tree because they will tear through all the gifts until they find it. Not only that, I love seeing out cats happy and playing with toys.

I also used to buy toys for our dog and our Goldfish. I think everyone – even animals – deserve special treats and gifts for the holidays.

If you would like to include your beloved pet in the holiday festivities, consider putting some gifts under the tree for them. Even better, why not give them their own Christmas stocking. Since we have five cats (almost six, our newest family member is on “medical leave” at the moment), it would be hard for them to each have their own stocking. So they just share a super cute stocking with a cat on it.

The brand Petmate has a lot of fun toys for your feline friend. One of my favorite is the Fat Cat line of toys. We own several of them. Not only do our cats love to play with them, but their whimsical and zany images are fun to look at too.

The Hipster Kickers are funny looking. I love how cute they are. Our cats love to play with them. They grab them with their front paws and kick at them with the back paws. Thank goodness they are made out of a durable canvas-like material.

To make the toys even more fun for cats, they are filled with catnip. If you own cats, you know how crazy they get for catnip.

Our cat Emma enjoying some fun Fat Cat “kicker” toys from Petmate.

Another fun toy (a little too much fun if you ask me) is the Zippy Mouse.

The adorable little Zippy Mouse replicates the movement of a real mouse. It literally zips around and changes direction. Just when your cat thinks they’ve got it, Zippy Mouse moves a different way.

This toy is not only a lot of fun for the cat (even funner for humans to watch them play with it), but it also activates a cat’s natural hunting instincts.

Initially our cats were a bit put off by this toy. They didn’t quite know what to make of it. Once they figured it out, they had a blast chasing it all over the place.

The mouse moves by a human pulling back on it and letting it go. That is the only downside. In order to get it to zip about, a person has to set it in motion.

I refer to this toy in the past tense because I have no clue where it is. It’s somewhere in our home. Most likely under the fridge, stove or couch. I have not seen it in a while.

The little Zippy Mouse looks like this.

You don’t have to spend a fortune during the holiday season like you would on a person, but I do think that pets DO appreciate being thought of too.

These are just a couple of examples of Petmate toys for your cat. They also have plenty of toys for dogs and other critters as well.

Now might be a great time to “gift” your pet a new carrier too, so they can ride in comfort and style on their next vet visit.

For more information on these and other Petmate products, visit Petmate.com. The brand can also be found on Facebook (Petmate) and Twitter (@PetmateProducts).

Are you giving your pet a gift this holiday season? If so, what are you giving him/her this year?


*I received free sample products to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

Movie Review: A Reindeer’s Journey


Opening in select theaters this Friday (November 15th) in New York City, and On Demand November 19th, is the beautiful documentary, A Reindeer’s Journey. I believe the film will be available on DVD on November 26th.

The film is narrated by Donald Sutherland, and was directed by Guillaume Maidatchevsky.

With the holiday season fast approaching, A Reindeer’s Journey would make for a delightful movie to usher in the season. After all, the film is about a reindeer, and as you know, Santa needs his reindeer to pull his sled to deliver presents around the world. However, this film is about a REAL reindeer, and his name is Ailo.

I really love watching nature documentaries, most especially ones like Planet Earth, Blue Planet, Frozen Earth and Disneynature films (Bears, Oceans, Chimpanzee…). I had no doubt that I would enjoy this movie just as much.

Growing up, I always wanted a pet reindeer. Of course, I was hoping it was a magical one that could fly. I still wouldn’t mind a pet reindeer. I think they are beautiful creatures.

This film takes place in Lapland (Finland), at the edge of the arctic circle.

Ailo (eye-ee-low) was born early, before his mother was able to make it down to the spring pastures from the snowy mountain tops. Thankfully he is born perfectly healthy. Sadly, half of the reindeer born in this part of the world will never make it to their first birthday.

Did you know that a reindeer has 5 minutes to learn how to stand when it is born, 5 minutes to learn how to walk and another 5 minutes to learn how to run and swim? They have to. It’s a matter of survival. It takes me longer than give minutes just to get out of bed in the morning.

Along Ailo’s perilous journey to survive into adulthood, he meets many of the creatures native to that part of the world, such as a snowy owl, arctic fox, lemming and a stout (it looks like a weasel), as well as more common creatures like a squirrel, bear and wolves. There is even a wolverine. Those things are SCARY!

The film does go off from time to time and focuses on the other critters in the film, but eventually the film goes back to Ailo and the other reindeer in his group.

There are some spectacular shots of the northern lights too. It’s on my “Bucket List” to see them in person.

This film has a run time of 86 minutes (just shy of an hour and a half).

A real reindeer’s life is not filled with candy canes and sugar plums. It’s a daily life or death struggle to survive. They face so many challenges, from out running predators, to finding food, and trying to survive some of the harshest weather conditions on Earth. Reindeer are amazing creatures. They deserve to be praised for their survival skills. How they can live through the winter is incredible.

After you see this film, you will have new found admiration and respect for reindeer. I know I do.

For the most part, this film is endearing, with shots of adorable creatures. On the flip side, this movie also documents how scary it is when predators are on the hunt to collect their next meal. I prefer looking at cute creatures. I’m not a fan of watching animals being hunted down and killed. I know it’s the circle of life, but at the same time, I don’t like to think about it, let alone see it in action. I literally close my eyes so I don’t have to watch it all play out.

There are plenty of gorgeous nature shots throughout the film, from trees engulfed in snow, to breathtaking fjords. The cinematography is outstanding.

This film is not a ho-ho-ho Merry Christmas film. In fact, it has nothing to do with Christmas except it’s about a reindeer, and people often associate the two.

If you are interested in learning more about this film, click here. If you are in New York City, look for it at a theater near you, otherwise you can look for the film On Demand, or on DVD (coming soon).

Below is the film’s trailer for your entertainment.



*I received a free online screener link in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.