#MuppetMonday – Cute Muppet Recipes

I am always impressed by how creative people can be, whether it’s crafting or creating recipes. Some people are so talented that all you need to do is give them a very simple idea and BAM! They can come up with something really creative. 

In honor of Muppet Monday I surfed the ‘net to find some really creative Muppet recipes. Perhaps they might inspire YOU to come up with your own Muppet ideas.

For ingredients, supplies or directions just click on the title of each idea (done in bold text).

One of my favorite places to visit on the Internet for unique ideas is the Family Fun website. Check out this cute idea. 

Kermit’s Green Apples with Peanut Butter Dip, by Miranda Becker.

Animal’s Punk Pink Pasta, by Miranda Becker

Fozzie Bear Cupcakes, by Miranda Baker

Kermit Cupcakes – This is an easy recipe. It’s just tinted green frosting and eyes made out of Mentos. The pupils are drawn in using a food coloring marker.

Believe it or not I actually had a hard time finding Muppet recipes. 🙁 I hope when the new movie is released on November 23, 2011 that it will inspire people to get creative and come up with some more fun Muppet related recipes to try out.

For more great Muppet related posts please visit the wonderful bloggers below. Please take a moment to leave them some “comment love”. Everyone loves comments. Thanks!


*I was not compensated for this post. I posted this for the enjoyment of my site readers. Any opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Well, I guess great minds think alike? I also posted about Kermit’s green apples. Didn’t see your post until I linked up. 🙂 Love the other ones!

  2. Those Kermit cupcakes are cute, and they look easy enough that even I might be able to do them!

  3. I love the animal pasta!!! Mmmm.

  4. Super cute cupcakes!

  5. judy gardner says:

    thank u for sharing these recipes – they are just too cute! my favorited is kermit’s green apples and peanut butter dip. the kids in the family love apples and peanut butter AND kermit, so its a win-win-win! i will be making this soon! healthy kid-friendly snacks are soooo appreciated!