Piggy Paint Nail Polish for Kids & Adults

My soon to be 15 year old daughter is very much a “girly girl”. She’s big into fashion and beauty and loves to be on top of the trends. Ever since she was about six years old she’s wanted to be a fashion designer. Almost nine years later she still talks about going to the Fashion Institute of America (FIT) and excels at her advanced art class at school.

Along with fashion my daughter loves to style her hair differently and explore beauty products. At her young age she’s very limited to what kind of make up she can use, even though her classmates usually wear twice as much make up as most adults.

I worry about the products that my daughter uses. There is so much harmful, toxic stuff on the market. It’s harmful for adults, let alone children. I like to know where everything comes from that she puts on her face or on her body. Anything that is potentially toxic is a HUGE “no-no”.

Like most teen girls, my daughter loves to do her nails. She especially likes “funky” colors. You won’t find my daughter wearing a delicate pink nail polish. She likes blues, purples, bright colors and even neon colors.

I cringe every time she does her nails. I am not fond of nail polish to begin with. I don’t like the scent of it. It also does a lot of  damage to things like wood, so I can’t imagine what it can do to nails. When it comes to nail polish I will spend a bit more on it for her. I would never want to take a chance of buying cheap, dollar store nail polish as I’m sure that is really bad for you.

My daughter recently had a chance to try out some nail polish from Piggy Paint in their new colors. Piggy Paint is non-toxic, odor free and safe for children and adults. It is also hypoallergetic and water based. It’s eco-friendly and made right here in the USA.

My daughter has actually used Piggy Paint  in the past. Originally she she rolled her eyes at me. She automatically assumed Piggy Paint was for little girls. I told her that it was for little girls AND adults. She still seemed a little turned off by the idea of wearing nail polish called Piggy Paint. She soon changed her tune when the nail polish arrived and literally had it on her nails within a half hour of opening the package. LOL! Now she LOVES using Piggy Paint because she knows it meets my approval, and because she loves the fun colors it’s available in.


Piggy Paint sent us several bottles of their new colors. My daughter LOVES the blue/green (torquioise) one. In fact she wearsthat one almost all the time.

Piggy Paint goes on smoothly and really doesn’t smell at all. My daughter says it smells like paint, like the kind you would use to paint a picture in art class. I honestly didn’t smell a thing. Even when you open the bottle you really don’t smell much of anything. There is a scent, but nothing really noticable or noxious.

The nail polish goes on and dries just like other nail polishes. In fact it’s similar in every way to the more pricey nail polish that she uses with the exception being that the Piggy Paint is free of harsh chemicals that pollute our envirnoment.

My daughter really likes the nail polish “pen”. She says it makes controlling the nail polish a lot easier. She’s a lefty and often has a problem painting the nails on her left hand. She told me that the pen helps her to have been control and the nail polish looks a lot neater on her left hand compared to when she uses a traditional nail polish brush.

It took a bit to get the nail polish to move into the brush on the pen but once the paint was on the brush it seemed to have a steady flow. It’s just getting it started that took a little while to accomplish. 

My daughter and I are giving Piggy Paint two manicured and polished thumbs up (well her thumbs anyway… mine are a mess). Piggy Paint offers a variety of colors to appeal to young and old alike. All of the nail polish sells for $8.99 a bottle. Piggy Paint even offers a low odor, hypoallergenic, non acetone nail polish remover too (also $8.99).

Piggy Paint would make a great gift and even party favors and stocking stuffers. Little girls love attending “beauty” theme birthday parties. Having manicures and pedicures would be a lot of fun for a party activity.

To learn more about Piggy Paint visit www.PiggyPaint.com. You can also follow them on Facebook (www.Facebook.com/Piggy-Paint) and Twitter (www.Twitter.com/PiggyPaint).




*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own.


Vision Boards – Becoming a Certified Coach

I have written about Vision Boards a couple of times on my site. Some people might refer to them as a life collage, wisdom collage, wish boards or dream boards. Essentially it is a board (poster board, cork board, foam board…) where you attach pictures of the things you wish for and then set the board some place where you can see it each and every day. The idea behind it is that by “seeing” what you want out of life, along with positive affirmations, will help you to reach  your goals and dreams.

If you are on Pinterest you have already created a “virtual” Vision Board with the things you like or want. 🙂

Here is an example of one possible type of Vision Board. I am in the process of trying to lose weight. As you well know sometimes that is easier said than done. Some people use a bikini or a “little black dress” as their visual inspiration. The hope is that by seeing the skimpy bathing suit or sexy black dress you will be more aware of your eating and exercise habits. When you can see your goal and what you want out of life it inspires you to do whatever it takes to reach that goal.

A Vision Board is essentially used for the same reason except it offers you more visual inspirations. A Vision Board created with weight loss in mind might feature photos of beautiful womens clothing I’d love to be able to fit into. As a plus size woman trendy and beautiful fashions are often out of reach (most plus size women’s apparel is $$$ or just plain ugly). On a weight loss Vision Board I could search through clothing catalogs (printed or online) and pick out outfits I would love to wear if I weighed less. I could also include other things I want for myself if I lost the weight like pictures of the ocean or beach (I would love to be able to go to beach and not get snickers and “whale” comments tossed at me), a bike (I would love to be able to ride a bike again), roller blades or ice skates (I’ve always wanted to do that) and other things I would love to do if I weighed less.

Vision Board can be created for just about anything you can think of – business success, a dream vacation, an organized life, health, a dream job and everything in between.

Vision Boards are personal things. No two visions boards are alike, even if they are for the same subject. Each board is created specifically with an individual’s goal or dream in mind. Of course you can collaborate and have a group vision board too. That would be ideal for a business, organization or even a family.

There are plenty of books and websites on the subject. Reading about Vision Boards and how to create them is easy for many people. Others, like myself, tend to be more “tactile learners” where we learn and understand better by doing (hands on) rather than reading about it.

I learned about a course that not only teaches you about Vision Boards but also certifies you so that you can teach others how to create Vision Boards. But why would someone want to become certified to do this? Good question. By being certified to teach others about creating Vision Boards you could offer your services to others and potentially make a profit. For example, you could teach a class for a local Adult Continuing Ed program. Depending on the organization you work with you could charge “X” number of dollars for each person who attends. For example, let’s say I want to run a 2-3 hour workshop on creating Vision Boards. I could charge $50 per person and have a 10 person class limit. If the organization (for example) took $20 per person for offering the space to hold the workshop, that would make a $300 profit for you, providing that you have 10 people signed up.

Perhaps you have a space available to you where you can host monthly workshops. That would be extra income for you monthly. Sounds like a great idea to me! Of course you’d have to be comfortable with talking in front of a group. I am. Oddly enough I’m shy when it comes to person-to-person stuff or small groups, but I’m OK in large groups. Weird.

Some certified Vision Board coaches offer their services individually. You could charge $60 for an hour of one-on-one coaching (or whatever you wanted to charge).

Some people create an entire business around this and offer their services to individuals, businesses, groups and organizations.

You could even use your Vision Board certification to raise money for charity or a local school or organization.

The cool thing about Vision Boards is that they are FUN to do. This isn’t a “deep” class that is going to cause you to look deep inside yourself, potentially pulling up bad feelings. No way! This is meant to be a fun project to do. And you don’t even need many supplies. Just some old magazines, drawing paper, a board and some glue. You can also print things off the Internet or add embellishments. It’s totally up to you.

This evening I’ll be participating in the first session to become a Certified Vision Board Coach. It’s a certificate program meaning I’ll be certified at the end of the class. Sounds great to me!

The class is hosted by bestselling author Joyce Schwarz, founder of www.VisionBoardInstitute.com. There are are four classes in total (one each week) that are done via the telephone. She also offers an 8-week home study course.

The Certified Vision Board Coach class has been featured on both national and international media including the TV Guide, PBS, Fox News and more. This is the only program accredited to offer the Certification of CVBC (Certified Vision Board Coach).

The phone course that I’ll be taking (starting tonight) features a 90-minute telecourse (phone) where you can listen to what Joyce has to say and ask questions. You will also be “doing” (creating a board) while engaging in the discussions. If you happen to miss a class they are available to you to download and listen to at your convenience. I plan on being on both the phone call and then downloading and saving the audio files so I can reference them when needed.

The course is not cheap, but I look at it this way, if you are seriously considering being a coach and offering your services to your community and others for a fee, this is a small price to pay. Just one workshop could pay for the cost of the certification course.

Each week I’ll give you an update on what I’ve learned in class. Not the specific details (I’m NOT giving away coursework), but just a brief run down on what I learned and my thoughts on the program. That way if you are considering becoming a coach  you’ll know whether or not this is something you wish to pursue or not.

When I become a certified coach I’m going to contact our local high school that offers Adult Continuing Ed classes and offer to run a workshop and see how it goes. If all goes well I’ll certainly utilize this to earn extra money for my family.


*I was not compensated for this post. I am receiving the free workshop in exchange for my thoughts and opinions on it. Any opinion expressed is entirely my own and not influenced in any way.  


Campbell’s AdDress Your Heart Recipe Challenge (Giveaway – ends 3/6/12)

Earlier this morning I was watching the news. There was a segment on “silent heart attacks”. Mostly women experience the silent heart attacks. Many of them don’t know they are even having a heart attack. The news said 19% of women have these kinds of heart attacks and of those 19%, 15% will die by the time they get to the hospital because it would be too late.

NOT the way I wanted to start the morning. 🙁

I worry about my heart all the time. I admit that I should be doing A LOT more to take care of myself and my health. My husband does. I should be more like him. Heart disease runs in the family. His father died when he was 42 years old (my son was 11 at the time) of a massive heart attack. My mother in law had heart problems too, including bypass surgery. Because of that I have encouraged my husband to visit a cardiologist regularly. So far, so good. The doctor says he’s “ticker” is in great shape. Now I have to jump on the “heart healthy bandwagon”, so to speak.

There are more than 42 MILLION American women who suffer from some form of heart disease. Risk factors are on the rise too! Now more than ever a heart healthy diet is VERY important.

Campbell’s is taking the initiative to show people that heart healthy cooking doesn’t have to be bland or difficult to prepare. Now it’s sixth year, the Campbell’s AdDress Your Heart campaign has pledged to contribute more than $3.6 million to the American Heart Association through 2012. I think that is awesome!

At Campbell, we have a tradition of culinary excellence, and this year’s campaign builds on that legacy to support our commitment to heart health,” said Eric Christianson, Vice President, Campbell Soup Company. “We hope these delicious and easy recipes will inspire people to feel like a top chef in their own kitchen.”

For this year’s campaign AdDress Your Heart has a Cooking Challenge with put celebrity Chef Richard Blais up against Campbell’s Master Chef Thomas Griffiths. Each was asked to create a mouthwatering dish that incorporate two of Campbell’s nearly 100 heart-healthy products, all in support of the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women movement. 

Chef Blais created Spicy BouilliaBlais and Chef Griffths created the Spiced Chicken and Green Bean Salad recipe. It’s made with Campbell’s Select Harvest Healthy Request Tomato and Basil Soup (which I love on it’s own too or with rice), Pepperidge Farms Farmhouse Whole Grain White Bread (I had to substitute this because I couldn’t find it at my local grocery store), and a very delicious V8 V-Fusion Pomegranate Blueberry juice. 

The full recipe can be found on the Facebook page.

I had to substitute a few things because either my local grocery store didn’t carry it or I knew my family wouldn’t eat it (this recipe called for mushrooms and I’m the only one who likes mushrooms).

The recipe was more involved then the kids I’m used to making but it turned out really good as far as the taste. My presentation left a lot to be desired (thus the reason I don’t have a photo). I over cooked the green beans and they looked sort of funky. They tasted fine, they just didn’t look too appetizing. 🙂

It turned out really good and I have a hard time believing that it was a “heart healthy” meal. I actually was very gourmet, so so than I am used to making at home. It’s something that I will make again.

I haven’t tried the Spicy BouilliaBlais yet because it is made with Scallops and Shrimp and no one in my family will eat them except me (I love seafood). I didn’t want to make the whole thing for myself (freeze for future meals) because I’m not sure how long seafood will last in the freezer. I will have to wait to make this for when I have company.

You can also find the recipe on the Facebook page. In fact if you visit the Facebook page, www.Facebook.com/CampbellsKitchen you can watch the “AdDress Your Heart Cooking Challenge” webisodes, get these and other recipes as well as coupons for Campbell’s heart-healthy products.

Fans can vote for their favorite recipe. Each vote will trigger a donation by Campbell to the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women movement, to help fund research and eradicate heart disease. For every vote through March 1, 2012, Campbell will donate $1 to the movement, up to $625,000. That is awesome!

Campbell’s offers nearly 100 convenient, delicious foods that are certified heart-healthy by the American Heart Association (AHA). This includes all 33 Campbell’s Healthy Request soups, Low Sodium V8 100% Vegetable juices and Prego Heart Smart Italian sauces, which have been screened and verified to meet the AHA’s certification criteria to display its Heart Check mark.

To encourage you to become more “heart healthy” and to promote Campbell’s AdDress Your Heart campaign, Campbell’s has generously offered to give a lucky reader a fabulous prize package. The package will include many of the ingredients needed to make both recipes (soups, spices, juices…) AND a hand held blender and a really cool microplane (a large hand held grater). Thank you Campbell’s!

To enter please comment on what you are doing to be “heart healthy”?

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Budget friendly, DIY Pet Projects (#BudgetLiving)


I have partnered with Apartment Guide to serve as an Official Apartment Guide Pet Blogger. As an official blogger, I will be sharing articles filled with tips for living on a budget.

I was checking searching the Internet for instructions to make a window shelf for my cats when I happened upon a really cool idea to make a cat “condo” using some cardboard tubes purchased at the local hardware store.

I can tell you from experience that cat condos are expensive. I have looked into them for my own cats but they are way out of our budget. We have a small one now, but it’s a hand-me-down from another cat owner.


I really LOVE this idea! I’m going to have to try to make one when the weather is better and I can do the work on the balcony (I rather not do this inside). It can be made for under $40 too.

On the Lowe’s site it’s referred to has a “Kitty Corner Cat House”. For step-by-step instructions please visit http://www.lowescreativeideas.com/idea-library/projects/WAGI_Kitty_Corner_Cat_House_0211.aspx.

Here is a brief video that shows you how to make the Kitty Corner Cat House too.

Another thing I love about the above project is that it’s light weight and can be moved if needed.

I did continue to look for directions to make a window seat for my cats. One of the best ideas I stumble across was one that required little to no crafting skills to make. All you need is a large serving tray, a pillow or small blanket, shelf brakets and screws.

All you need to do is measure and mark where you can the brackets to go. Pre-drill the holes to make it easier. Attach the brackets to the tray and the others side to the wall. One attached place a pillow or small blanket in the tray to make it soft and comfy for your feline friend. You can even attach string and dangly toys from it for you pet to play with too. 

I found the instructions to make the shelf out of an old tray here, http://www.shelterness.com/amazing-diy-cat-window-perch. The photo is from the site too. The article was written by Kate.

I think this is a great project because it only requires a few very inexpensive supplies and you are recycling an old tray.

Both of these products are very budget-friendly and ideal for pet owners like me who live in a small space. We live in a tiny condo which is basically an apartment that we own.

For other great how-to tips for making the most of a space for you and your pet on a budget Apartment Guide blog, www.ApartmentGuide.com/Blog as well as www.MovingToday.com.  

You can also “like” Apartment Guide on Facebook, www.Facebook.com/ApartmentGuide as well as follow them on Twitter, www.Twitter.com/AptGuide for real-time tips and updates on making the most of your space and living on a budget.

Apartment Guide is also on Google+.

Apartment Guide offers visitors plenty of photos, floor plans, features and tips to help you find the perfect pet-friendly apartment community.


* Apartment Guide and owner Consumer Source, Inc. have partnered with bloggers like me as Official Apartment Guide Bloggers. As part of this program, I have received compensation. They have not told me what to purchase or what to say about the products used, and believe that consumers and bloggers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. Consumer Source’s policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, FTC guidelines and social media engagement recommendations.

Kidz Entertainment, Inc. – Children, Animals, Color, Music & FUN!

When I buy gifts for the littlest family members, or my friend’s children, I like to get them things that will provide hours of entertainment. If they are educational that is a “bonus”. I always look for gifts that can entertain a child on multiple levels whenever possible.

Kidz Entertainment, Inc. offers really unique products that are both interactive and educational. Their products also reach children on multiple sensory levels including entertaining their imagination and providing them with factual information. Their “sets” include multiple products with each one entertaining a child in a different way whether its through music, color, reading or play.

My favorite part of the “kit” is the adorable and beautifully made handbag/plush animal/muff. They are so cute! Then even come with pretty necklaces.

Kidz Entertainment, Inc. sent me a few product samples to check out. Oh my goodness! I LOVE the plush animal/handbag/muff critters. 


I’m sorry that I didn’t take better pictures of them. They are small purses that can hold a book, crayons, some paper, small toys or a snack. They are SO ADORABLE!

Children can also use these as a muff to keep their hands warm or as a cuddly friend. If your child has no plans on using it as a purse I would recommend cutting off the strap.

Each plush critter comes with a cute necklace.

The kits come with hard cover books which feature fun stories and delightful colorful illustrations. The books are perfect for bedtime or for early readers.

My favorite is the Show Dog book. Not only does it have colorful illustrations of various dog breeds but it also includes a little interesting fact about the breed too.


The Show Dog book even comes with a music CD and sheet music. Show Dog was selected as the best children’s song/novelty class for the Eastern Region and then went on to win the National Award during the 75th Anniversary of the Songwriter’s Guild of America. That is awesome!


I also love the Show Cat coloring book. The drawings are really nice and fun to color. These are NOT your ordinary cats. These are truly special and unique cats. The illustrations lend themselves to promoting creativity too. There are so many different things to color. The book even comes with some crayons too.

The Show Cat coloring book is the perfect companion to the Show Cat hard cover book. Even our kitten Bella found the book interesting. 🙂

Another adorable story book that Kidz Entertainment offers is the Pansie the Piglet picture book – I can’t seem to find my tail. Not only is it a cute story but the illustrations are sweet too.

This sweet books features bright, colorful illustrations that teaches children about helping one another and about friendship.

I can’t seem to find my tail also includes sheet music and music CD on the back cover. 

I forgot to mention the fun 49 piece puzzle that features a variety of cute and colorful dogs. The puzzle was not hard to put together. I would think a typical 6-8 year old could do it (maybe with a little parental assistance).

Kidz Entertainment really put a lot of thought into all their sets (as well as individual pieces). I love how they all work so well together.  For example, after reading Show Dog a child could color the same images in the coloring book (with included crayons), enjoy the CD and play with one of the plush dog purse/plush/hand muff. The “kits” could potentially keep a child busy for hours.

Most pieces are also available for individual purchase.

Kidz Entertainment products are geared towards children ages 3-8 years old.

Check out this very helpful infomercial about Kidz Entertainment and their unique line of products, http://www.KidzEntertainmentInc.com/Videos.php.

If you would like to check out the products for yourself please visit www.KidzEntertainmentInc.com. Prices range from $4.95 to $29.95 plus shipping.

I think that any (or all) of the products and kits would make great gifts for both birthdays and holidays. They are perfect for on-the-go and rainy days too.


*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

Dollar General Black History Month Prize Package Giveaway (Ends 2/27/12)


February is Black History Month. In celebration Coca-Cola is offering Dollar General customers a chance to win a fabulous trip for up to 10 people to attend the 2012 Essence Music Festival (which is also presented by Coca-Cola).

This year the Essence Music Festival is going to be in New Orleans and will take place from July 6, 2012 – July 8, 2012. The Essence Music Festival is the country’s largest annual African-American music and empowerment event.

I would love to go to New Orleans. It’s on my “Bucket List” to go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans. I have a friend who lives down that way and he said we could stay with him and his family if we ever go. Someday…

We don’t have a Dollar General near where I live but I have heard great things about it. They carry a lot of products from personal care to household supplies and from crafts to holiday decor.

As part of the Black History Month celebration Dollar General is hosting one of it’s first initiatives that honor every day heroes. This year long program will honor community heroes, from veterans to firemen and from caregivers to teachers.

Along with the trip to New Orleans, shoppers who purchase qualifying products may also be eligible to win instant prizes, including $50 and $25 in Live Nation Concert Cash. For a chance to win, Dollar General shoppers can check their receipt for a special code upon purchasing qualifying products.

To learn more about these promotions, sweepstakes rules, or to find a store near you please visit www.DollarGeneral.com.

Dollar General has offered to give a prize package to a lucky reader. The prize includes Olay Firming Night of Olay Cream, CoverGirl LashBlast 24 Hour Mascara, Febreze Auto in Linen & Sky scent, a Dollar General calculator and a key chain. Thank you Dollar General. 

To Enter please comment on what kinds of products do you buy from Dollar General, or would you purchase if you had a store near by.

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